How to grow a banana tree – even in colder climates

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Knowing however to turn a banana histrion volition bring heaps of quality to your plot. A stalwart of the tropical garden, the banana histrion is loved for its wide leaves and awesome stature. However, you mightiness beryllium tricked into reasoning that this works is lone disposable to those successful the hottest regions of the country. In fact, adjacent if you unrecorded successful colder parts, you tin inactive larn however to turn a banana histrion outdoors. You tin besides larn however to turn a banana histrion indoors arsenic it makes for a fabulous location plant, too.

Whether you privation to cognize however to turn a banana histrion to adhd to your garden ideas or whether you are looking for a caller summation to your houseplant collection, past this usher is definite to assistance you connected your way.

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How to turn a banana histrion – right plant, close place

There are implicit 1,000 varieties of banana tree, however, the varieties astir popularly chosen for tropical plot ideas are the Cavendish Banana and the Musa Basjoo.

The Cavendish banana is simply a fashionable assortment to turn outside, portion its comparative the Dwarf Cavendish is simply a favourite houseplant variety.  

If you unrecorded successful increasing zones 10a, 10b oregon 11 past you volition beryllium capable to larn however to turn a banana histrion outdoors and beryllium capable to harvest its fruit. If grown successful a greenhouse, your banana histrion mightiness effect successful somewhat little increasing zones too. Regardless, successful bid to get effect the somesthesia indispensable beryllium supra 60ºF (15°C) for astir of the year.

If grown successful premier conditions the Cavendish banana volition scope an eventual tallness of astir 16 feet gangly with leaves of astir 6 feet long. Therefore it is advised to lone works this assortment successful a plot with plentifulness of abstraction – don't works adjacent to your location oregon your neighbors spot oregon excessively adjacent to your spot lines to forestall immoderate struggle oregon difficulties further down the line.  However, a affirmative of the banana being specified a ample histrion is that it is simply a large summation to shade plot ideas, offering tons of privateness and sun-protection. 

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You tin of people inactive larn however to turn a banana histrion adjacent if you unrecorded successful colder climates. If you unrecorded successful zones 5 to 9, past beryllium definite to acquisition the Musa Basjoo varieity. Also known arsenic the acold hardy banana, this banana histrion tin past arsenic debased arsenic 6°F. Though the foliage volition dice backmost aft a frost, the rhizome beneath the ungraded volition proceed to past and past volition rapidly nutrient caller maturation successful outpouring and instrumentality to its erstwhile height. 

Slightly smaller than the Cavendish banana, Musa basjoo volition reach 9 to 14 feet tall, making it a small much compact. If grown successful a pot, this volition restrict its maturation to guarantee a much manageable works that volition look large arsenic portion of your patio ideas.

How to turn a banana tree

The champion mode to turn a banana histrion is to bargain an established tree. Growing a banana histrion from rhizome is precise clip consuming; it tin instrumentality astir 18 months to germinate and volition beryllium rather dilatory growing. On the different manus an established histrion volition turn exceptionally quickly, successful information it is 1 of the best accelerated increasing trees.

Find a bully spot – banana trees bash champion successful afloat prima with minimal wind. They request besides tons of abstraction to grow.Dig a hole – double the size of the cookware that the histrion is in.Plant – place your trees basal shot successful the spread and infill with affluent compost.Water daily – 'Bananas request watering copiously arsenic they suffer h2o done their monolithic leaves. Water successful the evening, poured astir the roots not implicit the leaves and cheque your containers astatine slightest erstwhile a time and h2o adjacent if it has rained,' advises experts from Hartley Botanic (opens successful caller tab).Feed monthly – bananas thrive connected nutrient affluent compost and volition heavy payment from a monthly feeding with 10-10-10 (NKP) works feed. They volition besides payment from feeding with epsom salts – simply sprinkle a spoon connected the compost astatine the basal of the plant.

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How bash you instrumentality attraction of a banana histrion successful the winter?

If your banana histrion is potted, past bring it indoors oregon into a heated greenhouse during the wintertime months – bring it wrong a fewer weeks earlier the archetypal frost is predicted.

If your histrion is planted successful the ground, past you person a fewer options. If you unrecorded successful a acold portion of the state and your banana histrion is not the hardy assortment it is good worthy lifting it and putting it successful a pot. You tin chopped it backmost to astir 30 inches, permission for a fortnight and past assistance into a cookware filled with leafage mulch. Then store successful a dark, frost escaped determination to support it from the inclement upwind until precocious spring. Then replant erstwhile the past frost has passed.

If the upwind wherever you unrecorded is simply a small milder and/or your banana histrion is simply a hardy assortment past chopped backmost to astir 30 inches and screen good with mulch and fleece to support it good insulated. This should support the rhizome protected truthful the histrion tin resprout the pursuing spring.

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Can I turn a banana histrion indoors?

Yes, you tin turn a banana histrion indoors, successful information for galore homeowners this is the champion mode for them to turn a banana tree. If hoping to larn however to turn a banana histrion arsenic a houseplant look for a smaller assortment designed for indoor usage specified arsenic Dwarf Cavendish oregon Tropicana.

'A cleanable houseplant for those lukewarm summertime months, Banana plants tin brace wonderfully with some Birds of Paradise plants to alteration your conservatory ideas into a tropical dream,' says Anni-Noel Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Sproutl (opens successful caller tab)

'A large favored affable choice, they besides emotion tons of prima truthful they tin beryllium placed astatine immoderate level, but truly emotion a bully southbound facing broadside oregon window. They bash good successful humid environments, truthful marque definite they are regularly watered and misted to support them astatine their best.' 

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Can I turn a banana histrion from a banana?

No, you cannot turn a banana histrion from a commercialized banana arsenic they don't person viable seeds. This differs from the process for how to turn mangoes from seed oregon how to turn citrus from seed arsenic these tin beryllium grown from commercially disposable fruit. Instead, your champion enactment is to acquisition an established histrion that you tin works into your plot oregon cookware up for your home.

Are banana trees susceptible to pests?

'No, banana trees are not precise susceptible to pests, but determination are a fewer that tin origin problems. The banana aphid is the astir communal pest, and tin beryllium controlled with insecticidal soaps oregon homemade bug sprays. There are besides respective taxon of spider mite that tin impact banana trees, but they tin beryllium controlled with miticides,' explains Lindsey Hyland, laminitis of UrbanOrganic Yield (opens successful caller tab).