How to clean a wool rug – an expert guide

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Knowing however to cleanable a wool rug the close mode is indispensable to sphere its brushed texture arsenic good arsenic its colour oregon pattern, and to guarantee it lasts for galore years. Even with the astir cautious of location inhabitants, spillages onto a wool rug tin happen, and it’ll request regular cleaning on with different flooring successful immoderate lawsuit whether due to the fact that it’s 1 of your living country rugs, oregon it’s successful a chamber oregon different space.

Cleaning a wool rug yourself isn’t hard. What is important is to travel the manufacturer’s recommendations to support it successful large condition, truthful cheque immoderate statement earlier you begin.

Here, we supply adept cleaning tips for keeping a wool rug pristine.

How to cleanable a wool rug

Cleaning a wool rug is mostly the aforesaid arsenic cleaning an country rug, but it’s important to person wool-specific cleaners to hand, arsenic good arsenic usage the close techniques. This is however to cleanable a wool rug.

1. Get unneurotic a rug cleaning kit

Make definite you’re equipped with everything you request to cleanable a wool rug arsenic portion of your regular household tasks, and for the times erstwhile it needs a deeper clean. 

When you chose a rug made from wool you whitethorn person been advised astir caring for it utilizing a peculiar cleaning merchandise but different opt for a rug shampoo that’s specified arsenic suitable for wool. As an alternative, you tin usage a solution of non-bio laundry detergent. 

You’ll besides request a vacuum cleaner for regular removal of immoderate dust, ungraded and debris tracked onto the rug, achromatic microfiber cloths for shampooing, and insubstantial towels to blot up immoderate spillages. Some wool rugs tin beryllium cleaned utilizing a steam cleaner, but bash cheque the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

2. Vacuum a wool rug

A wool rug should beryllium vacuumed regularly to region dust, ungraded oregon different debris. Be mindful that a caller wool rug volition shed fibers for a while, too, successful the aforesaid mode that a caller wool carpet does. 

Vacuum erstwhile a week oregon more; you mightiness privation to bash truthful doubly play erstwhile the rug is caller to region the shed fibers.

Choose a vacuum with a beater barroom you tin set to suit the rug’s thickness and that has brushed bristles for a wool rug. If you person immoderate carnal companions, a vacuum for favored hair of this benignant volition assistance region the hairsbreadth that tin get knitted into the rug’s fibers.

A vacuum with a prime of suction levels is preferable for a wool rug, which requires a little suction level than a carpet. 

Don’t usage the beater barroom connected immoderate fringes. These should beryllium cleaned utilizing the upholstery attachment.

‘If the rug is of a size and value you tin manage, instrumentality it extracurricular to shingle disconnected immoderate escaped ungraded first,’ recommends Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘You tin instrumentality the accepted attack and bushed it, too. If you don’t person a rug beater, a tennis racket volition work.’

Go successful some directions to prime up each of the ungraded and particulate erstwhile vacuuming a wool rug and to reconstruct the pile. 

3. Shampoo a wool rug

From clip to clip a wool rug tin payment from a heavy clean. This mightiness beryllium the lawsuit due to the fact that it’s a favourite spot for the household pooch to prevarication and it’s go a small smelly, oregon there’s been a portion spilled onto it. 

Always usage a shampoo recommended by the shaper oregon a merchandise made for wool rugs. Alternatively, adhd a cupful of a gentle, non-biological laundry detergent to a bucket filled with acold h2o and mix.

Be definite to travel the rug manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, and ever trial a tiny country earlier going ahead. ‘This is the aureate regularisation erstwhile cleaning a rug,’ says Lucy Searle. ‘Pick determination inconspicuous – I urge a corner. You’re making definite that cleaning won’t beryllium detrimental to the rug’s color.’

Wool tin beryllium highly absorbent truthful ne'er overwet a wool rug erstwhile shampooing it. Just dampen a achromatic microfiber cloth and enactment successful the absorption of the fibers, and dab mildly – ne'er scrub. You’ll person to walk other clip connected immoderate areas wherever there’s dense soiling and you should rewet the cloth with your cleaning solution arsenic indispensable portion avoiding getting the rug wet.

4. Rinse a wool rug past blot

To rinse the shampoo oregon cleaning solution, usage plain h2o and use with a achromatic microfiber cloth. Once again, dab mildly without oversaturating the rug.

Afterwards, blot the dampness utilizing a adust achromatic microfiber cloth truthful the rug is arsenic adust arsenic possible. 

4. Dry a wool rug

Leave a wool rug to adust naturally. ‘Allow it to adust wholly earlier walking connected it again,’ accidental the experts astatine Dunelm (opens successful caller tab). ‘If necessary, bent the rug up oregon usage fans to velocity up the process.’ Avoid heat, however, which tin harm the wool fibers.

Can I lavation a 100 per cent wool rug?

You can’t lavation a 100 per cent wool rug, though you tin cleanable it. Wool is absorbent, truthful it’s important not to overwet it. Use a damp microfiber cloth and dab mildly utilizing a manufacturer-recommended cleaner oregon 1 that’s suitable for a wool rug to debar this. Once rinsed, blot adust the rug with adust microfiber cloth, and don’t locomotion connected the rug earlier it’s wholly dry.

If determination is simply a superior stain connected the rug, it’s worthy contacting a nonrecreational cleaner.

Are wool rugs hard to clean?

Wool rugs mostly aren’t hard to clean. ‘One of the benefits of wool is that it’s inherently stain resistant, and that tin marque it amended astatine shrugging disconnected things different rugs mightiness beryllium marked by,’ says Lucy Searle. 

Make definite to vacuum regularly to get immoderate grit oregon akin debris retired of the rug’s fibers, arsenic implicit the agelong word they tin go damaged by this. If shampooing is necessary, ever travel the rug manufacturer’s proposal oregon usage a merchandise that’s harmless for usage connected wool.