How to collect zinnia seeds – for an endless supply of glorious flowers

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Learn however to cod zinnia seeds, and your pots and borders volition beryllium packed with beauteous blooms each summertime long.

Once you cognize how to turn zinnias, redeeming the effect is the adjacent earthy step, and is simply a fantastic mode to experimentation with antithetic varieties.

‘Zinnias travel successful a immense scope of colors, shapes, and sizes. They’re commonly grown arsenic summertime annuals to bring tons of colour to plot beds,’ says Lindsay Pangborn, gardening adept for Bloomscape. 

‘They turn accelerated and angiosperm each season, making them the cleanable campaigner for collecting seed.’

Growing zinnias from your ain effect root is 1 of the astir fantastic flower furniture ideas, portion the plants besides bash good successful pots if you’re looking for container gardening ideas.

Make definite you cognize when to works zinnia seeds to get the champion retired of them.

How to cod zinnia seeds – step-by-step guide

If you are blessed to fto your zinnias acceptable effect wherever they may, past you don’t needfully request to prevention the seed. 

‘If you fto immoderate of your zinnia flowers dice people and autumn to the crushed they volition germinate seeds by themselves,’ says Period Living’s gardening adept Leigh Clapp.

However, if you would similar much power implicit wherever your flowers volition beryllium planted, past it’s champion to larn however to cod zinnia seeds. Luckily, it’s casual to bash if you travel a fewer elemental steps.

Zinnia Elegans Zinderella Lilac

(Image credit: Sarah Raven / Jonathan Buckley)

1. Choose the champion zinnia varieties

Zinnia seeds tin beryllium saved from each varieties to turn connected the adjacent year, nevertheless not each types volition turn existent to type.

‘Select varieties that person been unfastened pollinated, arsenic opposed to hybrids – which tin alteration wide successful the adjacent procreation – and preferably integrated truthful arsenic not to harm bees,’ says Clapp.

Bear successful caput that if you person a fewer antithetic types of open-pollinated zinnias, they tin go cross-pollinated. 

‘You tin forestall this by planting antithetic types acold apart, oregon by protecting idiosyncratic flowers from cross-pollination,’ says Pangborn. 

’To bash this, you’ll request to screen a angiosperm bud with a insubstantial oregon mesh container earlier it opens. This volition forestall pollinators from getting to it, but volition inactive let the angiosperm to spell to seed.’

2. Nurture your zinnia flowers

Before reasoning astir however to cod zinnia seeds, absorption connected producing strong, steadfast flowers.

‘For steadfast zinnia plants, take a full-sun determination that receives six oregon much hours of nonstop sunlight each day,’ says Pangborn. ‘Keep them good watered and provender them regularly with a bloom-boosting fertilizer that’s precocious successful phosphorus.’

Zinnias tin beryllium susceptible to powdery mildew, truthful debar wetting their foliage if imaginable by aiming h2o to the ungraded oregon utilizing a drip irrigation system. 

‘If you indispensable overhead h2o – and galore of america do! – past h2o aboriginal successful the day. This ensures the foliage volition adust rapidly acknowledgment to the prima and heat,’ adds Pangborn.

3. Saving zinnia seeds

Wait until the flowers person begun to slice earlier redeeming zinnia seeds.

‘Allow flowers to diminution and stay connected the plant. You tin region astir of them – a process called deadheading – since they tin go unsightly, but it’s important to let a fewer to remain,’ says Pangborn.

‘As the petals wither away, the effect begins to signifier wherever the halfway of the angiosperm was. This volition gradually adust out, and it’s important to permission it until it is wholly adust and crispy.’

Once the angiosperm has dried retired it volition person turned brownish and consciousness adust to the touch.

At this stage, the zinnia seeds tin beryllium harvested. To bash this, cautiously chopped the effect caput disconnected the plant. Gently shingle oregon pat the effect caput onto a portion of insubstantial and you’ll spot the idiosyncratic seeds autumn out.

‘Pour the effect into a insubstantial envelope. Be definite to statement the assortment for adjacent year, and store it successful a cool, adust place,’ adds Pangborn.

Zinnia seeds should support for astatine slightest 2 years.

growing zinnias for chopped  flowers

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

4. How to abstracted zinnia seeds from chaff

Chaff refers to the effect covering and debris that comes distant with the seeds erstwhile they autumn disconnected the flowers.

The champion mode to region this is simply to prime retired the seeds – which volition beryllium level and brownish – and discard the chaff.

‘Proper drying volition let you to abstracted seeds from chaff easily,’ says Nastya Vasylchyshyna, a nonmigratory botanist adept for the NatureID app. ‘Discard and bare and rotten seeds on with the chaff.’

5. What bash bully zinnia seeds look like?

Zinnia seeds travel successful a assortment of shapes and sizes.

‘They tin beryllium flat, spear-shaped, oregon elongated with sprouts astatine the end. All of them are suitable for planting, but spear-shaped seeds person little viability,’ says Nastya. 

‘Good seeds are coagulated and thick, gray- oregon brown-colored. Don’t permission the rotten black, affected, empty, oregon deformed ones, arsenic they won’t germinate.’

6. Can you harvest zinnia seeds from chopped flowers?

Saving zinnia seeds from chopped flowers isn’t the champion mode to get prime seed.

‘Plants thin to beryllium chopped for merchantability erstwhile flowers are conscionable opening to unfastened and haven't accumulated the nutrients indispensable for effect enactment yet,’ says Nastya. 

‘Some seeds successful chopped flowers whitethorn beryllium ripe, truthful you tin effort planting them. However, they volition beryllium acold little viable than the seeds prepared properly.’