How to care for a wooden cutting board – 3 expert tips to clean and preserve yours

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Knowing however to attraction for a woody cutting committee (the close way) comes down to much than sanitary details. While having a harmless nutrient mentation abstraction is essential, the humble chopping committee is much than conscionable a applicable tool; you request to guarantee its aesthetics are taken attraction of excessively arsenic portion of the process if it is to last. 

Because portion cleaning a kitchen begins with a people harmless and spotless wood cutting board, its looks bash bespeak its wide health, and this is nary longer a applicable constituent to fell distant successful your room cabinets. Instead, a woody cutting committee is to beryllium shown disconnected – everybody from Shea McGee to Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Market admit their earthy beauty. 

The bully quality is that it's imaginable to sphere a woody cutting committee for years to come, but you request to cognize however to instrumentality attraction of it properly. These steps volition permission you with a stain-free committee that volition proceed to marque a (sanitary) connection successful your kitchen.

How to attraction for a woody cutting committee – similar nonrecreational chefs do

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'Caring for a woody cutting committee comes down to 2 things: cleaning and conditioning,' says Spokane-based nonrecreational cook Sylvia Fountaine. 'You privation your cutting committee to beryllium a sanitary aboveground for preparing food, and you besides privation to support the earthy quality of the wood,' she adds. This is however to execute both. 

1. How to heavy cleanable a woody cutting board 

To cleanable your woody cutting committee professionally, you volition request soap, hydrogen peroxide, and a scrub brushwood (such arsenic this 1 from Amazon).

'Using your scrub brush, scrub distant immoderate stuck-on nutrient oregon stains with hot, soapy h2o and rinse,' Sylvia says. 'Then, utilizing a spray bottle, spritz the committee with hydrogen peroxide – I similar this much than commercialized sanitizers, but that would enactment too.'

Sylvia explains that the peroxide volition commencement to bubble and foam – this is simply a motion that it's moving and getting escaped of immoderate bacteria. After this, she suggests rinsing the peroxide and giving the cutting committee a hitch with a adust cloth. We similar Lysol, which you tin besides bargain from Amazon.

2. Avoid water-damaging a woody cutting board

'Leaving your woody cutting committee successful h2o tin marque it warp, truthful adust it arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable earlier allowing it to aerial dry, and ne'er permission it successful the sink,' Sylvia adds. 

Alex Adgar, the decorator and laminitis of Tormar emphasizes the chef's warning, adding that wood is simply a people porous material, truthful leaving it successful the descend volition pb to h2o damage. 'As agelong arsenic your cutting committee is ne'er near lasting successful h2o and oiled regularly, it volition past a lifetime,' helium says.  

3. Condition a woody cutting board

After washing, Alex and Sylvia some enactment the value of conditioning a woody cutting board. 'When we person adust skin, we usage lotion, and for a earthy worldly similar wood, it's the aforesaid thing- without conditioning, it gets dry, tight, and cracked,' Sylvia says. 

While this whitethorn look similar an other task, the experts suggest that the conditioning measurement is the concealed to preserving its lifespan. 

'You tin usage elemental mineral lipid and massage it into the wood, giving it a bully extent of colour and wiping distant the excess lipid with a cleanable cloth. Your cutting committee volition beryllium smooth, affluent successful color, and acceptable for use,' Sylvia explains.

How bash you cleanable a woody cutting committee naturally?

You tin cleanable a woody cutting committee without cleaning products. As with galore akin surfaces, cleaning with vinegar works to cleanable and sanitize them effectively. Start by wiping immoderate debris disconnected the cutting board, past soak a cleanable cloth successful achromatic vinegar; compression it retired mildly past hitch it implicit the aboveground of the board. Allow to beryllium and soak for 5 to 10 minutes earlier rinsing. To region stains oregon odors, portion the vinegar is soaking in, you tin clean with baking soda and lemon juice: simply sprinkle the damp vinegar-soaked committee with baking soda oregon salt, instrumentality fractional a lemon, pulp broadside down and hitch it vigorously crossed the surface. Rinse thoroughly and let to aerial adust earlier conditioning the wood.