How to clean an air conditioner – the expert method for a cool, efficient unit

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Most homes crossed the US person immoderate signifier of AC, truthful knowing however to cleanable an aerial conditioner is simply a accomplishment that galore of america request to person – particularly astatine this constituent of the year. 

As we attack the summertime months, your thoughts whitethorn beryllium turning towards switching connected the aerial conditioner again – but cleaning your AC portion is simply a sensible measurement to instrumentality beforehand. 

As with galore cleaning tips, those for cleaning an aerial conditioner astatine location are speedy and elemental to follow, but you bash request to tread with caution. Here's however to cleanable an aerial conditioner quickly, efficiently – and safely. 

How to cleanable an aerial conditioner – 6 steps to occurrence  

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'Regular AC attraction and cleaning is bully for its cooling and extends the beingness span of the unit,' says Alicia Johnson, the Founder of Cleaning Green LLC successful California. 

If you travel these expert-approved steps regularly, it could prevention you a batch of wealth successful the agelong tally – and guarantee your portion runs smoothly passim the season. Here's what you request to know. 

1. Turn the powerfulness off 

Before cleaning thing electronic, you should guarantee you person removed its powerfulness proviso – and an aerial conditioner is nary exception. 

Alicia warns that you should never effort to cleanable a moving aerial conditioner arsenic this volition enactment you successful important danger. Before beginning, you should find the root of your AC's powerfulness proviso and crook it disconnected completely. 

2. Replace oregon cleanable the filters 

The easiest but astir impactful measurement is the cleaning of your aerial conditioner filters. However, the adept recommends removing and buying caller filters (such arsenic these connected Amazon) if you announcement immoderate signs of damage. 

'You tin find them successful the aerial handler oregon furnace cabinets wrong oregon astatine the extremity of the aerial inlet,' Alicia says. 'To guarantee bully airflow, the filters indispensable beryllium thoroughly sanitized oregon replaced doubly annually due to the fact that of the dirt, hair, and particulate that tin clog them.' 

3. Clean the condenser coils 

Next, you request to tackle the Condenser Coils. Alicia recommends utilizing a screwdriver to region the apical and broadside panels (to support the condenser strategy from access) and scope the unit's condenser coils. 

'After unscrewing the panel, assistance the apical mildly since being assertive could origin harm to the wirings,' the adept warns. She suggests utilizing a brushed brushwood oregon a peculiar coil brushwood for the champion results but warns that this measurement comes with other caution.

'The coils are highly delicate, and adjacent the slightest unit tin crook and harm them,' Alicia says. After the extracurricular of the coil is done, you should usage your vacuum cleaner for the inside. 

'If you announcement immoderate persistent particulate oregon debris that refuses to budge, you tin usage a commercialized AC coil cleaner and spray it connected the inside. Just don't spray against the instrumentality oregon immoderate different electrical components,' she suggests.

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4. Clear the condenser 

Your condenser is captious to the cooling process of your aerial conditioner – truthful it is important that you wide immoderate leaves, debris, oregon plot weeds that person recovered their mode inside. 

'If you spot a drain astatine the bottom, marque definite thing blocks the draining hole,' Alicia explains. 

If you’re looking for how to get escaped of weeds and different plot matter, she recommends cleaning the blower's instrumentality blades utilizing a rag and vacuum. She adds that it's bully signifier to spray WD-40 successful lawsuit the instrumentality centrifugal contains lipid ports.

You should past adust retired immoderate excess h2o contiguous wrong the portion erstwhile the cleaning is done earlier reconstructing the condenser. 

'Make definite determination aren't immoderate twigs, vines, leaves, oregon weeds contiguous wrong that tin hinder the travel of your unit,' Alicia adds. 

5. Inspect the refrigerant lines 

If the foam insulation covering your refrigerant enactment sustains damage, present is the clip to alteration it. Alicia suggests replacing the full portion to support the level of ratio your cooling strategy provides. 'However, if the harm is minor, you tin conscionable wrapper the spot utilizing insulation tape,' she adds. 

6. Test your results 

Before restoring the powerfulness proviso and activating the powerfulness to the condenser, Alicia says that you should power the thermostat to the disconnected setting. 

'Adjust the cooling mode you usually support the AC astatine utilizing the thermostat and activate the cooling system. You volition announcement a overmuch amended cooling acquisition if you person done everything right,' she says. 

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What's the champion happening to usage to cleanable an aerial conditioner? 

Alicia Johnson, the Founder of Cleaning Green LLC, recommends investing successful an all-in-one aerial conditioner cosmopolitan cleaning kit (these are sold astatine Amazon) which volition let you to cleanable your portion by yourself thoroughly. This should incorporate astir of the essentials needed to wide retired your AC (aside from a vacuum and the WD-40, naturally).

Is it harmless to spray h2o connected a moving aerial conditioner? 

No, it is not safe. While immoderate whitethorn question whether it is harmless to spray h2o connected a moving aerial conditioner, Alicia Johnson, the Founder of Cleaning Green LLC powerfully warns against this cleaning method. 

'Spraying h2o connected the AC portion it's moving could pb to electrocution since the existent is moving passim the unit; she says. 'Any interaction betwixt the energy and h2o could enactment your beingness astatine risk.'

This is 1 cleaning method that should beryllium avoided astatine each costs.