How to grow and care for lavender – in borders and containers

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Getting savvy astir however to turn and attraction for lavender tin heighten the pleasance your backyard brings.

It volition delight your consciousness of odor with its fantastic aroma, and adhd a lavation of brushed and appealing colour with its blooms and charismatic gray-green foliage. What’s more, it’ll beryllium a deed with bees, luring them with its nectar.

Consider it among your flower furniture ideas, and for pots, too, to bask its qualities connected a patio oregon terrace and beryllium definite astir however to turn and attraction for lavender with our guide.

How to turn and attraction for lavender

A hardy, evergreen bushy shrub lavender (Lavandula) is evocative of English cottage gardens. 

There are galore varieties available, including the accepted English 'Hidcote' and 'Munstead' types, arsenic good arsenic the French varieties with their distinctive petals which sprout from the apical of the flowering stem, not forgetting the dwarf varieties. Most angiosperm from July to September and each alteration successful tallness (from 12in to 3ft (30cm to 1m)) and extent of color; you tin adjacent get blue, pinkish and achromatic varieties.

It is besides utilized for culinary purposes and tin beryllium easy dried for usage successful crafts and this is however to turn and attraction for lavender.

Where to turn lavender

formal plot  with lavender borders

A premix of lavender types grown successful a ceremonial garden

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Mediterranean successful origin, lavender thrives successful a sunny spot successful free-draining, alkaline soil; it volition not bash good successful a acold waterlogged position. If your ungraded is dense adhd plentifulness of grit to amended the drainage, oregon see planting connected a mound. 

Lavender is simply a large works for informal hedging, edging angiosperm beds and herb gardens, and lining paths, but tin besides beryllium planted successful borders oregon arsenic portion of container plot ideas. As it tin tolerate drought conditions and mediocre soil, it’s a bully prime for hot, gravel plot ideas and coastal areas positive looks beauteous with rose plot ideas.

Before buying a lavender plant, bash your probe arsenic antithetic cultivars volition suit antithetic situations and immoderate are hardier than others – English varieties (Lavandula angustifolia) specified arsenic Lavender ‘Hidcote’ and ‘Munstead’ are the hardiest. 

front gait   plot  ideas seating country  gravel patio

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For planting lavender successful borders, see larger lavender varieties specified arsenic ‘Hidcote Giant’ and ‘Intermedia Grosso’. ‘Hidcote Giant’ surely lives up to its sanction successful stature with agelong angiosperm stalks, too. The grey foliage has a coarse texture for a bolder planting position, yet reaching up to 1 metre successful dispersed and height,’ says Head Gardener astatine Hidcote, Lottie Allen. 

Big cultivators tin get straggly, truthful for hedging take smaller varieties specified arsenic Lavender ‘Hidcote’ oregon ‘Munstead’.

Small, compact lavender varieties are champion for pots, but increasing lavender successful pots besides allows the accidental to turn immoderate little hardy varieties specified arsenic Lavandula Stoechas, besides known arsenic French lavender, arsenic they tin beryllium easy moved to a sheltered spot implicit winter. See much connected increasing lavender successful containers, below.

Does lavender request afloat sun?

French lavender

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While lavender is evocative of English cottage gardens, it is really autochthonal to the Mediterranean – truthful wherefore not see incorporating it into Mediterranean plot ideas? This means it thrives successful a sunny presumption and tin tolerate drought conditions. It does not similar cold, waterlogged conditions. 

How to turn lavender from cuttings

Lavender plant

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Wondering however to turn and attraction for lavender grown from cuttings? It is casual to do, and a inexpensive and casual mode of replicating your favourite plant. 

The champion mode to bash this is to instrumentality semi-ripe broadside sprout cuttings from caller summertime maturation – this means the stems are brushed astatine the apical but steadfast astatine the base, with the portion of bark attached. This portion of bark is wherever your caller roots volition turn from. 

Remove the cutting's little leaves to springiness you 3in (8cm) of bare stem, dip it into rooting hormone and works successful pots filled with gritted compost (each cookware should beryllium capable to instrumentality much than 1 cutting). 

Water well, past screen the pot, close down to its base, with a wide integrative container – this volition make a hothouse ambiance that the cuttings volition enjoy, particularly if sited successful a warm, shady spot.

Rooting takes astir 4 to six weeks, aft which you tin chopped a full successful the apical of the container to let immoderate cooler aerial in. Once you are assured that the works has taken basal strongly, you tin region the container entirely. After different mates of weeks, works oregon cookware up your cuttings separately to springiness them much space.

How to turn lavender from seed

Lavender successful  a angiosperm  bed

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Lavenders are much commonly bought arsenic plants, but it’s worthy knowing however to turn and attraction for lavender from seed, which tin beryllium a cheaper alternative. Sow successful trays from February to  July implicit moist compost, but bash not screen arsenic seeds request airy to germinate

Lavender germinates astatine astir 65 to 70ºF (18 to 21ºC), truthful spot successful a greenhouse oregon propagator. 

Seeds tin instrumentality from 2 weeks to 3 months to germinate; if germination does not occur, see acold stratifying by moving the tray to the refrigerator for 4 weeks, past backmost into the warm. Transplant seedlings into idiosyncratic 3in (8cm) pots. Harden disconnected the plants and works retired erstwhile information of frost has passed, spacing to 18in (45cm). 

Alternatively sow 0.2in (5mm) heavy into a prepared effect bed.

How to turn and attraction for lavender successful pots 

lavender successful  dolly tub

(Image credit: Future / Judith Everitt)

Lavender grows good successful pots and containers connected sunny patios oregon successful courtyard gardens, but volition request watering during blistery upwind to forestall drying out. 

It’s champion to works lavender successful terracotta pots arsenic the worldly is porous, truthful volition let the works to breathe. The payment of increasing lavender successful pots is that it tin beryllium easy moved passim the garden; placing pots of lavender adjacent a seating country volition bring beauteous fragrance to a relaxing spot. 

Lavender grown successful pots volition beryllium much susceptible to the acold – depending connected the hardiness of the variety, see moving lavender pots into a sheltered presumption implicit winter.

french lavender successful  chimney pot

(Image credit: Getty Images)

How bash you instrumentality attraction of lavender plants?

Lavender plants are casual to attraction for and request small maintenance. Established lavender plants are drought tolerant truthful tin past without overmuch water, nevertheless recently planted lavenders volition necessitate regular watering successful the archetypal summer. 

Do not enactment successful a acold bedewed spot. Deadhead successful precocious summertime and prune successful spring.

It is important to prune lavender to support it looking compact, neat and tidy. If near unpruned it tin crook woody and look straggly. In precocious summer, aft flowering, chopped backmost the spent angiosperm stalks to the leaves, then, the pursuing spring, trim caller maturation by astir 1in (2.5cm). It’s important to permission immoderate caller maturation arsenic caller shoots volition not signifier good from woody growth. 

In his publication The Complete Gardener, gardening adept Monty Don reveals that, ‘the concealed of keeping a lavender bush successful bully signifier is to clip it successful spring, but effort to debar cutting into aged wood arsenic plants volition not ever regenerate’. 

It’s besides champion to chopped flowers backmost earlier they person acceptable seed. ‘You don’t privation to hold until the flowers person gone brown; arsenic soon arsenic they’ve passed their best, chopped them back,’ reveals Monty successful his Gardener’s World show.

Is it casual to adust lavender?

It is casual to adust lavender. Simply chopped the stems arsenic they statesman to turn, necktie successful bunches and bent upside down successful a adust place.