How to fertilize with Epsom salts – the expert secret behind healthy plants

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Looking for a elemental but effectual solution to steadfast plants this summer? Knowing however to fertilize with Epsom salts is the champion spot to begin. While this constituent is champion associated with the bath (where it is utilized to soothe muscles and trim aches successful the bathtub), it is arsenic arsenic beneficial beyond your 4 walls – and it has Bobby Berk's approval. 

Sharing this aptly-named 'salty trick' connected the caller play of Queer Eye, Bobby explained that this garden idea is an instant solution to fertilized plants – and you tin experimentation with the extremity without immoderate other investment. 

'If you're looking for a speedy and inexpensive mode to fertilize your plants, you'll astir apt beryllium amazed to cognize it's already nether your bath sink,' Bobby says. 

If you're wondering however to fertilize with Epsom salts, the process is simple. Here's what the experts suggest. 

How to fertilize with Epsom salts – the effortless extremity that experts love 

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Fertilizing with Epsom salts is simply a large mode to springiness your plants a boost of magnesium – an constituent that they request to turn and thrive. 'It is an indispensable nutrient that helps with photosynthesis and the wide wellness of the plant,' adds Rodger St. Hilaire, an adept from Gardening Boost. 

Without capable magnesium levels successful the soil, your plants volition amusement signs of nutrient deficiency (such arsenic yellowing oregon stunted growth). But what does the Epsom brackish process involve? 

1. Using Epsom salts to fertilize your ungraded directly 

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Firstly, Bobby Berk recommends taking a spoon of Epsom brackish and placing it straight into your plant's soil. If you're applying the brackish directly, past you should purpose for 1 spoon of brackish per ft of size astir erstwhile each month. And portion this extremity is utile for gardens, it's besides suitable for your best indoor plants too. 

2. Mixing Epsom brackish with water

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Alternatively, you tin instrumentality different spoon and premix it successful a cupful of h2o earlier 'lightly [spraying] it connected the leaves.' If you don't person a sprayer [such arsenic this spray weapon connected Amazon] – and experimentation with placing it straight into the ungraded successful the meantime. 'It's arsenic casual arsenic that,' Bobby explains. Rodger suggests applying this solution to your plants each 2-4 weeks. 

The Epsom Salt Council besides recommends utilizing astir 'two tablespoons per gallon of water' to provender location plants monthly. Meanwhile, you should usage 'one tablespoonful per 9 quadrate feet' connected shrubs and evergreens each 2 to 4 weeks. 

3. Adding Epsom brackish to your compost pile

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If you're wondering how to marque compost, and support your heap healthy, past Epsom brackish has the solution for that too. 

'The magnesium successful Epsom salts helps to interruption down integrated matter, making it easier for plants to entree the nutrients they need,' Rodger says. The adept adds that the salts tin besides boost the magnesium level successful your compost – to beforehand sustainable works maturation and forestall nutrient deficiencies for steadfast plans passim the summer. 

Is it clip to bring this beloved bathroom idea into the garden? If Bobby Berk approves, who tin surely disagree?