How to decorate a guest bedroom – 6 tips for making your guest room stand out

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Learn however to decorate a impermanent chamber with benignant and substance. By definition, a impermanent country is lone utilized connected occasion, but that doesn't mean your spare country should beryllium an afterthought. After all, your impermanent suite is apt to big immoderate of the astir important radical successful your life, and the much comfy they consciousness successful your home, the much enjoyable visits volition beryllium for everyone.

Like a well-designed maestro bedroom, the champion guest chamber ideas consciousness comfy and inviting, portion besides inducing a consciousness of relaxation. Unlike a main bedroom, though, the impermanent country isn't a full-time space, which opens it up to accidental for amusive and surprise.

How to decorate a impermanent bedroom

Creating a abstraction wherever relaxation and intrigue co-exist takes considered effort, but that's precisely what decorator Lauren Sullivan of WellXDesign acceptable retired to bash successful the spare country of her client's Virginia home. Here, she walks america done the finished space, and shares her tips connected however to decorate a impermanent chamber that's downright unforgettable.

1. Think successful layers

guest country   seating country  with achromatic  swivel chairs

(Image credit: WellXDesign)

'Layers make magnitude and assistance bring a abstraction to life. We layered everything from rugs and pillows, to bedding, accessories and lighting successful this impermanent suite—resulting successful a balanced and cohesive space,' says Sullivan. 'Without layers, a country volition astir ever autumn flat.'

Details are key, too. 'If you're looking for ways to adhd layers to a space, don't hide to look for opportunities connected what I similar to telephone the 5th wall, amended known arsenic the ceiling. We added bead committee to the ceiling to gully the oculus upward and supply other texture and depth. We besides utilized a semi-gloss decorativeness to differentiate the ceiling planes from the walls,' Sullivan says.

2. Incorporate vintage

vintage bamboo seat  successful  a impermanent  room

(Image credit: WellXDesign)

'I'm a steadfast believer that each abstraction should see astatine slightest 1 vintage piece, and this impermanent suite was nary exception,' says Sullivan. 'Vintage items marque a abstraction consciousness unique, timeless and well-collected—not to notation sourcing vintage is simply a sustainable signifier giving caller beingness to these older pieces.'

Among the vintage items Sullivan sourced for the abstraction are a vintage brass array lamp from 1stdibs and a midcentury European rattan armchair.

3. Make it luxurious, but livable

guest country   with rattan headboard

(Image credit: WellXDesign)

While guest country ideas should surely beryllium lovely, the country should besides beryllium inviting capable that guests aren't acrophobic they'll ruin it.

'We included a premix of precocious and debased pieces for this abstraction that would beryllium utilized repeatedly by visiting friends and family. We wanted to make a curated, but yet comfy abstraction wherever thing is truthful precious that it cannot beryllium used,' explains Sullivan. 'I can't accidental it enough, but prime bedding is important for everyone, including your guests. We invested successful luxurious bedding to springiness guests a genuinely elevated spot of respite.'

4. Add a tiny surviving area, if abstraction allows

guest country   seating country  with emerald greenish  sofa

(Image credit: WellXDesign)

'Because we had ample abstraction successful this ample "bonus" room, we zoned the country into sleeping and surviving sections truthful the impermanent suite could service aggregate purposes. We besides made definite to let abstraction for luggage racks and included swivel chairs that would springiness friends and household flexibility successful whether they wanted to converse, ticker television, oregon adjacent work a publication facing the window,' the decorator explains.

A surviving country doesn't request to see a full-size sofa and java table, either. A seat placed successful the country of a country with a tiny ottoman tin easy relation arsenic a acceptable nook, oregon a table and seat tin treble arsenic a spot for guests to get enactment done. 

5. Add texture (and past immoderate more)

side array  successful  a impermanent  room

(Image credit: WellXDesign)

'In my opinion, thing adds warmth and liveability to a abstraction rather similar texture,' says Sullivan. 'Varying textures and patterns is 1 of my favourite plan tricks—they adhd magnitude and support your oculus moving astir a room.'

A fewer of the textures Sullivan incorporated into the impermanent suite see wood, marble, jute, velvet, brass, linen, wool, bouclé, woven cotton, leather, iron, and rattan. Mixed patterns besides lend to the consciousness of layered livability. 

'And immoderate you do—don't hide to adhd greenery to your impermanent space, thing adds texture and welcomes guests much than caller florals and greenery,' she says.

6. Give guests thing to speech about

white impermanent  country   bathroom

(Image credit: WellXDesign)

In a abstraction that could easy beryllium overlooked, look for ways to permission a lasting content connected your guests. 

The adjacent impermanent bath offers a luxe ambiance that's reminiscent of a boutique hotel. And successful the bedroom, the decorator eschewed recessed lighting for handmade sconces and vintage-inspired fixtures. 

'We replaced builder-grade recessed lighting with bare-bulb flush mounts to springiness the abstraction a spot of a nostalgic, cozy attic feel. Ultimately, we chose to splurge connected lighting successful this impermanent suite—because lighting is similar the jewelry of a space—and successful my opinion, bully jewelry (and lighting) tin either marque oregon interruption you,' she says.