How to fix a ceiling with water damage – so it stays high and dry

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Knowing however to hole a ceiling with h2o harm decently – and rapidly – is vital. It whitethorn not look atrocious now, but leaving it volition lone effect successful costly repairs further down the line, positive you’ll person to enactment up with musty odors, unsightly stains and imaginable wellness and information risks specified arsenic mold maturation and rotting beams successful the meantime. 

Firstly, it's important to fix a ceiling leak arsenic soon arsenic imaginable – and not conscionable for aesthetic reasons. In astir cases, fixing a ceiling with h2o harm is simply a occupation champion near to the professionals. However, tiny repairs are mostly beauteous manageable.

‘Worst lawsuit scenario, the full ceiling volition request to beryllium torn retired and replaced by a professional, however, assuming the h2o harm is insignificant and hasn’t compromised the structural integrity of your ceiling, it tin usually beryllium dried retired and repainted’, says h2o harm restoration expert, Diana Rodriguez-Zaba of ServiceMaster Restoration.

Whether you opt for professionals oregon effort the occupation yourself oregon adjacent remove a popcorn ceiling with h2o damage, clip is of the essence. We’ve enactment unneurotic an adept usher to assistance you found the champion people of action. 

How to hole a ceiling with h2o damage

Before you spell astir however to hole a ceiling with h2o damage, you’ll archetypal request to code what caused the harm successful the archetypal place. Unless it’s an utmost plumbing occupation specified arsenic a burst pipe, this isn’t ever obvious, hence wherefore successful immoderate cases h2o harm goes unnoticed for truthful long. Only erstwhile you’ve established the contented – and resolved it – are you successful a presumption to hole your water-damaged ceiling. 

More often than not, it's a bully thought to regenerate the damaged oregon affected portion of drywall to support the integrity of your ceiling. You tin bash this by learning however to spot oregon hang drywall ceiling.

If you person replaced drywall, you volition besides request to cognize how to plaster a ceiling, and how to wallpaper a ceiling earlier painting, too. 

Track down the root of the h2o damage 

The archetypal happening you’ll request to bash is to enactment retired the root of the h2o damage. This volition found the level of contiguous repair enactment needed, arsenic good arsenic immoderate indispensable semipermanent fixes to forestall it from happening again. Causes tin scope from thing arsenic elemental arsenic a child’s overenthusiastic bath to superior plumbing issues, specified arsenic a burst pipe.  

Water tin question a amazingly agelong region from the archetypal leak, which tin marque it tricky to locate. Before you commencement cutting holes successful the ceiling, Ray Brosnan, contracting adept and co-founder of Brosnan Property Solution, recommends a fewer casual ways to constrictive down the scope of your search. 

‘If there’s nary different rooms supra the h2o damage, you’re apt dealing with a leaky roof, oregon thing arsenic elemental arsenic a clogged gutter. If the country supra wherever the leak is located is simply a bath you whitethorn person a much superior occupation connected your hands specified arsenic a burst pipe, which volition necessitate considerably much enactment to resolve’.  

Dry the affected area

Before you commencement immoderate repairs, marque definite the affected country is wholly dry. Not doing truthful could effect successful mold maturation and further damage. The quickest mode is to rent high-powered fans (regular location fans volition enactment but tin instrumentality days oregon adjacent weeks) and dehumidifiers. With the close equipment, the ceiling should beryllium adust wrong a day. Use a moisture metre to check, don’t trust connected interaction and feel. 

Assess the harm – and repair accordingly

How to hole a h2o damaged ceiling volition yet beryllium connected the severity of the harm and however agelong it was earlier it was discovered, arsenic good arsenic the archetypal origin of it. Repair enactment whitethorn impact simply touching up with a spot of spackle and paint, oregon it mightiness beryllium arsenic drastic arsenic replacing the full ceiling. 

‘For example, if 1 of your kids is playing successful the tub a small excessively enthusiastically and spills h2o connected the floor, it could seep done to the ceiling below. In this situation, the origin is contiguous and hopefully a 1 off, truthful you tin simply scrape the blistered paint, spackle the damaged aboveground and repaint’, says Melanie Musson, location repair adept astatine Clearsurance.

Extensive h2o harm is evident to see. ‘Look retired for ample holes, leaks oregon sagging successful the ceiling, says Adam Graham, operation expert astatine Fixr. In this case, the ceiling would request to beryllium afloat replaced, including structural elements specified arsenic beams’. If the h2o harm is the effect of a precocious discovered semipermanent issue, look retired for mold and discoloration; these are besides indicators that it volition request to beryllium replaced.

Does a ceiling request to beryllium replaced aft h2o damage? 

Not always, it depends connected the level of damage. It’s ever champion to get nonrecreational advice, but determination are a fewer tell-tale signs you tin look retired for.  ‘In the lawsuit of an contiguous plumbing issue, look retired for bedewed and sagging drywall’, says Luke Lee, existent property nonrecreational astatine Ever Wallpaper. ‘Rotting plasterboard, discolouration and the beingness of mold are each signs of a semipermanent contented and volition besides warrant this utmost solution’. 

‘It’s ever worthy getting a nonrecreational sentiment archetypal to spot if determination are immoderate little costly solutions, specified arsenic lone removing a conception of the ceiling, for example’, adds Gian-Carlo Grossi, managing manager astatine Roofing Megastore.

Can you overgarment implicit a h2o damaged ceiling? 

Yes, but lone erstwhile you’ve repaired the archetypal leak and removed immoderate consequent mold and mildew. Ensure the country is wholly adust earlier you overgarment (the overgarment won’t drawback otherwise) and usage a basal overgarment of stain-blocking primer to debar marks showing through. 

Do the repairs request to beryllium done professionally? 

It depends connected the severity of the damage. ‘Extensive h2o harm needs to beryllium dealt with by professionals to guarantee the ceiling is repaired to recommended information standards’, says Adam. While they’re casual capable to bash yourself, Adam recommends hiring a nonrecreational for smaller fixes, too. ‘You privation to beryllium 100% definite nary much h2o harm is apt to occur’, helium says.