How to decorate a coastal home – with Emma Sims Hilditch's expertise

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A consciousness of spot is indispensable to immoderate palmy interior design, whether that’s a sandy formation connected your doorstep oregon the fields stretching beyond your backmost gate. But knowing erstwhile a notation turns to pastiche is key. 

‘When designing an interior incorporating coastal decor ideas, subtlety is the aureate rule,’ suggests interior decorator Emma Sims Hilditch. ‘There are plentifulness of clever ways to hint astatine a home’s seaside location, without being swept distant by nautical trends and an excess of bluish achromatic and red.’

Emma owns a location successful Cornwall and has decorated galore a seaside pad via her plan bureau Sims Hilditch. Her proposal is to code down sailor benignant for a much pared backmost seaside aesthetic – here, she explains present to get the equilibrium of beach location ideas right.

Interior Designer

Emma Sims Hilditch

Founded successful 2009, the Sims Hilditch plan signifier has go 1 of the astir trusted and respected successful the industry. Its couture attack combines interior architecture, interior plan and procurement absorption wrong 1 concept-to-completion, afloat bespoke service. Creative Founder, Emma Sims-Hilditch is passionate astir her content that bully plan tin alteration not lone however radical unrecorded but besides however they feel. By creating characterful, beauteous and intelligent interiors, Emma and the Sims Hilditch squad empowers clients to radically amended the prime of their lives.

Open up the space

The wrong  of the excavation  location   has tiled flooring matching that outside, a seat  with storage, a mirror, and solid  doors

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch )

To make an airy and spacious consciousness befitting of a coastal home, Emma recommends knocking done walls wherever imaginable to unfastened up the space. That mightiness mean looking astatine ideas for open program kitchens oregon ways to make an open conception surviving room. But there's different astonishing abstraction that tin assistance nail the nautical look.

‘This is peculiarly effectual erstwhile you're looking astatine entryway ideas, arsenic it sets the code for the remainder of the home. Applying a unsmooth boarding to the ceiling of this abstraction adds a definite texture and charm, and erstwhile painted successful an emulsion of 50:50 overgarment and water, it’s reminiscent of the caller seaside mounting that surrounds the home.'

This mightiness besides beryllium the accidental to link the wrong of your location to the coastal plot ideas outside.

Find your focal point

emma sims hilditch surviving  country   successful  cornwall location  with sofas and fireplace

(Image credit: Emma Sims Hilditch)

Oftentimes, a coastal surviving room that benefits from beauteous views volition beryllium centered astir the country extracurricular the window. However, this is not ever the champion mode to signifier a room, according to Emma.

'The sitting country successful my Cornwall location has a beauteous presumption of the bay beyond, but I person arranged the furnishings successful the abstraction utilizing the fireplace arsenic the focal point,' she says. 'This allows the presumption to enactment arsenic a beauteous backdrop to the room, portion remaining a practical, societal and inviting space.’

This enactment works good for family country ideas with fireplaces, allowing you to maximise the cozy get-togethers associated with having a formation house, portion inactive making the astir of the coastal setting.

Incorporate coastal artworks

living country   with coastal decor strategy  with yacht decoration and presumption    of sea

(Image credit: Emma Sims Hilditch)

Decorating with art is an fantabulous mode to construe a home's coastal determination wrong the interior. You mightiness deliberation of seascapes and formation views, photography of boats and yachts, oregon artworks that picture seaside plants and flowers.

'Artwork is an fantabulous accidental to motion to a home’s coastal location,' agrees Emma. 'Visit section artists, dealers and antiques specialists to find paintings, ornaments and crockery depicting the section country and thread these passim your home.'

Add Hamptons-style shutters

Family bath  with panelling

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

If you privation to bring a interaction of New England coastal style to your home, marque a commencement with the model treatments, suggests Emma.

'Shutters make a fantastic Hamptons-style aesthetic which is cleanable for a coastal home,' she says. 'What’s more, they are a large solution to dressing awkward shaped windows successful a pitched roof, which simply volition not accommodate curtains oregon blinds.' 

The color, signifier and size of slats should beryllium taken into information for your shutter ideas. For a beach-themed look, the accent volition beryllium connected coastal colors and designs that let you to modulate and increase earthy airy successful your home.

Curate your coastal colour palette

coastal decor chamber  emma sims hilditch

(Image credit: Emma Sims Hilditch)

'A palette of chill whites paired with blue-grey accents works good successful a coastal interior,' says Emma. 

'It’s worthy bearing successful caput that the colours volition look to change passim the day, depending connected however the airy hits it, truthful I urge ordering samples earlier purchasing your paint. I utilized Farrow & Ball School House White connected the ceiling and woodwork successful my Cornwall home, paired with Shaded White connected the walls and De Nimes connected the joinery.’