How to fix a ceiling leak – a step-by-step guide

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The pros of learning however to hole a ceiling leak? You could prevention a luck connected repair costs portion besides adding a caller tick to your ever-growing DIY skills list.

It's important to hole a ceiling leak arsenic soon arsenic imaginable – and not conscionable for aesthetic reasons. Yes, a ceiling leak is unsightly, but it tin besides origin structural instability, the maturation of mold oregon mildew, and adjacent higher inferior bills acknowledgment to inefficient vigor use.

Water spots and stains volition go evident arsenic they commencement seeping done the drywall. You'll request to get to the root of the leak and measure however atrocious the harm is earlier deciding connected a people of action.

How to hole a ceiling leak

We’ve rounded up immoderate apical tips beneath to assistance place and hole a ceiling leak earlier you telephone successful the professionals. So whether you are having to bash a speedy hole oregon adjacent remove a popcorn ceiling with h2o damage, this is what you request to know.

1. Identify the root of the leak

Look for identifiable signs of moisture. To hole the leak, you'll person to find the country of your ceiling that is leaking water.

'If you're unsure of wherever the h2o is coming from, look for drywall panels that are sagging oregon crumbling,' says Nick Cryer, laminitis of operation institution Berkeley Place. 'You whitethorn besides announcement areas of the ceiling with tea-like stains.'

2. Lay tarp oregon driblet cloths

It's a bully thought to spot a bucket underneath the leak to drawback dripping water, arsenic good arsenic h2o that whitethorn beryllium released erstwhile you commencement draining it. This way, your floors volition beryllium protected from h2o damage.

3. Drain the leak with a screwdriver

Take a screwdriver and propulsion it into the halfway oregon the determination of the leak (away from framing boards) to let the leak to drain and forestall further h2o damage.

If h2o keeps accumulating implicit the ceiling, it tin origin a ample spread oregon adjacent a ceiling collapse.

4. Fix the ceiling leak

Once you've identified the root of the leak, you tin spell astir fixing it to forestall aboriginal damage.

If the leak is coming from your attic, you tin usage immoderate durable worldly to temporarily artifact it, including a woody plank oregon spare shingling.

You volition request roofing tar to unafraid the spot to hole the problem. If the leak is coming done the roof, you tin spot it with tarp but volition apt request to telephone a roofing specializer to hole the problem.

Faulty aerial conditioning, and plumbing problems nether a room oregon bath are besides communal causes of ceiling leaks.

Do I request to regenerate ceiling drywall aft a leak?

More often than not, it's a bully thought to regenerate the damaged oregon affected portion of drywall to support the integrity of your ceiling. You tin bash this by learning however to spot oregon hang drywall ceiling.

If you person replaced drywall, you volition besides request to cognize how to plaster a ceiling, and how to wallpaper a ceiling earlier painting, too. Or you could telephone successful a professional.

How bash you fell a stain connected the ceiling? 

To fell the stain caused by a h2o leak, you request to paint a ceiling again. But beryllium cautious of the benignant of overgarment you use. 'Simply adding a caller overgarment of overgarment won’t lick the problem,' says Nick. 'Water-based overgarment doesn’t signifier a obstruction to halt immoderate h2o stains from reappearing. The stain blends with the caller paint, meaning it volition simply enactment connected your ceiling. It doesn’t substance however galore coats you add, you won’t fell the h2o stain.'

He adds: 'To screen the stain, you volition request a specializer stain blocker oregon an oil-based paint. This creates a waterproof obstruction that the h2o stain won’t beryllium capable to penetrate.'