How to clean a bathroom – an expert guide

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Cleaning the bath is the astir dreaded of each household chores, not helped by the information that astir homes boast much than one, nor that bathrooms request cleaning truly regularly to stay some inviting and hygienic.

However, it doesn’t substance however galore great bathroom ideas you person oregon however beauteous the resulting bathing space, if it isn’t sparkling clean, it volition beryllium neither relaxing nor pleasant to use.  

The bully quality is you don’t request immoderate specializer tools oregon instrumentality to cleanable a bathroom. A fewer cleaning cloths, an aged toothbrush and a mop and bucket is each that’s truly required – and immoderate large cleaning tips, of course. 

With truthful galore hard surfaces successful the bathroom, it’s worthy learning however to clean a bath with vinegar and marque your ain chemical-free cleaning spray that powers done ungraded and is people disinfecting, too. 

How to cleanable a bathroom

egg-shape bath  successful  achromatic  and marble bathroom

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When considering however to cleanable a bathroom, the champion method is to interruption the chore down into easy manageable steps. This volition marque the task little daunting and, by moving logically from ceiling to floor, ensures you won’t messiness up areas you person already cleaned successful the process. 

‘It helps to bash minimal attraction cleaning day-to-day, too,’ adds Trinity Owhe, Design Expert, Victorian Plumbing. ‘Small things you tin bash passim the week, similar utilizing a squeegee connected the surface aft showering and rinsing toothpaste disconnected basins, volition assistance marque deeper cleans little backbreaking.’ 

We person much adept proposal successful our 10-step usher to giving your bath a deep-clean, below.

1. Declutter the surfaces

It’s overmuch easier to cleanable a bath if you’re not moving astir a upland of toiletries and different bath paraphernalia, truthful decluttering is ever your archetypal task. Clear everything disconnected the surfaces – including astir the bath – and enactment thing that isn’t successful predominant usage distant if possible. Empty the trash and enactment immoderate bare shampoo bottles and toilet rolls successful the recycling bins. Put towels and the bathmat successful the laundry basket.  

2. Check the drains

This measurement whitethorn not beryllium indispensable each time, but if you find yourself lasting successful an inch of h2o erstwhile showering oregon your bath is taking everlastingly to empty, it’s worthy flushing retired the drains. 

‘The astir communal origin of these blockages is simply a build-up of hair, grease and soap scum. If near untreated, dilatory draining h2o tin permission a slippery aboveground successful your bath oregon shower, which could beryllium a imaginable gaffe hazard,’ says James Roberts, Director, Sanctuary Bathrooms. ‘To lick the issue, first, wide immoderate disposable and reachable blockages escaped of the plughole and past trial to spot if this has worked by pouring h2o down the drain. 

‘If that doesn’t unblock your drain, effort utilizing vinegar and sodium bicarbonate. Mixing soda and vinegar creates a bubbling absorption that tin truly assistance displacement build-ups. This elemental household instrumentality is simply a inexpensive and harmless alternate to stronger chemicals,’ adds James. 

If the blockage inactive remains, effort utilizing a Plumber’s Snake (available from Amazon oregon your section hardware store) to dislodge it. For a truly stubborn blockage, you whitethorn request to edifice to stronger chemicals. 

3. Clean the toilet

Don’t enactment disconnected cleaning the toilet until last; leaving toilet cleaner successful the cookware to soak portion you cleanable the remainder of the bath volition guarantee sparkling results. Start with the toilet rim and seat, utilizing an aged toothbrush to get close into the crevices astir the spot hinges. Always support abstracted cloths for cleaning the main toilet vessel and seat, and usage rubber gloves. You tin usage your regular bath cloth connected the flush plate/button. 

Squirt toilet liquid astir the bowl, getting close up wrong the rim, past popular the toilet brushwood successful the water, and permission to disinfect for astatine slightest 10 minutes. Adding the toilet brushwood not lone gives it a cleanable but besides serves arsenic a reminder to others not to usage the toilet should you permission the bath unattended! Once the soaking play is up, drawback the toilet brushwood and springiness the vessel a bully scrub, going arsenic heavy into the U-bend arsenic you can, earlier flushing. 

4. Bust the dust

As with different rooms, 1 of the archetypal steps to cleaning a bath is dust-removal. A damp cloth is each you request to particulate disconnected horizontal surfaces and you tin usage a vacuum cleaner with nozzle attachment to suck up immoderate cobwebs and region particulate from the extractor vent and airy shades

‘You privation to get escaped of immoderate particulate and debris hanging astir earlier you present liquid cleaning products, particularly connected surfaces similar the basin and bath surround, shelves and immoderate furniture,’ says Trinity Owhe, Design Expert, Victorian Plumbing. ‘If this precaution isn’t taken, it's apt you’ll extremity up with clumps of particulate smeared astir your bath which are present sticky acknowledgment to your cleaning products!’ 

5. Tackle partition tiles

Working from the apical down, spray your tiles with a non-bleach cleaner and springiness it a fewer minutes to work. Next hitch down with a damp cloth – oregon usage the showerhead to spray tiles down wrong the ablution area. Any soap scum oregon toothpaste splashes whitethorn request other musculus powerfulness to remove. A soft-bristled washing up brushwood tin beryllium handy.  

Clean grout if it is looking grubby by popping adjacent parts achromatic vinegar and sodium bicarbonate in a vessel and harvester to marque a paste. Grab an aged toothbrush and scrub the grout, past permission it to beryllium for up to 30 minutes. You tin besides usage this substance successful the associated betwixt ablution tray and tiles if it’s discolored. Wipe oregon spray the substance disconnected and past adust the tiles with a microfiber cloth to forestall smears. 

6. Clean the remaining sanitaryware

The benignant of cleaning merchandise you usage connected the basin and bath depends connected the materials they are made from; astir manufacturers volition specify if determination are circumstantial cleaning products to avoid. Materials similar composite chromatic and acrylic are peculiarly prone to harm from cleaners that incorporate abrasive ingredients. Ceramic basins are beauteous slug impervious but if you privation to play it safe, instrumentality to non-abrasive, bleach-free bath sprays, oregon e-Cloths, which don’t necessitate immoderate further cleaning agents astatine all. 

Once you person fixed the basin and bath a bully scrub down – again your soft-bristled dishwashing brushwood volition travel successful useful – rinse with cleanable h2o and hitch adust with a microfiber cloth.

You whitethorn request to cognize how to cleanable a showerhead, excessively – the hint that this request doing is if the travel seems slower, weaker oregon if the absorption of question of the h2o changes successful immoderate of the showerhead holes.

7. Shine solid and mirrors

Soap scum, toothpaste residue and limescale tin each physique up connected the solid surfaces successful your bathroom. So you'll not lone privation to larn how to cleanable a reflector without streaks, but ablution surface glass, too.

‘There are a fewer antithetic ways to cleanable solid ablution screens – and the aforesaid method works connected some soap scum and hard h2o stains,’ says Belinda Everingham laminitis of Bondi Wash. ‘You request thing abrasive to chopped done to start. Make your ain surface scrub by mixing dishwashing liquid, sodium bicarbonate and vinegar (one portion of each), which volition chopped done the soap physique up and h2o marks.’ 

Rinse and hitch down, past travel with your regular solid cleaner and a microfiber cloth, rubbing until the solid sparkles. 

8. Wipe down brassware

As you’ll usage the taps and handshower to rinse down surfaces and rinse cloths arsenic you go, the brassware should beryllium 1 of the past items connected your bath cleaning schedule. 

Most brassware volition conscionable necessitate a hitch implicit with a damp cloth, followed by a buff with a microfiber cloth for shininess. Be particularly cautious to debar cleaning products with bleach connected each brassware finishes, and besides swerve citric ingredients connected immoderate lukewarm metallics similar copper and brass. 

Many integrated cleaning products usage citric acerb successful lieu of harsh chemicals but connected unlacquered brassware, a.k.a ‘living finishes’, they tin burnish and blacken the aboveground successful a precise unattractive way.

Don’t hide to cleanable the nozzles of taps, wiping distant immoderate ungraded build-up, and bash the aforesaid connected the showerhead. Most modern showerheads person easy-clean rubber nozzles that lone necessitate a speedy hitch implicit to support the h2o spraying smoothly.

9. Clean the floor

First vacuum to region immoderate dust, hairsbreadth and different debris. Next, assuming your bath flooring is simply a coagulated worldly similar tiles, laminate oregon vinyl, springiness it a mop with blistery h2o and a suitable level cleaner. If you person tiles and the grout is dirty, repetition the cleaning proposal successful Step 3. 

Try not to permission a mopped level excessively bedewed by truly wringing retired the mop earlier the last walk over; immoderate pools of h2o tin beryllium precise hazardous. If you’re concerned, power to a clean, adust mop caput and usage it to adust the floor.

10. Restore order

All that’s near to bash present is regenerate the toiletries and toothbrushes you removed for cleaning and adhd caller towels. ‘A fewer drops of your favourite indispensable lipid successful the toilet helps region odours and volition permission your bath smelling caller and inviting,’ adds Belinda from Bondi Wash.

You whitethorn privation to springiness towels a refresh too, making definite you cognize how to soften towels erstwhile you lavation them to springiness your cleanable bath the cleanable finishing touch.

How often should you cleanable your bathroom?

Once a week is the mostly accepted fig of times you should cleanable your bath but bash usage communal sense. It’s mostly precise evident erstwhile a bath needs cleaning, particularly if determination are children astir who person yet to beryllium trained successful however to cleanable up aft themselves. A impermanent ensuite that is not often successful usage volition not request cleaning arsenic often. 

What bash professionals usage to cleanable bathrooms?

Professional cleaners, particularly those who enactment successful hospitality, and truthful request to see guests with imaginable allergies, thin to instrumentality to aged fashioned, earthy ingredients erstwhile cleaning bathrooms. 

We are of people referring to cleaning with vinegar and cleaning with citrus juice. If you privation to bash a truly nonrecreational job, cheque retired the best steam cleaners, which instrumentality the musculus enactment retired of lifting grease and grime disconnected hard surfaces and are besides chemical-free.