How to care for Easter lilies – tips for growing lilium longiflorium

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Learn however to attraction for Easter lilies and you tin widen the beingness of these outstanding blooms. With their ample trumpet-shaped, axenic achromatic flowers, lilium longifolium – arsenic they are botanically known – are synonymous with mid outpouring and for Christians they person agelong been symbolic of purity and rebirth. The blooms unfastened to uncover cardinal aureate anthers and capable the aerial with a delicious, saccharine scent.

Reaching up to 3ft (1m) gangly Easter lilies marque a striking connection some successful pots and borders, truthful it’s good worthy knowing however to attraction for them truthful you tin bask these astir eye-catching of flower furniture ideas for years to come. Our adept usher has easy-to-follow advice.

How to attraction for an Easter lily indoors

Mid outpouring stores and supermarkets are afloat of potted Easter lilies clamoring to beryllium snapped up and taken location to beryllium included successful our Easter decorations. Available successful some integrative nursery pots and much decorative ceramic planters, their lush leafy stems are usually topped with plump buds oregon caller archetypal blooms. 

Look for healthy, beardown plants with agleam greenish leaves and plentifulness of afloat buds – arsenic this is the fig of spectacular blooms you tin expect to enjoy. 

Check the basal of the cookware excessively – if 1 oregon 2 wispy roots are escaping that’s the motion of a well-established, thriving plant. If tons of roots are protruding – peculiarly heavy ones – past the lily is cookware bound and stressed and urgently needs repotting. Something that’s beauteous casual to bash but not ideal, particularly if being gifted.

Be cautious not to sound immoderate buds disconnected erstwhile transporting the works – they thin to beryllium alternatively delicate – and support protected from immoderate abrupt icy blasts, arsenic this tin daze the works aft lazing successful the warmth of a store.

Where to presumption an Easter lily indoors

Easter Lilies similar a agleam spot but retired of nonstop sunlight, truthful they are champion kept adjacent a window. Temperatures astir a comfy 65-75℉ (18-23℃) are ideal. 

Although beautiful, lily pollen – the sticky, aureate particulate astatine the extremity of the anthers – tin earnestly aggravate allergies and origin wheezing and itchy eyes, truthful it’s champion to region this portion of the angiosperm arsenic soon arsenic you get the works home. Simply snip disconnected each anther astatine the basal with a brace of tiny crisp scissors and support a adjacent ticker for others arsenic caller blooms unfurl. 

Lily pollen is besides a nightmare for staining fabrics and airy surfaces, leaving unsightly spots and smears. Almost intolerable to remove, springiness yourself bid of caput by rapidly removing the pollen source.

It’s besides worthy knowing that lily pollen is poisonous to galore home pets, including cats truthful beryllium harmless and snip disconnected the anthers and spot the blooms good retired of reach.

How overmuch h2o does an indoor Easter lily need

When it comes to watering, these angiosperm bulbs hatred sitting successful water, truthful beryllium definite to support the ungraded damp but not sodden. An casual mode to cheque this is to propulsion a digit down into the compost making definite it’s not conscionable the aboveground that is moist.

How to attraction for an Easter lily planted successful a border

Standing gangly with their showy flowers, achromatic Easter lilies look stunning planted successful clumps adjacent to a seating area, entranceway oregon on a way wherever their delicious fragrance tin beryllium astir appreciated. Suited to increasing successful USDA hardiness zones 4-8 they request small attraction if thoughtfully planted.

'Lily "bulbs" are really tubers composed of fleshy scales and deficiency a protective covering,' accidental the folks astatine bulb specializer Breck’s (opens successful caller tab). ‘Unlike existent bulb flowers, they ne'er spell wholly dormant and should beryllium handled cautiously since they suffer moisture precise quickly.’

As with galore precocious outpouring flowering bulbs you tin either works lily bulbs successful autumn oregon aboriginal spring. The squad astatine Crocus (opens successful caller tab) say: ‘Planting successful autumn often helps them settee successful and go amended established earlier they commencement to enactment connected their caller outpouring growth, but outpouring planting is simply a amended enactment if your ungraded is dense and bedewed during winter.’

Preferring a sunny spot, Longiflorum lilies thin to turn champion successful neutral to alkaline soils specified arsenic chalk, clay, loam and sand. They emotion to descend their roots into good drained soil, truthful it’s good worthy digging successful immoderate well-rotted compost earlier planting the bulbs successful radical of 3 oregon more. Conklyn's (opens successful caller tab), the US' biggest grower of Easter lilies, says,’ If you works your Easter lily outside, screen the roots with mulch to assistance support them shaded.’

Plant astatine doubly the extent of the bulb to promote strong, good supported maturation and to besides springiness shoots the accidental to debar being frosted. As gangly plants these beauties volition request support, truthful either involvement with bamboo canes oregon grow-through works supports.

When it comes to watering lilies similar damp ungraded and volition rot if near sitting successful bedewed conditions.

How to attraction for an Easter lily grown successful a container 

Easter lilies look spectacular grown successful a larger planter and the vantage is that they tin beryllium proudly moved to a salient spot – specified arsenic a beforehand structure oregon entranceway – arsenic they travel into bloom.

Good drainage and a generous sized cookware are cardinal to success. Guy Barter astatine RHS (opens successful caller tab) says to, ‘Grow lilies in containers or nether solid turn successful loam-based potting compost (JI No.2) with added grit and leafage mould successful afloat airy with shadiness from blistery sun.’

Sarah Raven (opens successful caller tab), chopped angiosperm grower and works trialist suggests, ‘Lilies similar to beryllium fed portion they are growing. Ideally springiness them a liquid potash provender (e.g. herb feed) each 2 weeks arsenic good arsenic apical dressing with a dilatory merchandise fertilizer.’

Once the flowers person faded, snip the stem backmost to conscionable supra a brace of leaves, this volition past provender the bulb for the pursuing season.

What bash you bash with Easter lily aft they've flowered?

How does Easter lily attraction proceed aft the works has finished flowering? If your Easter lily is indoors, you tin works it extracurricular to proceed to bask its blooms adjacent season. To bash this:

Wait until the past frosts person passed, which tin alteration zone-to-zone.With the works intact, region it from its container. Once planted, its leaves volition dice back, but caller shoots volition travel if you travel the attraction tips below.Plant it successful a sunny presumption successful well-drained soil; dappled day shadiness volition payment the Easter lily each the more.Water and fertilize the newly-planted Easter lily.Mulch to support roots protected and fed.Cut backmost stems successful fall erstwhile the leaves person died backmost again.Top up the mulch to support your works implicit winter; hold for caller shoots successful spring.