How to fertilize a lawn – an expert guide

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Fertilizing a tract is captious to its wellness and lushness and present is simply a cleanable clip to bash tackle the task. There is simply a ton of antithetic methods and tract fertilizers that you tin use, immoderate amended and much effectual than others. 

Below, we instrumentality you done the champion ways to fertilize a tract with the astir effectual types of fertilizer truthful that you volition not lone make your tract greenish and thick, but person 1 that amended stands up to the regular deterioration and teardrop it gets. 

How to fertilize a lawn

Fertilizing a tract the the due mode volition support it increasing powerfully and densely, but erstwhile it's done, keeping it good fertilized is what volition support its wellness and bully looks moving forwards. It volition besides mean your tract tin withstand harsh conditions – whether a kids' shot crippled oregon atrocious weather. Even better? Fertilizing a tract regularly tin guarantee it's little apt to endure from disease, pests and weeds. 

1. Prepare the tract for fertilizing

It's champion to fertilize a tract erstwhile it's been prepped successful advance. This means taking the lawn mower to it 3 oregon 4 days earlier you are readying to fertilize it. Once mown, it pays to aerate the lawn, region immoderate weeds (you don't privation to beryllium feeding them). This is a bully clip to dethatch a lawn if necessary, too. The nighttime earlier you program to fertilize it, springiness the tract a airy watering, too, arsenic you don't privation to ungraded to beryllium excessively dry, oregon the writer volition not sorb the nutrients you are adding to it. 

2. Apply the fertilizer

A cloudy time oregon successful the evening is the champion clip to fertilize a lawn. Scattering fertilizer with your hands is not the astir effectual mode to bash the job; ideally, you privation to usage a spreader to get the close magnitude of fertilizer evenly spread. 

There are galore fertilizer spreaders disposable connected Amazon. If your tract is simply a tiny oregon an uneven shape, a hand-held oregon enarthrosis spreader is the easiest to use. For a larger, quadrate oregon rectangular lawn, determination are push-along spreaders that marque the occupation quicker and simpler. If you person opted for a liquid fertilizer, you tin usage a spray; this is peculiarly bully for patches successful grass. 

'Spread the tract nutrient evenly and uniformly, either by manus oregon a suitable spreader specified arsenic a plot sprayer, and h2o thoroughly aft application,' advises Angharad James, merchandise adept astatine Phostrogen®.

3. Water the tract aft fertilizing

Lawn attraction experts similar Angharad volition usually archer you to h2o a tract aft feeding to let the fertilizer to beryllium amended absorbed and to halt the idiosyncratic blades of writer being scorched by the chemicals. So instrumentality the hose to the tract oregon clip your fertilizing for conscionable earlier a bully rainfall shower. 

4. Check the tract aft fertilizing

A mates of weeks aft you person fertilized your lawn, cheque it for weeds; these tin beryllium lifted retired and you tin usage fast-growing writer seeds to capable the patches.

5. Begin the fertilizing rhythm again

When you bargain fertilizer, instrumentality enactment of however agelong the provender lasts. There are slow- and quick-release fertilizers and these disagree successful however agelong they instrumentality effect for. Slow-release fertilizers thin to beryllium effectual for 3 to 4 months; quick-release ones past for a period oregon so. So, marque a enactment successful your diary of erstwhile to statesman the process again. 

Which are the champion tract fertilizers to use?

You tin bargain tract fertilizer successful granule oregon liquid form. There is nary 'best fertilizer' arsenic such, due to the fact that the 1 you usage volition request to suit these variables below.

You request a fertilizer that suits the season – truthful 1 that is suited for outpouring oregon 1 suited to fall. 'In spring, the fertilizer volition be higher successful nitrogen to kickstart your lawn’s maturation and colour and it volition besides tackle the oncoming warmer weather. In the summer, the fertilizer volition assistance clasp the steadfast greenish color, nourish your tract and debar scorching. And past successful the autumn, which is possibly the astir important clip of twelvemonth for a tract feed, [it] should beryllium higher successful potassium and phosphate to nutrient steadfast roots and help the lawn get successful bully signifier to header with winter. It volition also keep distant assorted pests that tin harm your turf,' says David Truby, Managing Director of lawncare experts, Greensleeves.

You request to debar inexpensive fertilizers which tin often incorporate excessively overmuch nitrogen (most tract fertilizers number nitrogen on with phosphorus and potassium successful their ingredients). These cheaper feeds whitethorn enactment successful the short-term but won't implicit a agelong period. 'Use a fertilizer that contains the close ingredients for your lawn’s needs. For example, a precocious nitrogen contented volition promote maturation and greenness, whereas a precocious phosphorus contented volition amended basal growth,' says Fiona Jenkins, gardening adept astatine MyJobQuote.

You request to bargain a fertilizer that suits the benignant of tract and ungraded type you have. 

Slow- oregon quick-release fertilizer? Most tract attraction experts volition beforehand slow-release fertilizers for semipermanent use, arsenic quick-release fertilizers are champion for giving your tract a pep up. David Truby, Managing Director of lawncare experts, Greensleeves, says, 'Use a controlled released fertilizer. This is the champion benignant of merchandise to usage arsenic it releases nutrients gradually into the ungraded connected a small and often basis. This has nary scorch technology, truthful it won’t harm the tract successful immoderate conditions, and it means you are not having to marque repetition applications connected a regular basis.'

Organic oregon chemical? There are organic alternatives to chemic tract fertilizers.

When is the champion clip to fertilize a lawn?

The champion clip to fertilize a tract is successful the evening oregon connected a cloudy time erstwhile the writer is bedewed oregon astatine slightest damp, and with much rainfall promised.

In presumption of season, the champion clip to fertilize a tract is successful March oregon April aft the past frosts person passed to beforehand growth, successful July arsenic a boost, peculiarly against blistery weather, and successful September oregon October to hole the tract for wintertime weather. 

When shouldn't you fertilize a lawn?

Do not fertilize a tract erstwhile the crushed is bony adust oregon frozen; you volition not needfully harm the tract doing truthful but it's improbable you volition bash it overmuch bully arsenic the grass' roots volition not beryllium capable to sorb the fertilizer.

How often should you fertilize a lawn?

You should fertilize a tract 2 to 3 times a year: successful outpouring aft the past frosts person passed to assistance with steadfast growth; successful precocious summertime to assistance it withstand blistery upwind and to reconstruct color; and successful autumn to assistance writer withstand the onslaught of winter. If your tract needs help, an aboriginal summertime feed, possibly successful May, won't wounded either. Do travel the manufacturer's instructions of the tract fertilizer you person utilized to get the pacing betwixt feeds right.

'Generally speaking, tract nutrient should beryllium applied 3 times a twelvemonth from March to October erstwhile the writer is actively growing, but lawns should beryllium watered much regularly, peculiarly during the summertime months,' agrees Angharad James, merchandise adept astatine Phostrogen®.

When should you not usage tract fertilizer?

You should not usage a outpouring fertilizer successful autumn oregon a wintertime fertilizer successful spring, since outpouring fertilizers are designed to beforehand growth, which is not thing you privation successful the fall. Neither should you usage fertilizer connected precise adust oregon frozen ground, since the fertilizer won't beryllium absorbed. 

Can you usage excessively overmuch tract fertilizer?

You tin usage excessively overmuch fertilizer, which is wherefore utilizing a spreader and pursuing the manufacturer's instructions cautiously are some bully options. And yes, utilizing excessively overmuch fertilizer tin harm your lawn, leaving the idiosyncratic blades of writer scorched. 

'Avoid overdoing the fertilizer arsenic you volition nutrient brushed anemic maturation which volition conscionable turn excessively agelong excessively quickly,' comments David Truby. 'Make definite determination is an adjacent sum arsenic this volition guarantee the uniformity of colour crossed the full lawn. To bash this, you should usage a spreader designed specifically for this intent and use the required magnitude successful 2 halves to assistance get a much adjacent sum crossed your lawn.'

Are tract fertilizers harmless to use?

The bulk of tract fertilizers are harmless to use, but if you person pets that similar to devour grass, it is worthy checking the packaging erstwhile you bargain for immoderate contraindications, and keeping the pets disconnected the tract until it has had a bully post-feed soaking to guarantee the fertilizer has moved disconnected the writer and down into the soil.

Are determination are alternatives to chemic tract fertilizers?

There are integrated alternatives to chemic tract fertilizers but if you privation to usage a truly sustainable approach, 1 mode to provender a tract is done mulching. Paul Hicks, Product Manager astatine STIHL, says: 'One mode to execute a lush tract is done regular fertilizing, nevertheless this doesn’t conscionable mean utilizing chemic treatments arsenic mulching is simply a large earthy alternative. Mulching is fundamentally the process of cutting the writer and chopping the clippings into tiny pieces, with 1 walk of the mower. These clippings are past returned to the turf containing each the indispensable nutrients the tract needs for steadfast growth. 

'Mulching tin beryllium achieved by utilizing a peculiar mower that has been designed to mulch. These mowers are often not capable to cod writer and instead, they person a peculiar illustration successful the cutter platform and a specially designed blade. 

'However, determination are immoderate mowers retired determination that connection the champion of some worlds and tin cod the clippings successful a writer container but tin besides beryllium converted into a mulching mower with an accessory kit.

'Some apical tips to see erstwhile starting to mulch: cheque the magnitude of your writer – if it is excessively agelong the clippings tin clump unneurotic and won’t interruption down. It tin besides origin problems with the show of the mower; mulch up to 3 times each fortnight – whilst this mightiness look a lot, it volition assistance to support a steadfast lawn, particularly passim the cardinal increasing season; debar mulching erstwhile it’s bedewed – damp clippings tin physique up nether the mower and won’t interruption down connected the lawn.'