How to edge a lawn – for a professional finish

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Edging a tract is an casual but effectual mode of shaping your plot. A elemental and therapeutic task, the results tin hugely alteration the look of your extracurricular abstraction and alteration you to make borders, patios and paths with a smart, nonrecreational finish. It tin besides marque ongoing attraction and jobs specified arsenic weeding and mulching borders easier and quicker to do.

Whether you are starting from scratch cutting borders from a lawn, redesigning existing ones oregon conscionable smartening up lawn edging ideas already successful place, determination are conscionable a fewer adept tips to travel successful our easy-to-follow advice.

How to borderline a lawn

Garden ideas

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Whatever information your tract is in, smartening up the edges volition marque it look 10 times better. A crisp, creaseless defining enactment betwixt writer and surrounding ungraded oregon paving, volition accentuate the space, item planting and amusement disconnected the wide crippled design. 

1. How to determine connected the signifier of the lawn

Changing the signifier of your tract and its surroundings tin dramatically change the look and consciousness of a garden. While consecutive edges make a ceremonial feel, much irregular, sweeping lines present a consciousness of question and lend a overmuch softer mood. 

‘You tin besides usage shapes to make optical illusions: consecutive borders down either broadside of a plot tin marque it look smaller, whereas a sweeping curve tin marque it consciousness bigger than it really is,’ says Rainer Schubert, managing manager astatine plot instrumentality specializer Burgon & Ball.

When it comes to creating caller oregon redefining beds and borders, a maximum region of astir 3ft 2in (1m) heavy is ideal. This volition let capable abstraction for plants to intermingle without the borderline proving excessively awkward to weed oregon maintain.  

2. How to people retired a caller tract edge

‘It’s truly important to people retired your flower furniture ideas earlier you commencement cutting, to springiness you a enactment to follow,’ Schubert continues. ‘It’s truly not a bully thought to effort to bash it by eye! For consecutive lines, usage drawstring stretched betwixt 2 canes. For a cleanable circle, usage drawstring tied to a involvement successful the crushed astatine the halfway point, past locomotion astir it, holding the drawstring taut, utilizing marking overgarment connected the ground. To people retired a gentle curve, you could laic a plot hose connected the ground, oregon a magnitude of rope.’

Another method to execute ace consecutive edges is to usage a woody committee arsenic a guide. Moving it lengthways successful stages arsenic you enactment on the line. 

Many nonrecreational landscapers usage writer landscaping overgarment to gully their designs out. Coming successful an easy-to-use spray can, simply spray the cutting enactment connected the writer redrawing immoderate corrections if needed. Most paints lavation distant aft spraying with a hose oregon rainfall. Creating an outline with handfuls of soil besides works good and tin beryllium hosed oregon brushed distant erstwhile the borderline is cut.

Choose from manual and automated edging tools. From broadside attachments disposable for petrol and electrical tract mowers, to cordless edgers with rotating circular blades determination are plentifulness of powered tools that volition grip the occupation competently. These truly travel into their ain erstwhile maintaining a recently created borderline oregon astatine slightest cutting caller maturation from a regularly trimmed outline. If you are looking to chopped a caller borderline into a tract oregon importantly alteration its signifier a manual edger volition springiness neater and much precise results.

The perfect manual instrumentality for cutting crisp lines successful turf is simply a half-moon tract edger, besides known arsenic a measurement edger. Long handled with a semi-circular leaf – sometimes with a serrated borderline – it is designed to beryllium stood connected with 1 ft and pushed cleanly into turf to make a cleanable cut.

4. Start cutting the edge

Edging a tract with a manual half-moon tract edger tin instrumentality a while, depending connected the size of the tract but is precise satisfying. Developing a bully method volition guarantee bully results and tin combat backmost strain. Working astatine a 90 grade space to the writer to make a consecutive downward edge. The squad astatine tract experts Rolawn besides add, ‘Place the edging instrumentality astir 5cm successful from the borderline and excavation into the tract astir 5cm (2in) deep. As you assistance the edging tool, the excess tract and ungraded should assistance with it. This tin beryllium dropped into a bucket for removal to your compost bin, oregon section plot discarded facility.’ 

Continue your mode astir the lawn, intimately pursuing the guideline, to make a smooth, jagged escaped edge.

5. Lawn edging issues to ticker retired for

You whitethorn travel crossed immoderate absorption erstwhile cutting your tract edge. If you do, it’s important to place the obstruction, truthful you cognize however to woody with it earlier pressing ahead. Irrigation pipes, electrical cables and important roots are each apt causes and should not beryllium chopped through. The champion solution, if they can’t beryllium moved is to set the absorption of the borderline if imaginable oregon skip implicit the obstacle and prime up the cutting enactment conscionable the different side.

6. How to close your line

If you request to redraw your cutting line, simply people implicit the existing 1 – arsenic intelligibly arsenic you tin – and beryllium mindful erstwhile you travel to cutting successful this area. It often helps to basal backmost and instrumentality a caller look astatine your projected outline conscionable truthful you beryllium assured successful your decision.

If you bash person to change a enactment that’s already been cut, past – depending connected wherever you privation your caller enactment to spell - you tin permission the surplus turf successful spot and capable the chopped with compost and tract effect oregon determination the enactment backmost into the existing tract earlier recutting. 

Narrow cuts successful a tract should beryllium capable to repair themselves fixed a fewer weeks and moist, lukewarm upwind conditions.

7. Achieve a astute finish

Once you’ve established a crisp, vertical borderline to a tract it is important to trim it regularly. During lukewarm increasing periods, specified arsenic outpouring and aboriginal fall, this whitethorn request to beryllium done weekly. Grass slows successful maturation during blistery and acold upwind reducing the request for immoderate clipping.

When is the champion clip to borderline a lawn?

Spring is undoubtedly the champion clip to borderline a lawn, arsenic during this clip the writer is increasing steadily and the underlying ungraded is brushed capable to chopped into. It volition besides springiness immoderate recently added sections oregon repaired tract edges clip to regrow and found earlier the vigor of the summertime takes hold.

How bash you borderline a tract without an edger?

A clean, sharp, consecutive spade is simply a bully alternate to immoderate tract edger. Ensure the leaf is arsenic level arsenic possible, galore spades are somewhat concave which tin pb to unsightly, scalloped edges. Use a woody committee for neat consecutive lines oregon a enactment (or hose) arsenic a usher for sweeping curves. Step connected to your spade and propulsion it down into the ungraded 2-3inches (5-7.5cm) and propulsion the leaf backwards and forwards slight, to make a groove. Repeat on the enactment and erstwhile the groove is completed, cautiously region the surplus turf by sliding the spade underneath. 

Should you mow earlier oregon aft edging?

There is immoderate statement arsenic to which is the champion practice, but the RHS suggest mowing the tract first, earlier clipping the edges with agelong handled shears. This mode the results thin to beryllium neater and much adjacent and there’s little accidental of compressing recently chopped edges with the lawn mower.

How to repair a breached oregon crumbling tract edge

If a conception of tract borderline has go excessively damaged to successfully make a steadfast borderline successful enactment with the remainder of the lawn, you tin repair it. 

Family tally Jacksons Nurseries suggest, ‘If you person a breached unfastened borderline successful your tract (if 1 of the edges does not widen close to the borderline for a abbreviated distance), it's champion to chopped retired a quadrate conception of turf that contains the breached borderline utilizing your edging robust oregon plot spade. Under-cut the turf to region it, past crook it done 180 degrees and re-lay truthful that the consecutive borderline aligns with the tract edge.’  and determination is simply a spread successful your tract a abbreviated region from the edge.’ 

Repair the damaged section, which is present wrong the lawn, by filling with topsoil and reseeding.

How to support tract edges 

Once a crisp tract borderline has been established, support it looking its champion by trimming with agelong handled shears erstwhile a week. Grass tends to turn horizontally truthful it is important to clip disconnected immoderate of these spreading rhizomes and immoderate long, straggling blades to forestall them invading neighboring borders. 

Stand connected the lawn, facing the borderline and enactment your mode on the tract borderline with the shears. Hold the broadside of the shear’s leaf against the ungraded borderline arsenic you snip to support an adjacent cutting line. Be cautious to debar nicking chunks retired of the tract borderline with the tips of the blades.

Lawn edging

(Image credit: Burgon & Ball)

Clean crisp tools are the cardinal to creating a neat, nonrecreational tract edge. Filing the cutting borderline with a metallic record oregon sharpening chromatic works good but a simpler mode is to capable a bucket with damp coarse soil and repeatedly propulsion the cutting leaf down successful to the mix. This volition besides assistance to region ungraded and combat rust.