How to change a kitchen sink drain – in four easy steps

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Every present and past a room descend drain volition request changing. Most plumbing components volition request replacing astatine immoderate point, and if your room descend isn’t draining arsenic good arsenic it should, it mightiness beryllium that it’s aged and worn out. And if you’re perpetually having to repair it oregon usage a plunger, present is the clip to deliberation astir changing the room descend drain for smooth, casual h2o drainage each time.

Before you regenerate a room descend drain, though, bash cheque that it isn't conscionable a lawsuit of fixing a clogged sink. ‘The biggest causes of room descend clogs are grease and food,’ says Martha Stewart (opens successful caller tab). ‘That's wherefore it's truthful important to scrape immoderate crumbs disconnected your sheet and into the trash earlier giving it a bully rinse.’ 

Check your descend country regularly and look for signs of deterioration and tear. If yours is aged and outdated, the drain astir apt is too.

‘Replacing the room descend drain isn’t excessively time-consuming,’ says Lucy Searle, Global Editor successful Chief for Homes & Gardens. ‘It should instrumentality astir 1 oregon 2 hours from commencement to decorativeness and it’s a occupation that adjacent novice DIY-ers tin tackle. The clip to alteration it is if it’s not draining h2o decently and is tricky to hole oregon if you are replacing a room sink arsenic portion of a room renovation oregon update.’

How to alteration a room descend drain

Kitchen descend drain traps tin beryllium purchased arsenic kits with parts to lucifer your existent configuration. So, deliberation astir whether you request a drain trap for a azygous oregon double-bowl descend oregon 1 with a garbage disposal. 

There is besides a prime of materials excessively with PVC integrative (the astir communal option), chrome and copper. Because the room descend drain is hidden from presumption wrong the room descend furniture underneath, astir radical opt for the integrative version. 

You’ll besides request to cheque the size. Most room descend drains are 1.5 inches successful diameter whereas bath sinks volition beryllium 1.25 inches. Try to take a kit with creaseless pipes alternatively than corrugated, arsenic corrugated tin drawback grease and nutrient arsenic it goes down the drain, causing changeless clogs.

You volition need: 

Kitchen drain trap kitSink drain and strainer assemblyTape measureMarkerPVC tubing cutter oregon hacksawChannel locks/pliers1. Check the tallness of the trap arm

Allow yourself a mates of hours of uninterrupted enactment clip and get each your tools ready. Clear the country nether the descend truthful you person country to enactment successful and spot a bucket underneath the pipework. First, look astatine the tallness of the trap limb nether the existent sink. You’ll find this by looking astatine the U shaped crook (also known arsenic the P-trap) and the drainpipe that leads into the wall. There’s a trap limb successful between, which is simply a horizontal portion of pipework. Note erstwhile we accidental 'horizontal' that determination is simply a flimsy slope from the P-trap broadside to the partition outlet/branch drain to let for due draining – ideally, the slope should beryllium astir 0.25inches per foot. 

Take your portion measurement and measurement from the level oregon the bottommost of the furniture to the mediate of the trap arm. This is the magnitude you request for the caller pipe.

The caller sink's extent needs to lucifer your existent sink's extent truthful that the trap limb doesn't person to beryllium moved. If the caller descend differs from your existent 1 successful extent (particularly if it is deeper), that you guarantee it tin let for the due trap limb slope. If it can't, you volition request to determination the drain outlet successful the wall, which makes the occupation overmuch much analyzable (see below). 

2. Lower the presumption of the drain outlet

As we said above, if the caller descend is deeper than your existent one, you volition precise apt person to little the drain outlet. This is not a occupation for a beginner to DIY – oregon idiosyncratic without the due tools: you volition request to some chopped distant much of the backmost of the room furniture and done the ceramic oregon masonry of the outer location wall. 

If you are determined to bash this yourself alternatively than telephone successful a professional, beryllium definite to measurement cautiously to cheque whether the lowered P-trap tin inactive beryllium removed for cleaning and unclogging successful future. 

3. Cut and link the drain pipes

Whether you’ve bought a pre-cut magnitude of tube to the measurements needed oregon you chopped a longer magnitude to acceptable utilizing a tiny hacksaw oregon tubing cutter, precision is key. You’re fundamentally replacing similar for similar present truthful instrumentality photos arsenic you go, arsenic this volition help.

You request to region existing parts and instal the drain trap and discarded tube utilizing gaffe nuts and washers. Tighten by manus for now, making definite the continuous discarded limb slopes somewhat downwards. Once you’re happy, tighten with Channel locks.

4. Check for immoderate leaks

Turn the faucet connected and cheque for leaks astatine each tube joint. Tighten up immoderate connections wherever needed past finally, capable the descend with the plug successful past region the plug and fto the descend drain distant – ever with a bucket underneath until you’re satisfied.

Do I request plumber's putty to alteration a room descend drain?

If you bash request to halt immoderate leaks, plumber's putty (available astatine Amazon) (opens successful caller tab) is the cleanable product. It’s a sealing staple utilized by professionals, DIY-ers and homeowners alike.

How bash I region a descend strainer?

To region a descend strainer, usage 16 inch slip-joint pliers oregon a spud wrench to unscrew the existing strainer locknut. If the handbasket spins, insert the plier handles into the strainer grate from supra and instrumentality a screwdriver betwixt the handles to clasp it still.