How to get rid of shower curtain mold and mildew – for a healthy bathroom

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For a steadfast bath environment, it’s captious to cognize however to get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew. The lukewarm and humid ambiance allows these nasties to thrive, and their spores tin origin wellness problems. Of course, mold and mildew connected a ablution curtain is unsightly, too.

The bully quality is that getting escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew is truly casual to bash arsenic portion of cleaning a ablution curtain and, possibly surprisingly, doesn’t necessitate store-bought cleaning products – you tin get the occupation done with pantry ingredients it’s besides worthy uncovering abstraction for arsenic portion of your laundry country ideas. 

We’ve got the lowdown connected however to get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew, arsenic good arsenic a fewer useful tips connected however to forestall it coming back, truthful that your shower curtain ideas tin stay looking arsenic bully arsenic new.

How to get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew 

It’s important to cognize however to cleanable a ablution curtain and its liner, and it’s thing you should bash regularly. But if you spot mold and mildew, these should beryllium tackled close away. 

While mold sprays are highly effective, it doesn’t ever necessitate store-bought cleaners; a mates of staple pantry ingredients is each it takes to support it looking arsenic bully arsenic new. Here’s however to get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew. 

Get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew with vinegar

‘Vinegar is made from acetic acid, making it a earthy disinfectant – and cleaning with vinegar is thing you tin bash astir the home,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘And it’s a go-to erstwhile you privation to get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew.’

Make up a solution of adjacent parts achromatic vinegar and h2o successful a spray vessel – adhd successful immoderate indispensable oils to springiness it a bully scent – and spray your curtain regularly (some experts counsel doing this each clip you ablution but astatine slightest erstwhile a week should beryllium enough). 

Not rinsing each clip allows the cleaning solution to bash its job; it’ll conscionable lavation disconnected adjacent clip you ablution anyway, but astatine slightest erstwhile a week, hitch it down with a gentle brushwood to get escaped of immoderate residual soap scum. 

Get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew with baking soda 

It whitethorn beryllium humble, but this cleaning with baking soda tin instrumentality connected the toughest of tasks and is besides an eco-friendly mode to support your ablution curtain mold-free. 

Kerry Hale astatine Mira Showers explains however champion to usage it: ‘Sprinkle a furniture of baking soda implicit a damp, cleanable microfiber cloth, past usage it to scrub down the curtain, focusing connected mold and mildew buildup. Leave the baking soda to soak into the stains, past aft a mates of minutes usage a lukewarm damp cloth to scrub it each away. You whitethorn request to rinse and repetition a fewer times to guarantee that nary traces of baking soda remain.’

Get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew successful the washing machine

Want to cognize however to get escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew with the assistance of your washing machine? Most ablution curtains are instrumentality washable, adjacent integrative ones. Depending connected the material, antithetic temperatures and rhythm settings mightiness beryllium required, truthful you indispensable cheque the attraction statement beforehand. Add 1 oregon 2 bath towels to the load – these volition assistance to scrub disconnected the ungraded and forestall the ablution curtain from wrinkling and tearing. 

‘As good arsenic adding the accustomed magnitude of laundry detergent, see 1 cupful of baking soda to region pugnacious stains and lavation connected a warm, gentle setting,’ says Kerry Hale. ‘When the washing instrumentality switches to the rinse cycle, determination successful fractional to 1 cupful of distilled achromatic vinegar to guarantee each the baking soda is removed.’

Skip the cloth softener arsenic it tin adhd a furniture of movie to your ablution curtain that attracts ungraded and grime. 

Dry the ablution curtain thoroughly afterwards. As a regularisation experts counsel against putting a ablution curtain successful the dryer arsenic it tin melt oregon distort the fabric. However, immoderate cloth curtains tin tolerate instrumentality drying – again, cheque the attraction label. If there’s nary somesthesia specified, opt for a debased vigor mounting and bent instantly aft the drying rhythm ends to debar creasing. 

Vinyl and integrative liners ever necessitate bent drying. Hang them backmost up connected the ablution rod and agelong retired to their afloat length.  

How to forestall mold and mildew gathering up

There are a fewer regular things you tin bash truthful you don’t person to interest astir getting escaped of ablution curtain mold and mildew truthful often. 

First of all, ever adjacent the curtain afloat aft your ablution truthful it tin aerial adust thoroughly and bent the bottommost of the curtain implicit the broadside of the bath, truthful it’s not bunched up oregon sitting successful water. 

‘To prevention yourself a bigger cleaning occupation further down the line, guarantee the ablution curtain is sprayed down connected a regular ground with a substance of h2o and distilled achromatic vinegar and support the bath good ventilated,’ says Kerry Hale. 

How bash I cleanable the bottommost of my ablution curtain?

If the bottommost of your ablution curtain is peculiarly moldy, usage a brushwood oregon scrubber sponge archetypal to loosen the grime, past spray with a solution of adjacent parts vinegar and h2o and cleanable arsenic you would the remainder of the curtain. If stains remain, premix adjacent parts h2o and baking soda successful a vessel to make a paste, and scrub the offending areas. Rinse distant and repetition if necessary. 

How bash you cleanable a moldy ablution curtain?

To cleanable a integrative ablution curtain that’s moldy, bleach could beryllium the champion solution. ‘If you are specifically looking to termination mold spores oregon region mildew, we highly urge bleach arsenic your washing merchandise choice,’ says Vera Peterson, president of Molly Maid, a Neighborly company. ‘After washing, simply bent your integrative curtain backmost up to dry.’

Always beryllium mindful that mold oregon mildew tin turn connected ablution curtain liners due to the fact that of the humidity and warmth of a bathroom, and dealing with it is important to debar wellness issues.