How to clean a pizza stone – to keep it fresh for your next pie

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The question of however to cleanable a pizza chromatic is apt to travel up erstwhile you’ve added 1 of these to your room kit.

A preheated pizza chromatic provides a blistery aboveground connected to which to acceptable the pizza and helps guarantee a puffed crust, adjacent cooking and the indispensable crisp basal to your pie, but you mightiness good beryllium lacking the cleaning tips indispensable truthful it keeps connected playing its portion successful delivering delicious slices.

Our usher has what you request to cognize to attraction for a pizza stone.

How to cleanable a pizza stone

A pizza chromatic allows you to mimic the results of your favourite takeout erstwhile you don’t person the payment of a pizza oven to navigator it in. As you usage it implicit galore occasions, a pizza chromatic volition go darker and you whitethorn good spot staining occur, too. Neither of these are a occupation and they won’t impact the flavor. However, nutrient debris volition inevitably get stuck connected to the stone, and this should beryllium removed.

But arsenic it’s made from ceramic, clay oregon cordierite, a pizza chromatic can’t beryllium cleaned successful the dishwasher, truthful the reply to the question of however to cleanable a pizza chromatic is 1 you need. Here’s the lowdown.

1. Allow the pizza chromatic to cool

Before cleaning a pizza stone, fto it chill down completely. A pizza chromatic retains heat, truthful this volition support your hands and, arsenic abrupt changes successful somesthesia could origin the chromatic to crack, letting it chill volition forestall damage, too.

2. Clean the pizza chromatic with water

You tin usage h2o for cleaning a pizza stone, but determination is simply a caveat. A pizza chromatic is porous truthful you should usage arsenic small h2o arsenic imaginable arsenic the chromatic needs to beryllium thoroughly adust erstwhile you usage it again.

Use a minimal magnitude of blistery h2o to bedewed the chromatic to statesman the cleaning process.

3. Scrub the pizza stone

A peculiar pizza chromatic brushwood is the champion mode to cleanable the chromatic – we similar the Cuisinart Pizza Stone Cleaning Brush. Use the brushwood to scrub the aboveground of the chromatic clean.

‘If you don’t person a pizza chromatic brush, you tin usage a nylon brush,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens. ‘But acceptable the brushwood speech for this task lone arsenic you don’t privation to transportation immoderate residue of crockery soap to the stone.’

4. Remove immoderate stuck-on nutrient debris 

The brushwood whitethorn region each the debris from the pizza stone, but if determination are immoderate stubborn nutrient particles connected it, usage a integrative scraper oregon spatula to tackle these. If you person a pizza brushwood this mightiness see a scraper you tin use. 

5. Wipe down the chromatic and let to dry

Once you’ve dislodged each the debris cooked connected to the chromatic hitch it down with a damp cloth to region it completely. 

Use a crockery towel to adust the chromatic oregon permission it to aerial dry.

What happens if you lavation a pizza chromatic with soap?

If you lavation a pizza chromatic with soap, the soap tin beryllium absorbed by the stone. Result? The spirit of your adjacent pastry mightiness not beryllium what it should be. Stick to utilizing h2o unsocial to cleanable a pizza chromatic – and support that to a minimum.

You mightiness beryllium disquieted astir the imaginable for bacteria connected the chromatic if you’re not utilizing a cleaning product, but don’t be. ‘The somesthesia a pizza chromatic reaches means bacteria won’t survive,’ explains Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

How bash you get the achromatic disconnected a pizza stone?

The achromatic colour of a pizza chromatic is portion of the earthy seasoning process, and a darkening of the chromatic implicit clip is inevitable. ‘The colour alteration won’t marque the pizza chromatic a little effectual assistance to getting a large tasting pie, nor power its flavor,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

You should cleanable the pizza chromatic aft use, though. ‘To cleanable a pizza chromatic properly, let it chill disconnected successful the oven until it’s country temperature, truthful that it doesn’t ace successful acold aerial oregon water,’ says Louise Lee, class pb for kitchen, inferior & cleaning, Robert Dyas. ‘Use a blunt instrumentality to scrape disconnected immoderate excess food. Don't usage soap – the chromatic is porous and the adjacent clip you navigator with it your nutrient mightiness instrumentality connected a soapy flavor. Finish by wiping the chromatic down with a bedewed cloth, acceptable for your adjacent foray into Neapolitan cuisine.’