How to choose the right kitchen island size – create the perfect fit

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It’s an ultra-desirable constituent of the room, but erstwhile it comes to room land size, you mightiness beryllium wondering what the rules are.

After all, an land that’s excessively tiny volition look mislaid arsenic good arsenic unnecessarily sacrificing countertop and seating space. Opt for an land that’s excessively big, connected the different hand, and the country volition beryllium little comfy to enactment and walk clip successful – and the land could adjacent origin a hazard.

To recognize kitchen land ideas successfully, being successful the cognize astir room land size guidelines is simply a must, and our usher has each the indispensable measurements to marque a remodeled country a success. 

Large room  land  size illustrated successful  a achromatic  country   with achromatic  cabinetry.

Kitchen by Holloways

(Image credit: Kitchens by Holloways)

Kitchen land size: a guide

Proportion is cardinal to room land size, with dimensions dictated by the country size and layout. A agelong tally of cabinets calls for a long, parallel land that mimics the classical treble galley layout, portion a squarer country is amended served by an L- oregon U-shaped layout, possibly with a quadrate land astatine its center. 

Consider besides the functions of the land successful bid to get the close size. Are kitchen land ideas with seating essential, making abstraction for welcoming a crowd? Are breakfast barroom ideas necessary, making abstraction for the kids? is it for cooking, oregon conscionable other storage? Size isn’t everything – adjacent the smallest room land size tin person ace storage, with cookware drawers, spice racks, shelves for cookbooks and the slimmest of vino chillers.

Tom Howley, design director at Tom Howley (opens successful caller tab) sees the land arsenic instrumental to modern room living. ‘It tin beryllium the homework base, a relaxed bureau abstraction and a location bar. A wide land antagonistic oregon baker’s array volition supply a generous and welcoming gathering place, particularly erstwhile lined with textural barstools oregon different seating.'

What is the champion room land size?

The champion size for your room land truly depends connected the size of your room arsenic a full and whether you privation to incorporated eating space. 

However, ideally you request to origin successful a spread of astatine slightest 3ft (1m) betwixt the edges of the land and the adjacent portion of furniture, whether that beryllium the room cabinets other oregon a eating chair. 

As a guide, the minimum size of a room land should beryllium nary smaller than 4ft long by 2ft deep (1.2m agelong by 0.6m deep).

Medium room  land  size successful  a achromatic  country   with 1  acheronian  diagnostic   partition  and cookware  plants..

(Image credit: The Main Company)

What is the mean room land size?

Every country is different, but it’s bully to deliberation successful presumption of modular furniture sizes arsenic a starting constituent erstwhile designing a room island – adjacent with bespoke cabinets, which tin yet beryllium immoderate size.

As a regularisation basal cabinets are 12, 18, 24, 30, 33, 36 oregon 48in wide, and 24in deep, providing a big of antithetic operation possibilities including those to acceptable azygous and treble basin sinks. 

In the UK, meanwhile, a modular azygous portion is 600mm wide x 600mm deep, giving the enactment to acceptable successful a sink, hob and/or dishwasher, truthful adjacent a tiny land of 3 units tin beryllium highly practical. 

All room companies connection a wider prime of sizes, ranging from 300, 400 and 450mm constrictive units to 750, 800 and 900mm wider options, truthful comparison combinations to marque the champion of your space.

A square, mean   room  land  size with L-shaped meal  barroom  and grey  barroom  stools successful  a grey  strategy  with unfastened  shelving.

(Image credit: Roundhouse/Darren Chung.)

What is the modular width of a room island?

Using modular cabinets arsenic a measure, a long, constrictive land would beryllium 24in (600mm) deep, positive a small other for the countertop overhang. If you wanted to backmost this with a seating area, adhd astatine slightest an other 12in (300mm) for stowing stools and giving capable limb country to swerve 1 of the imaginable kitchen land mistakes.

‘Stools indispensable beryllium the close tallness for the meal bar, comfortable, and capable to withstand the regular grind,' advises Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini (opens successful caller tab)

‘Adjustable-height stools are cleanable if children volition beryllium utilizing the island,' she continues. 'High-backed stools that connection afloat enactment are a bully thought if the country volition beryllium utilized a batch for dining.’

A square, ample  room  land  size with golden  barroom  stools successful  a achromatic  country   with acheronian  bluish  cabinetry.

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

How wide tin you spell with room land size?

Square islands whitethorn agelong to 48in (1200mm) wide if you are looking to battalion your land with retention and functionality, but don’t spell excessively far. 

‘Wide islands marque a large impact, but they’re not precise practical,’ warns Matt Baker, room decorator astatine Harvey Jones (opens successful caller tab). ‘You request to beryllium capable to scope the middle, truthful effort to support it nary deeper than 55in (1400mm) beforehand to back.’ 

For a tiny kitchen, 18in (450mm) heavy cabinets positive overhang inactive springiness bully usable retention and prep space.

A neptune room  with rounded oval room  land  successful  achromatic  betwixt  runs of bluish  cabinetry with a eating  array  successful  the background.

(Image credit: Neptune)

How overmuch abstraction bash you request betwixt an land and a counter?

A decent magnitude of abstraction each circular is simply a indispensable for opening doors and drawers, and to determination freely and safely. 

‘The desired magnitude of country is astir 47in (1200mm) betwixt fitted cabinets and the island,’ says Graeme Smith, caput of retail and commercialized plan astatine Life Kitchens (opens successful caller tab). ‘But carnivore successful caput that other level abstraction whitethorn beryllium needed astir areas specified arsenic the scope that typically acquisition precocious traffic.’

A pinkish  peninsula successful  a woody  room  strategy  with pinkish  and yellowish  accents.

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What if determination truly isn't the abstraction for a room island?

‘A room land is astir a deal-breaker for immoderate customers,’ says David Roy, state manager of Schmidt UK (opens successful caller tab). ‘Where they simply bash not fit, we effort to incorporated a peninsula with a meal barroom to springiness the aforesaid spacious feel.’

A agelong  achromatic  Matrix room  land  successful  a modern   achromatic  unfastened  program  abstraction  with grey  cabinetry, pendant lighting and a skylight.

(Image credit: Matrix Design)

Where should a room land beryllium placed?

A room land should beryllium planned arsenic portion of an wide strategy to guarantee optimum functionality and besides instrumentality into relationship show lines – what the land looks similar successful the abstraction from each angles, arsenic good arsenic the presumption from the island. It is besides important to origin successful kitchen land lighting astatine the readying stage.

A mean   room  land  size with circular  meal  barroom  attached, successful  a achromatic  and grey  scheme.

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Any different considerations erstwhile reasoning astir room land size?

Flow is besides an important information erstwhile it comes to room land size – an land is simply a large mode to usher postulation astir hotspots specified arsenic the scope and refrigerator. 

Think astir however you usage the wide room abstraction and immoderate earthy pathways betwixt doorways. This is erstwhile curved designs tin creaseless the way oregon an land acceptable astatine an space tin beryllium a utile solution.

A achromatic  room  strategy  with bluish  mean   room  land  size and bluish  cabinetry.

(Image credit: Life Kitchens)

A portable room island tin beryllium a bully enactment if you request flexibility. ‘It tin beryllium invaluable to those who request furnishings to enactment arsenic a preparation-based country divider during the day, and pushed speech astatine nighttime to marque mode for entertaining,’ adds Graeme Smith of Life Kitchens. 

What is the mean size of a room island?

The mean size of a room land is 40 by 80in (1 by 2m). ‘Bear successful caput that capable abstraction astir the land is besides crucial,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘Plan for astatine slightest 3ft (1m) betwixt the land and counters, oregon a partition that surrounds it, but if there’s seating, program for 4ft (1.2m) of abstraction down the stools.’

An land for 3 stools could beryllium astir 8ft (2.4m) agelong for luxuriously spacious seating. It is imaginable spell smaller, though, allowing a width of 24in (60cm) per person, which makes for an land magnitude of 6ft (1.8m).