How to grow begonias – and fill your garden with sensational color

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If you agelong to capable your plot with a showy splash of summertime color, past learning however to turn begonias is essential. With blowsy blooms successful each blistery shadiness from brushed apricot, sunshine yellow, pinkish done to heavy crimson, you tin capable containers, hanging baskets and borders with a breath-taking show that volition lone intensify arsenic the play goes on. 

Flower shapes alteration wide successful their complexity and size and see the large, multi-layered ruffles of the ‘Illumination’ bid to the single, smaller and undeniably classy bergonia ‘glowing embers’ and ‘firewings pink’. The flowers of begonia semperflorens – aka wax begonia – are overmuch flatter and simpler. Made up of 4 petals, 2 large and 2 smaller with melodramatic cardinal stamens these blooms are instantly recognisable.

Happy increasing en masse oregon filling a tiny planter, they are cleanable flower furniture ideas for bringing colour and involvement to an unused spot of land. Begonia’s besides person the bonus of beauteous foliage. Their distinctly waxy leaves travel successful a scope of shapes and colors from heavy green, bronze, darkest purple to those variegated with good metallic veining.

Easy to grow, tuberous varieties tin besides beryllium grown arsenic indoor plants, bringing spectacular colour and involvement into the home. All unneurotic this makes begonias alternatively irresistible to turn – and our adept usher has each the know-how you need.

How to turn begonias

There are 4 main types of begonias, and portion each impressment with spectacular blooms and decorative foliage it’s important to cognize astir their antithetic needs. 

Hardy begonias are perfect for planting retired successful borders and tin past temperatures down to 32F (0C). The astir fashionable assortment is begonia grandis subsp. evansiana, and this tin stay successful the crushed during winter, successful sheltered locations.

Fibrous- rooted begonias, including fashionable wax begonias (begonia semperflorens) and Tuberous begonias are much suitable for usage successful summertime pots and hanging baskets. These types are lone capable to tolerate temperatures arsenic debased arsenic 55F (12.7C) truthful are champion treated arsenic annuals but if you privation to overwinter them, they indispensable beryllium lifted and brought undercover good earlier the archetypal frosts.

Foliage begonias are grown particularly for their large, decorative leaves. Tender, they are usually grown arsenic location plants but tin beryllium planted straight successful borders or, if successful pots, moved extracurricular during warmer months. Exotic and undeniably dramatic, they volition adhd a genuinely tropical consciousness to immoderate crippled but indispensable beryllium moved backmost wrong erstwhile the somesthesia drops.

How to turn  begonias

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Find the champion spot for a begonia

Tuberous and semperflorens begonias emotion a presumption successful portion prima oregon dappled shade. Known for their agelong flowering period, they volition supply an endless amusement of colour from July to the archetypal frosts.

Begonias are besides 1 of the best plants for hanging baskets. Plant them successful hanging baskets oregon pots wherever they tin freely cascade down implicit the sides oregon astatine the beforehand of a plot border. 

Hardy begonias are blessed successful sunny, sheltered position. They volition payment from the warmth and extortion of a adjacent south-facing wall, particularly if mulched with compost successful fall.

Begonia stems and foliage are beauteous brittle and tin harm easily, truthful these plants are champion placed retired of beardown winds and engaged walkways wherever they tin beryllium brushed up against.

Their foliage tin besides pain successful precise beardown sunlight, truthful if increasing successful a greenhouse oregon conservatory they volition request immoderate shading. 

What benignant of ungraded bash begonias prefer

‘Tuberous begonias emotion well-drained, hummus-rich soils,’ accidental the squad Berkeley Horticultural Nursery. ‘If you works successful the unfastened crushed and your ungraded is dense clay, adhd plentifulness of compost oregon different integrated substance specified arsenic “goldrush”. Improve drainage by mounding oregon different raising the area.’

Fibrous varieties tin withstand somewhat wetter soils but hatred getting their leaves wet, truthful beryllium cautious erstwhile watering arsenic they tin easy scorch. 

How to turn a begonia successful a container

Begonias turn good successful pots, planters oregon hanging baskets. They really similar to beryllium somewhat cookware bound excessively which means little enactment repotting annually. 

Pot up respective tiny nursery raised plants for an instant display, that volition steadily amended implicit the summertime months. Line a ample cookware oregon handbasket with a furniture of drainage worldly (grit, breached crocks oregon polysterene trays each enactment well) earlier topping up with specializer peat escaped instrumentality compost. These often person h2o absorbent granules added to clasp moisture. Carefully region the plants from their integrative pots, taking attraction not to drawback immoderate stems, and works successful the container. Firm circular each plant’s rootball and apical up with compost, earlier watering well. 

Young begonia plants volition request to beryllium kept nether screen until the past frosts person passed. They volition past request to beryllium hardened disconnected – that is acclimatised to outdoor temperatures – implicit 1 oregon 2 weeks. This simply means moving them outside, to a sheltered spot during the day, and taking them backmost into a greenhouse, conservatory oregon windowsill overnight.

If you person abstraction and much time, you tin bargain begonia tubers during aboriginal spring. Plant into tiny integrative pots astatine astir 1 inch (2.5cm) deep. The squad astatine Crocus explain, ‘The indented broadside of the tuber is the top, and this should conscionable beryllium covered by a good furniture of compost. Water good and support them successful a bright, lukewarm spot, watering again lone erstwhile the ungraded becomes rather dry. Once they are actively growing, they tin beryllium watered much regularly.’ Keep astatine a dependable 64F (18C) and erstwhile leaves look determination into a larger container. Keep wrong until the past frosts person passed – usually astir May. 

When increasing begonias successful a container garden, ever basal them connected cookware feet oregon a tray of gravel to promote bully drainage, forestall roots rotting and to let aerial to circulate.

How to turn  begonias

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How to attraction for a begonia

Some taller begonias volition necessitate staking, arsenic their stems tin drawback easily, peculiarly erstwhile successful afloat bloom. Flared metallic works supports, oregon discreet plot canes pushed into a pot, volition enactment well. 

Deadheading regularly is besides worthy portion with begonias. Not lone does it assistance tidy up the plant, but it encourages much blooms too. 

How to overwinter a begonia 

As tender plants, astir begonias request to beryllium lifted and stored during wintertime to past and re-flower the pursuing year. Guy Barter, Chief Horticulturalist astatine the RHS says, ‘Tuberous begonias request to beryllium lifted before the archetypal frosts. The leaves volition statesman to yellowish people astatine which clip watering should beryllium reduced. The adust tubers should beryllium stored successful hardly moist ungraded oregon soil successful a frost-free shed, ideally astatine 7°C (45°F) and watered occasionally to forestall shrivelling.’ Always cheque that the tubers consciousness hard and are rot escaped erstwhile lifted, different the information tin dispersed and impact different plants during storage.

Stand-out begonias to grow

While yearly wax begonias tin beryllium easy recovered connected merchantability successful works nurseries and immoderate larger location stores, much antithetic varieties are champion bought online. There’s a wide scope of angiosperm and foliage types connected connection but immoderate our favorites to look retired for include:

Begonia connected apical ‘sunglow’ – cleanable for pots oregon borders, these spicy treble yellowish blooms are edged with scarlet.

Begonia ‘glowing embers’ – a compact signifier with elemental yet fiery orangish flowers acceptable against heavy purple foliage.

Begonia ‘inferno’ – a trailing assortment with vivid orange-red fuchsia benignant blooms. 

How casual are begonias to grow?

Begonias are reasonably casual plants to grow, provided they are planted successful well-draining ungraded and a partially shadiness position. Keep ungraded moist, peculiarly during blistery upwind and if increasing successful a tiny cookware oregon basket. A play provender during the increasing play of liquid herb fertilizer volition promote other blooms.

Do begonias endure with pest and diseases?

Overwatering tin pb to begonia roots suffocate and origin tubers to rot. Powdery mildew tin besides beryllium an contented and particularly effects yellow-flowering begonias. Increase the spacing betwixt plants and amended ventilation to assistance trim this fungal illness from spreading. If wanted, spraying with a systemic fungicide tin assistance successful utmost circumstances.

Vine weevil tin besides beryllium a occupation with potted begonias.