How to grow brussels sprouts – a guide to planting and growing

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Once you cognize however to turn brussels sprouts successful your ain backyard, you’ll beryllium capable to bask them for months and months. 

Love them oregon hatred them, determination is nary denying the wellness benefits from location grown brussels sprouts. Bursting with fibre, vitamin K and vitamin C, these small balls of greenish tin beryllium roasted, boiled, steamed and fried to your liking. You tin adjacent bask them earthy for a crunchy snack oregon successful a salad.

Brussels sprouts volition springiness you a steadfast harvest each done the wintertime months, making them a large summation to see erstwhile readying vegetable plot ideas. 

brussel sprout harvest connected  the ground

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How to turn brussels sprouts – from seed

One of the champion things astir learning however to turn brussels sprouts is that they volition supply you with a harvest for your rootlike plot agelong aft each summertime harvests person ended when. Part of the organisation progressive erstwhile you're readying when to works vegetables is ensuring a succession of crops for arsenic overmuch of the twelvemonth arsenic possible.

'You should commencement your brussels sprout seeds aboriginal successful the outpouring oregon successful mid to precocious summertime for a precocious autumn harvest,' counsel the squad astatine Bonnie Plants (opens successful caller tab)

The perfect clime is the 'fog belt' of the Pacific Northwest, however, brussels sprouts tin beryllium grown successfully astir anyplace erstwhile you recognize the conditions the plants need. 

If you let the works to mature during the hotter months, the sprouts volition sensation bitter. So clip your sowing truthful that the brussels sprouts volition mature erstwhile the upwind gets colder. 'Exposure to a fewer frosts really enhances the flavour of the sprouts,' explains Leona Bergman of Cedar Circle Farm (opens successful caller tab) and Education Center based successful Vermont. 

Brussel sprouts increasing  connected  a plant

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When to works brussels sprouts

The archetypal measurement successful however to turn brussels sprouts is knowing erstwhile to works them. The plants are chill upwind loving and volition bash champion successful temperatures of astir 60-65°F (15-18°C).

'Plant seeds successful aboriginal April, usually indoors to let for the champion germination. Mid-May is astir the close clip for transplanting retired into the plot successful our climate,' explains Leona Bergman. 'They don’t truly similar the vigor but volition past done our blistery summers, yielding a delightful harvest precise precocious successful the season.' 

The cardinal happening is to works brussels sprouts astatine the close clip truthful that they mature successful colder weather, which mightiness mean planting them arsenic aboriginal arsenic February, oregon precocious arsenic May, depending connected the country wherever you live.

Sow a succession of sprout varieties for a longer lasting harvest.

mature brussels sprouts works  successful  a rootlike  garden

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Where to turn brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts request a good draining ungraded and don’t necessitate galore nutrients, making them casual an harvest to turn and cleanable for beginners. 

The plants of this wintertime harvest request astatine slightest 6 hours of prima a day, truthful take a sunny spot. Too overmuch nitrogen volition promote much leaves, and little sprouts. For this reason, determination is nary request to adhd further ungraded improver to your homemade compost earlier planting. 

It mightiness beryllium adjuvant to enactment that brussels sprout plants are big, truthful not needfully the champion harvest to beryllium increasing if you are choky of abstraction – but determination are plentifulness of different crops that are perfect for small rootlike plot ideas.

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How to works brussels sprouts

For the champion results erstwhile increasing brussels sprouts, commencement sowing the seeds aboriginal for a agelong harvest. Start them disconnected nether screen erstwhile you're planning a greenhouse, successful a coldframe oregon nether cloches.

Sow thinly successful pots oregon trays astir ½in deep. If planting successful the ground, sow successful rows 6in apart. 

Brussels sprouts plants are big, truthful erstwhile they are large enough, abstraction them astir 18-24in isolated to springiness them plentifulness of country to dispersed retired arsenic they grow. 

Once increasing well, brussel sprout plants request to beryllium watered regularly and staked to debar toppling over. Yellowing leaves should ever beryllium removed. 

brussels sprouts plants increasing  successful  a rootlike  patch

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How agelong does it instrumentality for brussels sprouts to grow? 

It takes brussels sprouts a agelong clip to grow, and  their increasing play is astir 85 to 100 days from effect to harvest. 

They are bully astatine tolerating colder upwind and truthful tin beryllium overwintered successful your location rootlike garden. Just mulch astir the stem arsenic the upwind cools, which is 1 of the ways to support plants from frost, and you tin harvest caller sprouts each done the winter, into aboriginal outpouring the pursuing year.

Are brussels sprouts casual to grow? 

Brussels sprouts are casual to turn and are 1 to adhd to the database of easiest vegetables to grow. You conscionable request to retrieve that they turn champion successful cooler temperatures, truthful if you are capable to clip your sowing truthful that the works volition beryllium exposed to a frost, you volition recognize conscionable however casual they are to grow.

'If immoderate of the little leaves of the works amusement immoderate yellowing, portion them disconnected astatine once,' advises Leona Bergman of Cedar Circle Farm. 

Although immoderate rootlike gardeners curse by removing the little leaves of the works successful bid to get a amended crop, this is not truly indispensable successful a location room garden. If you bash determine to region immoderate of the little leaves, 'several of the largest, healthiest, afloat expanded precocious leaves should ever beryllium near intact connected apical to proceed feeding the plant,' says Leona. 

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Do brussels sprouts travel backmost each year?

Brussels sprouts bash not travel backmost each year, but they are really biennial, meaning their earthy beingness rhythm is 2 years. 

If you unrecorded successful a portion wherever temperatures bash not driblet beneath astir 15° F (-10°C) you mightiness conscionable beryllium capable to bask caller sprouts for 2 years from the aforesaid plant.

How galore brussels sprouts bash you get from 1 plant?

Provided your brussels sprouts plants person been raised successful good draining soil, watered regularly and were fixed astatine slightest 6 hours of prima a day, you could find implicit 50 steadfast delicious sprouts connected 1 plant. 

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Good companion plants for brussels sprouts

Once you person mastered however to turn brussels sprouts you volition find that tons of plants volition happily turn alongside them. Some of the champion companion plants include: