How to decorate kitchen counters – 10 ways to a functional and chic space

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Knowing however to decorate room counters comes down to uncovering the cleanable equilibrium betwixt benignant and practicality. 

The room should beryllium an inviting country of the home, filled with quality and charm, arsenic good arsenic a functional workspace wherever you tin cook, entertain and store each of your room appliances and accessories, and kitchen countertop ideas person a large relation to play.

The cardinal to decorating room counters is to see the mundane items that you usage often that could payment from being connected show connected the countertop, arsenic good arsenic the decorative pieces that marque kitchen ideas consciousness unsocial and idiosyncratic to you.

How to decorate room counters

Kitchen styling involves curation of the objects you privation connected show arsenic good arsenic selecting the champion placement. Be inspired by proposal connected however to decorate room counters arsenic good arsenic tips from the experts. 

1. Keep the look cleanable and decluttered  

Bright and spacious room  with ample  marble and airy  stained wood   island, airy  woody  floor, antagonistic  chairs with achromatic  metallic  framework  and upholstered spot   and backmost  cushions, 2  pendant lights hanging implicit    room  island, beige-gray room  units, countertops decorated with plants and framed picture, descend  connected  island

(Image credit: Elizabeth Krueger Design)

'Clean and decluttered is the sanction of the crippled erstwhile it comes to styling room countertops. While different spaces successful the location payment from a heavier touch, countertops bash not,' says Elizabeth Krueger, laminitis of Elizabeth Krueger Design. 

Of each the rooms successful the location wherever you request the abstraction to beryllium highly functional and practical, the room is fig one.

Leaving capable abstraction connected your countertops and room islands to hole nutrient and person radical beryllium and devour is simply a apical priority, truthful ne'er over-fill the surfaces.

2. Accessorize with plants and flowers

White fitted room  with reflector  down  enactment    apical  and unfastened  woody  shelves, and room  land  with marble top, decorated with books, flowers, and woody  tray connected  land  with cooking ingredients

(Image credit: Emma Lewis)

Decorating with plants and flowers successful the location is ever going to make a calming and tranquil atmosphere, including successful a room which tin often beryllium a engaged and hectic hub.  

Kara Childress of Kara Childress Inc. Interior Design says, 'I emotion placing tiny cachepots of planted herbs similar rosemary, basil, and thyme adjacent to a window, not lone for cooking, but for the calming, heady scents they weave passim a kitchen.'

Whether you person beauteous blooms successful a vase connected a room island, oregon pots of herbs and plants beside a model oregon adjacent mentation areas, decorating room counters this mode tin make an inviting abstraction filled with colour and earthy beauty.

3. Extend shelving

View crossed  the marble topped room  land  with shelves successful  the inheritance  with dishes and baskets.

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

Extending a shelving plan to see a room countertop creates much abstraction for shelf styling opportunities and makes for a chic, tiered effect. 

In this kitchen, the countertop is treated similar an further shelf, decorated with an eclectic premix of items that reflector the styling above. 

This support and countertop decoration creates an eye-catching focal constituent successful the kitchen, arsenic good arsenic a central, zoned country wherever decorative items and applicable accessories are stored together.

4. Group items successful tiny zones 

Kitchen with pick  walls, agleam  bluish  units, achromatic  Aga with support  overhead decorated with foliage and flowers.

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

When moving retired wherever to spot items to decorate room counters, program to cod objects unneurotic successful zones. It volition make a neat and tidy styled space. 

Elizabeth Krueger advises, 'Start with a blank slate and look to make tiny groupings to supply extent and vertical height.'

Corners of room countertops let items to beryllium neatly tucked distant from the main countertop aboveground country and, successful this kitchen, the alcoves beneath the room cabinets person been utilized to make 2 abstracted zones, 1 for books and the different for much applicable items specified arsenic chopping boards and grinders.

5. Use decorative trays

Kitchen with achromatic  painted walls, achromatic  room  cabinets and countertops, six achromatic  and metallic ample  ceiling lights supra  island, achromatic  metallic  antagonistic  chairs with upholstered spot   and backmost  cushions, tray styled with flowers and plants connected  island

(Image credit: Elizabeth Krueger Design)

Decorative trays tin make an country for you to curate and show favored objects and accessories and is simply a mode to decorate room counters that is some stylish and practical. 

Great for placing vases of flowers, coasters and other tiny room accessories, a tray gathers items each successful 1 place, leaving much country for cooking and nutrient prep. A tray tin besides beryllium easy picked up and moved astir depending connected erstwhile you usage antithetic areas of the kitchen.

6. Prioritize the essentials

Kitchen country  with a airy  bluish  aga, achromatic  marbled worktops and fitted cabinets, acheronian  wood   flooring

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

There are immoderate items that volition ever beryllium connected room counters, truthful moving retired wherever these spell archetypal volition past assistance you measure what abstraction is near for different pieces.

Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens, states, 'Start by placing indispensable appliances, specified arsenic kettles and toasters, connected your countertops, past determination onto secondary, decorative pieces specified arsenic vases, candles and books.'

7. Layer items to make depth

Breakfast barroom  successful  room  with coloured level  tiles, achromatic  units and terracotta walls.

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

Layering objects connected your room counters tin assistance marque the abstraction consciousness welcoming and cozy.

'Layering creation oregon cutting boards by leaning them against the backsplash – with a fewer smaller items successful beforehand – provides depth, oregon utilizing a woody pedestal oregon tray topped with 3 items of antithetic heights volition gully the oculus vertically,' says Elizabeth Krueger. 

In this kitchen, the layered, warming woody chopping boards effortlessly adhd quality to the space, arsenic good arsenic perfectly complementing the earthy terracotta overgarment shadiness connected the walls. Other items specified arsenic the flowers and woven handbasket besides adhd texture and extent to the sleek, modern room space.

8. Surround yourself with meaningful designs

A achromatic  room  scope  cooker with metallic  hob screen  and achromatic  fitted cupboards nether  a window.

(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)

Opt for the meaningful erstwhile decorating room counters. 'Focus connected creating precious moments utilizing wares that you emotion to see, arsenic good arsenic ones that assistance you effortlessly entertain,' says Kara Childress. It volition assistance marque the abstraction genuinely bespeak your individuality and style. 

The room tin often beryllium forgotten astir erstwhile adding idiosyncratic decorative touches, truthful get originative with your retention solutions and usage beauteous vases, bowels and trays to adhd personality, ocular involvement and practicality to your countertops.

9. Bring successful colorful accents 

Kitchen with acheronian  fitted cupboards, marbled enactment    top, cardinal  room  land  with barroom  stools beneath  a skylight.

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Having colorful objects dotted astir the room tin make beauteous accents and eye-catching elements of opposition successful the space. 

'Accent colour ideas, and decorating your room counters with accessories that opposition to the main colors and elements of the room, tin effortlessly assistance the plan scheme,' says editorial manager of Homes & Gardens Sarah Spiteri.

In this kitchen, elemental touches specified arsenic the effect vessel and woody chopping boards elegantly opposition with the bluish paint, adding an enhanced constituent of opposition and colour to the space.

10. Embrace a taxable  

Neutral room  with airy   pinkish  painted walls, marble countertops, textured island, decorated with vases, plants, candles, glassware, ample  solid  pendant with idiosyncratic  opal solid  globes

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Thinking of the bigger representation and the benignant of your room erstwhile moving retired however to decorate room counters volition make a cohesive scheme. 

Embracing a taxable erstwhile decorating tin marque it easier erstwhile choosing the types of objects you privation connected your room counters. Choosing objects of the aforesaid color, benignant oregon texture tin assistance to marque abstraction consciousness good thought-out and organized. 

In this stunning room abstraction that embodies a blase yet relaxed plan affluent with texture and material, the decorative ornaments connected the antagonistic and support are each crafted successful the aforesaid ceramic style. These pieces perfectly complement the wider room plan and proceed the usage of a calming colour palette.

How bash you decorate an bare room counter?

When decorating an bare room counter, ever see your indispensable items, decorative pieces that spark joy, and objects that tin enrich and complement your room plan scheme. 

Keeping your room counters clutter-free and decorated with a postulation of prime pieces volition guarantee that your abstraction remains functional yet characterful.

Overall, take multifunctional designs that person a applicable usage yet besides adhd a stylish plan constituent to the space.