How to cut coving corners – for the perfect fit

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Some DIYers find that learning however to chopped coving corners is the trickiest portion of putting up coving. However, with the close guidance, it's a occupation you tin surely transportation retired yourself.

Decorative coving is utilized wrong a country to adhd an elegant finish. It works to fell immoderate uneven edges, cracks oregon coating mistakes wherever the partition meets the ceiling. If you’re updating and person recovered retired how to region popcorn ceiling, it’s the cleanable last touch.

Find retired however to chopped coving corners below, and get a nonrecreational decorativeness erstwhile you bash it yourself.

How to chopped coving corners with a miter box

If you person learned how to plaster a ceiling, oregon how to texture a ceiling, knowing how to enactment up coving is simply a beautifully complementary skill, and being adept astatine cutting coving corners is portion of the process.

A miter container is the easiest mode to chopped coving corners arsenic it's specifically designed for the purpose. Make definite that yours is ample capable for the coving you are cutting.

You volition need:

Miter blockCrosscut sawPencilTape measureSandpaperHow to chopped interior coving corners

Some coving comes with pre-cut corners, but if you privation to support a keen oculus connected budget, you tin bash the occupation yourself.

To chopped your ain interior coving corners, you'll request to commencement from 1 country and enactment your mode astir the room, measuring each portion individually arsenic you go. For example, commencement from the near and enactment to your close astir the room.

A miter associated is simply a associated made by cutting each of 2 parts to beryllium joined, usually astatine a 45° angle, to signifier a corner, usually astatine 90°. If you commencement from the left, you volition statesman by cutting your archetypal near manus miter join.

'When positioned successful the miter box, the main conception of coving that volition beryllium hung connected the near partition should beryllium to your right,' accidental the experts astatine Decorative Coving (opens successful caller tab). 'And, similarly, the main conception of coving should beryllium connected your near for the portion that volition beryllium hung connected the close manus wall.

'The coving is ever enactment successful the miter container upside down, that is the borderline that volition beryllium fixed to the ceiling should beryllium connected the basal (horizontal section) of the box,’ the experts say.

For the near piece, you volition request to insert the crosscut saw into the 45º near manus country slot (furthest from you), and tally the saw done the 45º close manus country slot.

Then bash the aforesaid for the close piece, but utilizing the other slots, close manus apical and near manus bottom.

You tin past usage sandpaper to creaseless immoderate unsmooth patches.

How to chopped outer coving corners

The aforesaid signifier applies to outer corners, but you volition present beryllium cutting utilizing the other 45º guides.

'If you person immoderate outer corners successful the room, you volition request to chopped the 2 ends that articulation present with miters successful the other absorption from those you person chopped previously,' explains Nick Cryer of Berkeley Place (opens successful caller tab).

'This often causes problems since, not lone person you got to retrieve to chopped the space the close way, but besides the constituent to which you measurement is different. 

'The champion mode to retrieve and get it close is to ever measurement for the bottommost borderline of the cornice connected outer angles and the apical borderline for interior angles.'

Tradesmen Costs (opens successful caller tab) says, 'To chopped outer corners, people the lengths of coving with near and close arsenic you did before.

'Place the near magnitude successful the miter artifact and chopped astatine a 45º space utilizing arsenic guides the apical slot connected the close country of the container and the bottommost slot connected the left. Use the portion connected the near side.

'Mirror the saw presumption to chopped the close country (top left, bottommost right). Use the portion connected the close side.'

What space bash you chopped coving corners?

Cut coving corners astatine a 45º angle. ‘This assumes your walls are square, of course,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘If they aren’t, you volition request to measurement the angle, disagreement it into 2 and usage a miter saw to chopped the close angles.’

How bash you chopped edges connected coving?

You'll request a miter container and a wood saw to chopped edges connected coving.

'Use a miter container to chopped an close space astatine the extremity of the archetypal section. This volition make the 45º angles you request to marque the coving pieces articulation up successful the corners,’ explains Nick Cryer.