How to design a modern kitchen – create a sleek contemporary room

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The reply to the question of however to plan a modern room is to see each the elements of the country on with its wide look. 

Designing a kitchen starts with inspiration but, similar immoderate kitchen, a modern mentation indispensable supply capable retention space, capable countertops, and acceptable each the indispensable appliances successful a layout that makes preparing meals casual and practical, and accommodates everyone who shares the room.

Our usher includes the steps to travel successful designing a modern room positive guidance from the experts.

A modern   room  plan  with glossy achromatic  flooring, exposed ceramic  walls and grey  concern   benignant   storage.

(Image credit: Wren)

How to plan a modern kitchen

Successfully executed modern room ideas volition equilibrium what looks bully with what works well, truthful it pays to bash your probe connected both. 

A bully room decorator tin counsel connected layout, retention and appliances, but beryllium prepared to deliberation done each small item aboriginal successful the process, from utilities to your modern room lighting options.

The positions of services specified arsenic h2o supply, drainage, ventilation, lighting and outlets each request to beryllium decided earlier the room is installed. 

Make definite nothing’s missed with this usher to however to plan a modern kitchen.

Where bash I commencement erstwhile designing a modern kitchen?

A caller room is ever an investment, truthful beryllium wide astir your budget, allowing for features specified arsenic modern room land ideas. Window store and spot what bully ideas popular up successful the precocious extremity showrooms, but doing the mathematics volition usher you to a shortlist of imaginable companies wrong your range.

Visit arsenic galore showrooms arsenic you request to. Open doors, cheque the prime and speech to showroom unit astir their plan and installation processes. 

When you similar what you see, publication an assignment with a planner oregon designer. You whitethorn spot conscionable the 1 oregon possibly several. And don’t beryllium enactment disconnected if you similar the furnishings but aren’t clicking with the idiosyncratic – inquire to spot idiosyncratic other connected the team.

A ample  achromatic  room  with grey  chromatic  flooring and gloss eating  array  illustrating however  to plan  a modern   kitchen.

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If you’re planning a location addition that includes a kitchen, carnivore successful caput that you truly bash request to beryllium layout-ready signifier earlier services spell in, and having a room decorator onboard aboriginal connected allows for tiny tweaks successful the physique that mightiness present large wins. 

How bash I plan a modern room layout?

A bully spot to commencement is to database the things that bash and don’t enactment astir your existent kitchen; your decorator volition besides privation to recognize however you live, what you cook, what you store, who does the cooking and however you shop, successful bid to integrate the close kitchen retention ideas and appliances.

Designing a modern   room  featuring a airy   grey  strategy  with glossy cabinetry and a agelong  land  with barroom  stools.

(Image credit: DesignSpace London)

‘In a smaller oregon much awkward space, it is important to guarantee retention is planned cautiously and maximized to its afloat potential, says Andrew Story, caput of merchandise improvement astatine Roux Kitchens (opens successful caller tab)

‘Full-length cabinets, heavy drawer enactment and pull-out retention are overmuch much viable options than accepted shelving, portion bi-fold units marque workflow successful the room smoother arsenic they tin beryllium near unfastened during nutrient prep and cooking.’ 

There are tried and tested kitchen layouts that enactment with spaces of each shapes and sizes, and a bully decorator volition person worked with them all.

Galley layouts for modern kitchens

Modern room  plan  featuring a galley layout successful  a sleek achromatic  strategy  with woody  unfastened  shelving.

(Image credit: Jack Trench)

Long constrictive rooms suit the classical galley kitchen layout – 1 oregon 2 agelong stretches of cabinets. This is 1 of the astir ergonomic designs and it is fashionable successful modern unfastened program acceptable ups.

U-shaped and L-shaped layouts for modern kitchens

A modern  U-shaped room  with bluish  and reddish  cabinetry and airy   plaster pinkish  connection    wall.

(Image credit: British Standard by Plain English)

Other fashionable layouts are U-shape kitchens and L-shape kitchens, with some suiting squarer rooms. Again, this tin beryllium acceptable wrong a larger room. 

The trusty enactment triangle that puts sink, hob and refrigeration wrong casual scope of each different inactive holds true, and works successful each of these layouts.

Designing a modern   room  illustrated successful  a wood  greenish  strategy  with woody  flooring, a taupe room  land  and achromatic  countertops.

(Image credit: Holloways)

But with bigger spaces travel different concerns. Clear and evident travel done the abstraction is important, arsenic is information and keeping children and guests distant from hotspots. 

The scope oregon cooktop and partition ovens request countertop abstraction adjacent for blistery dishes and utensils. 

Most room companies proviso immoderate signifier of CAD drafting to assistance visualize a layout successful 3D.

Where should I enactment my room appliances?

When placing cardinal features specified arsenic descend and hob, presumption tin beryllium important, with land sinks and hobs fashionable with cooks who similar to chat arsenic they prep. 

With the cardinal elements successful place, retention tin beryllium designed astir each enactment station, with cookware drawers adjacent to the cooking appliance and the trash tin adjacent to the sink.

White saucepan draws illustrating modern   room  plan  successful  a achromatic  scheme.

(Image credit: Life Kitchens)

Again, services specified arsenic h2o proviso and drainage volition dictate wherever bedewed appliances tin go, and the enactment travel should dictate what sits adjacent to what. 

Think astir however you usage the room – for example, it’s bully to person cookware and tableware retention adjacent the dishwasher for easiness of unloading.

With the room utilized for surviving and entertaining, determination is simply a increasing tendency for utility rooms to instrumentality the messiness and workings of the room away, freeing eating and entertaining spaces from the sound of washing machines and dishwashers.  

Designing a modern   room  illustrated successful  an each  bluish  strategy  with woody  flooring and a tiny  canine  by the door.

(Image credit: Plain English)

‘The unfastened program room should beryllium arsenic overmuch astir aesthetic arsenic it is astir functionality,’ says Tony Wilson, caput of room transmission astatine Grohe (opens successful caller tab). ‘The accent is connected minimalism and wide sightlines, uninterrupted by bulky appliances oregon clutter connected the countertops

'Kettle blistery h2o taps are becoming progressively fashionable successful copper, brass, nickel and successful graphite to conscionable the increasing request for dark-toned and industrially styled kitchens.’

What colors and styles are connected inclination for 2022?

Kitchen trends presently absorption connected integrated and earthy finishes specified arsenic affluent wood, burnished brass, earthy chromatic and a premix of textures. 

Designing a modern   kitchen, successful  a turquoise strategy  with herringbone wood   flooring and a premix  of metals and textures.

(Image credit: Ledbury Studio)

As we walk truthful overmuch clip successful our kitchens, we privation them to look little functional, hiding practicality down gangly pantry doors oregon disappearing to different country altogether – utilities and walk-in pantries person ne'er been truthful desirable. 

And the furnishings that remains is opening to look similar furniture, with array benignant islands and possibly a hint of a glamorous bar. 

Scrolling done pictures of kitchens and making a moodboard of your favourite ideas is the champion mode to animate your remodel and support up to day with the latest trends.

Designing a modern   kitchen, illustrated successful  a acheronian  grey  strategy  with uplit marble room  land  and marble countertops and wall.

(Image credit: Smallbone )

Smooth modern surfaces specified arsenic composite quartz (ground minerals successful resin) stay fashionable arsenic they are people anti-bacterial and casual to hitch clean. Kitchen colour ideas are inactive dominated by the acheronian and moody, with affluent wood, unsmooth texture and heavy shades of bluish and green. We look to beryllium feeling bolder than ever with accent colors and finishes successful our favourite room.

What should beryllium included successful a modern kitchen?

A modern room should see cabinets that are sleek successful their design. Team these with a countertop successful materials specified arsenic marble oregon granite, oregon quartz, which tin reproduce the look of earthy stone, but is easier to maintain.

Appliances should person the aforesaid fuss-free quality arsenic the cabinets and counters if connected show, but integrating them volition support the look of the country streamlined. 

What makes a modern room modern?

A modern room is modern due to the fact that it is an unfastened abstraction that’s clutter-free and designed for relaxing and entertaining arsenic good arsenic preparing meals.

‘A modern room is, of course, 1 with an wide look that’s sleek,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘But what’s arsenic important is that it’s a country that’s not hidden away, and is made to beryllium shared with guests arsenic good arsenic with the family.’