How to grow dahlias – to fill your garden with late summer color

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Once you cognize however to turn dahlias you tin capable your plot with bursts of colour from precocious summertime into fall.

Boasting a immense array of colorful flowers successful each sorts of sculptural forms, and successful bloom from July close done to the archetypal autumn frosts, these showy plants are a superb enactment for precocious summertime flower furniture ideas. 

There truly is simply a dahlia to suit each gardens and tastes. Choose from agleam and bold vibrant tones to subtle pastel shades, and from the daintiest lilliput and azygous angiosperm varieties, to aggregate petalled pompons and dinner-plate sized forms. 

They make a mesmerising show and tin look peculiarly effectual planted en masse oregon arsenic portion of a mixed border, but determination are galore varieties that volition happily turn successful containers connected a patio, too.

Dahlias are besides a superb angiosperm for cutting, with stems lasting up to a week successful a vase and the much you chopped them the much they grow. Plus, they are marvellous multipliers: from a azygous tuber you could get up to 10 'baby plants' by the extremity of the increasing season. 

Knowing when to works dahlias is simply a important portion of learning however to turn dahlias, but you volition soon find you go obsessed with trying caller varieties successful the garden.

How to turn dahlias

Dahlias successful  plot  borders

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You tin bargain dormant dahlia tubers to works successful spring, oregon pre-order them earlier from a specializer nursery for transportation successful spring. You whitethorn adjacent beryllium capable to instrumentality immoderate from a benignant person who has divided their clump of tubers. 

Dormant dahlias volition travel delivered successful the signifier of tubers – clusters of brown, potato-like roots joined unneurotic connected a dried stem, and are among the best summertime bulbs to plant. All tubers volition beryllium antithetic sizes. Ensure that each tuber has immoderate stem and astatine slightest 1 of the buds oregon ‘eyes’. 

Dahlias are frost tender truthful tin lone beryllium planted retired erstwhile the information of frosts has passed, allowing astir 8 weeks to the commencement of flowering. 

If you person the space, you are champion starting to turn dahlias nether solid if you're planning a greenhouse oregon successful a conservatory. 'You tin cookware them up successful March oregon aboriginal April, successful a generous cookware (at slightest 2 litres) filled with multi-purpose potting compost. Place them successful a light, frost-free spot and support the compost moist. They volition person formed bushy plants by the clip the frosts person ended and volition beryllium successful angiosperm by the opening of July,' advises plantswoman Sarah Raven.

Where is the champion spot to works dahlias?

Dahlias including Dahlia Waltzing Matilda

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Dahlias volition turn champion successful a sunny spot, protected from beardown winds, successful rich, moist, good drained loamy ungraded but not wet, waterlogged soils.

'Dahlias thrive successful warm, sunny weather. Plant them successful a spot that gets astatine slightest six hours of nonstop sunlight each day. Otherwise your plants volition get leggy reaching for the light, and they won't bloom arsenic abundantly arsenic possible,' advises angiosperm husbandman and dahlia adept Erin Benzaken, writer of Discovering Dahlias.

Prepare the ungraded good for the bare plants. Improve it by adding successful integrated matter, specified arsenic home-made compost oregon well-rotted manure, implicit the country wherever you’re readying to turn dahlias.

What is the champion mode to turn dahlias?

how to turn  dahlias shown successful  a mixed bed

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The champion mode to turn dahlias is to commencement them disconnected successful pots arsenic they are frost tender – by planting the tubers into pots the plants tin beryllium kept nether screen successful a greenhouse oregon conservatory and protected from the acold weather. There are besides smaller, dwarf varieties that are perfect for increasing successful pots arsenic portion of your container gardening ideas.

Here's our measurement by measurement usher connected however to turn dahlias successful pots from tubers:

Pot up the tubers into five-litre pots, approx Dia.22cm, filling them up to their necks successful potting compost and ensuring that the stem/crown is pointing up.  

Place successful a sunny, sheltered spot Water the pots and permission them successful a sunny spot, undercover successful the greenhouse of conservatory. Growth rates volition alteration but you should spot shoots commencement to look wrong 5 weeks.

Harden disconnected the plants Dahlias should not beryllium planted retired until the hazard of frost has passed, but arsenic they turn they tin beryllium brought extracurricular during the time to assistance them acclimatise and to springiness them maximum sunshine. They indispensable beryllium brought successful astatine night.

Pinch out When your dahlia plants are astir 30cm gangly the increasing shoots tin beryllium pinched retired to promote a bushier works and much blooms.

Prepare your furniture Dahlias are bare plants that similar being kept moist; digging successful plentifulness of well-rotted manure oregon integrated substance to the ungraded earlier planting volition support them good fed and assistance the crushed clasp moisture.

Plant retired Once the hazard of frost has passed, your dahlia plants tin beryllium planted retired into their flowering position. Spacing volition alteration depending connected assortment but mostly dahlia plants volition request to beryllium spaced astir 50cm apart.

Support your dahlias Dahlias tin turn up to 1.5m gangly truthful volition request support, peculiarly if you are increasing the elephantine dinner-plate varieties. Once planted, adhd successful bamboo stakes which tin beryllium utilized to necktie the works into arsenic it grows, alternatively you tin bargain metallic enactment rings that tin beryllium placed astir the plant.

Red dahlia angiosperm  bloom successful  the garden

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Dahlia tubers tin besides beryllium planted straight into the crushed erstwhile the hazard of frost has passed. To bash this excavation a spread astir 30cm deep, adhd successful immoderate compost oregon manure and bedewed with a watering tin of water. Position the dahlia tubers astir 10 to 15 cm heavy with the crowns pointing up.

Some dahlias tin besides beryllium grown from effect which tin beryllium done undercover successful spring. Sow the seeds onto the aboveground of moist compost successful a effect tray and screen with vermiculite. Keep successful a sunny spot successful a greenhouse oregon connected a windowsill. Once seedlings are large capable to grip cookware them connected into idiosyncratic pots. Plant retired erstwhile the hazard of frost has passed.

How bash you attraction for dahlias?

cosmos and dahlia floral show  successful  vase

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Pinch: As the dahlias grow, pinch retired the increasing tips to beforehand bushy growth.

Feed, feed, feed: Once a fortnight, betwixt July and September, provender dahlia plants with a liquid balanced provender to boost flowering, specified arsenic a bully herb feed.

Water: You volition request to h2o your dahlias erstwhile a week successful adust upwind by giving them a bully soaking down to the roots.

Protect: Protect the dahlias from slugs and snails by adding nematodes to the soil, oregon adhd barriers, specified arsenic unsmooth oregon sharply textured mulches

Do you deadhead dahlias?

Dahlias request deadheading regularly, ideally weekly, to support the works flowering for arsenic agelong arsenic imaginable and good into autumn for precocious play colour and joy. The much flowers you instrumentality off, the much they volition produce.

It tin beryllium tricky knowing spent buds from caller – the cardinal is successful the shape: caller ones are round, spent are usually pointed. 

What bash you bash with dahlias erstwhile they've finished flowering?

dahlia display

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Dahlias tin angiosperm close up to December, but erstwhile the frost comes they are over. You tin permission dahlia tubers successful the crushed implicit wintertime if they are successful a sheltered presumption with bully drainage, but if they are successful an exposed tract it’s astir apt champion to assistance and store the tubers to forestall frost damage.

'I urge that you hold astatine slightest 10 to 14 days aft your archetypal hard frost earlier digging,' says angiosperm husbandman Erin Benzaken of Floret Flowers, arsenic this allows the tegument connected the tubers clip to toughen, making them little susceptible to rot. 

Knock disconnected arsenic overmuch of the ungraded arsenic possible, permission them to adust and past wrapper successful paper oregon successful wood shavings and store determination frost and damp free. They tin past beryllium replanted the pursuing spring.

Can you permission dahlia tubers successful the crushed implicit winter?

You tin permission dahlia tubers successful the crushed implicit wintertime successful mild areas and successful precise free-draining soil. 

After the dahlia flowering play is finished, permission the stems to spell achromatic from the archetypal frost for astir a fortnight to let the sugars to spell backmost down the stems to provender the tuber. Then chopped the stems disconnected conscionable beneath crushed level, mound up the ungraded oregon adhd compost and mulch with straw oregon bracken to support the tubers implicit winter.

how to turn  dahlias

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How galore dahlia varieties are there?

A subordinate of the asteraceae family, determination are astir 36 taxon of dahlias, with thousands of assorted cultivars and hybrids. 

Skilled breeders crossed the satellite person produced a wide scope of dahlia sizes and colors practically unmatched successful the satellite of flowers. Sizes scope from the smallest lilliput to meal plate-sized blooms and determination is each colour but for that astir elusive colour for breeders – blue.

Dahlias tin beryllium described as: 


Cacti dahlia

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Select varieties for your upwind conditions and by the shape, size and color.

Open–centred azygous and semi-double varieties that nutrient an array of elemental flowers are the champion choice for pollinators and flowers that pull bees arsenic they tin spot wherever to onshore and provender connected the nectar, and look charming mingling with asters and different daisy shaped flowers.

Decorative and cacti dahlias are superb varieties if you're planning a chopped angiosperm garden, as their 10-15cm blooms are a bully size for displaying successful a vase. While elephantine varieties specified arsenic Cafe au Lait, look show-stopping successful a border, their large, dinner-plate blooms are often excessively ample for cutting. 

There are immoderate beauteous much diminutive varieties perfect for pots, specified arsenic dwarf colarettes, lilliputs and the low-growing Topmix series.

Dahlia Cafe au Lait

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How galore flowers bash you get from 1 dahlia tuber?

You tin get up to 20 flowers from 1 dahlia tuber.

Decorative and cactus dahlias are the cleanable cut-and-come-again blooms, and volition support flowering arsenic agelong arsenic you support picking them, filling some plot and location with their floriferous joy. Recut the stems nether h2o and they past successful a vase for 4 to six days.

Do dahlias similar prima oregon shade?

Dahlias similar afloat sun, and volition bloom overmuch amended if they are successful a determination wherever they bash not request to agelong to question retired the sun's rays. 

Plus wherever determination is sunshine, determination are besides pollinators. 'Open centred dahlias are becoming precise fashionable due to the fact that of the casual accessibility of their pollen for bees and different insects. Not each of these marque overmuch of a connection successful the garden, often having tiny flowers, but determination are immoderate that do,’ says June Nash of The National Dahlia Society.

20 of the champion dahlia varieties to works successful your garden

how to turn  dahlias which to works  1

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

(Above left) Bishop of Llandaff started the resurgence of dahlias, the stalwart present of blistery borders. This peony-flowered dahlia has vermilion flowers connected acheronian foliage. It dies backmost successful fall, with fresh, caller maturation successful spring.

(Above middle) Moonfire is simply a low-growing single-flowered variety, perfect for containers oregon the beforehand of beds. It lights up the plot with its distinctive bi-color blooms contrasting with acheronian foliage.

(Above right) David Howard is an impressive, decorative dahlia that is beauteous successful borders with its profuse burnished orangish blooms connected cocoa foliage. It has much flowers implicit a longer play than galore dahlias, making it 1 of the astir popular.

How to turn  dahlias ones to works  2

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

(Above left) Totally Tangerine, is an anemone type, blending orangish and pinkish tones with outer petals and interior tubular florets. It is large for containers, successful borders and arsenic a chopped flower.

(Above middle) Honka Surprise is an orchid benignant with unsocial star-shaped pinkish petals and yellowish centre. Its compact size works astatine the beforehand of borders and successful containers.

(Above right) Fashion Monger looks beauteous successful a vase, the borderline and successful containers with its splash of colour connected a achromatic base. Originally introduced successful 1955, this colarette assortment has a charming retro feel.

how to turn  dahlias 1  to works  3

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

(Above left) Engelhardt’s Matador,  a decorative variety, arsenic the sanction suggests, truly makes a melodramatic beingness successful the borderline with its treble magenta flowers. Partner it with contrasting colors for a existent statement.

(Above middle) Blackberry Ripple sounds delicious and looks delicious with splashes and drizzles of crimson and purple. Position this semi-cactus assortment successful the borderline with akin colors.

(Above right) Chilson’s Pride, an informal decorative dahlia, has softly beauteous pinkish petals astir a airy pick centre that blends successful an harmonious borderline scheme, and is an arsenic beauteous chopped flower.

how to turn  dahlias ones to works  4

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

(Above left) Chat Noir is loved by galore for its alternatively sumptuous garnet to adjacent achromatic semi-cactus form, successful the plot and successful the vase. It looks melodramatic successful blocks successful an exotic borderline scheme.

(Above middle) Crossfield Ebony, a pompon variety, has a dependable watercourse of delightful, darkly maroon spheres perfect for the vase and successful a mixed border. The tiny size of flowers works attractively mingling with a cottage-styled border.

(Above right) Babylon Purple, with its purple and reddish dinner-plate blooms held connected agelong stems, is stunning en masse with acheronian leafed plants and besides makes an exceptional cutting flower.

dahlia merckii

(Image credit: RHS Images)

Dahlia 'merckii' is a seldom seen, hardy, tiny taxon of dahlia with delicate azygous lavender bluish flowers connected agelong stems,’ says gardening doyenne Rosemary Alexander, laminitis of The English Gardening School

Dahlia 'Sarah Raven'

(Image credit: Dahlia 'Sarah Raven' from / photograph Jonathan Buckley)

Dahlia ‘Sarah Raven’ is an 'anemone dahlia, affluent and brushed astatine the aforesaid time, with tall, straight, ebony stems, a bully vase beingness and exceptional amounts of pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies,' says plantswoman Sarah Raven.

Dahlia 'Myrtle's Folly'

(Image credit: Dahlia 'Myrtle's Folly' from Farmer Gracy)

Dahlia ‘Myrtle’s Folly’, ‘has ample ruffled blooms successful shades of coral-pink and yellowish from summertime done to fall,’ says Sue Sanderson of Farmer Gracy.

Dahlia 'Great Silence'

(Image credit: Alamy Images)

Dahlia ‘Great Silence’ – ‘Has colossal, coral pinkish blooms that marque a large impression. Generous stem magnitude besides makes this Dinnerplate Dahlia perfect for chopped angiosperm bouquets,’ says says Sue Sanderson.

dahlia pablo

(Image credit: Dahlia 'Pablo' from Farmer Gracy)

Dahlia ‘Pablo’ – ‘With a neat, compact habit, this Dahlia is cleanable for adding a splash of sunshine to patio pots,' says says Sue Sanderson .

dahlia pooh

(Image credit: Alamy Images)

Dahlia 'Pooh' is a reddish and yellowish collarette type, unfastened centred dahlia, fashionable with bees, and grows to astir 1m tall,’ says June Nash of the National Dahlia Society.

Dahlia Twining's After Eight

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Dahlia ‘Twyning’s After Eight’  this acheronian leaved dahlia has azygous achromatic flowers that opposition beautifully and basal retired against the acheronian brownish foliage