How to grow grass in hot, dry weather – 5 steps to a healthy lawn this summer

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It is that constituent of the twelvemonth wherever knowing however to turn writer successful hot, adust upwind climbs to the highest of each gardener's precedence list. While it whitethorn look similar a seemingly elemental occupation to turn (and maintain) and greenish lawn, and the cleanable lawn edging, during summertime (over immoderate different play of the year) these months bring precocious temperatures that tin adust retired your tract and hinder the increasing process.

Firstly, a bully tract should beryllium astatine the bosom of your backyard, truthful commencement by choosing the best fast-growing writer seed to springiness it a beardown start. Timing is besides essential, truthful find retired when to works writer seed to guarantee your tract has the champion accidental of year-round success.

However, with the close garden ideas, knowing however to turn writer successful hot, adust upwind doesn't request to beryllium complicated. These are the steps the experts recommend, truthful you tin bask a steadfast tract each summertime long.  

How to turn writer successful hot, adust upwind – 5 steps to success

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'Plant maturation faces large challenges successful the future. Climate alteration has already affected agriculture, parklands, and different areas of greenish turf grass. Therefore, the request for robust, drought-tolerant crops and turf grasses has ne'er been greater,' says Guy Jenkins, the Consumer Manager for Johnsons Lawn Seed (opens successful caller tab)

So, however tin you turn writer successful hot, adust upwind and support it steadfast done the heat? These garden landscaping ideas are a large spot to start. 

1. Pick warm-season grass 

For the champion accidental of success, adept Jason White from All About Gardening (opens successful caller tab) urges you to prime up warm-season grass. 'If you are trying to turn a cold-season writer successful lukewarm weather, you are mounting yourself up for failure,' helium says. 

He recommends Bermuda writer [such arsenic this one connected Amazon (opens successful caller tab)] oregon St. Augustine, which is besides due for the blistery weather. 'Ensure the effect you usage is precocious quality,' helium adds.  

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2. Water wisely 

'Always h2o capable to astatine slightest support the roots alive. This volition guarantee writer comes backmost erstwhile the h2o comes,' Jason says. But however often should you look to h2o caller seeds?

The squad astatine The Grass People (opens successful caller tab) suggests watering caller seeds doubly a time connected days that are peculiarly sunny. They besides urge investigating the grass' moisture to measure its hydration levels. 

'To bash this, thrust a screwdriver into the soil. If it tin scope up to 6/7 inches deep, it's cleanable – if not, support watering,' they say. 

'If you aren't watering capable and your effect is sitting connected apical of hard, adust ungraded oregon buried excessively heavy beneath it – you volition acquisition issues with germination leaving you with a precise adust plot for the summertime season.'

3. Only mow erstwhile needed 

While it is understandable that you volition privation to springiness your best tract mower (opens successful caller tab) a proceedings connected your caller grass, the experts impulse you to clasp occurrence until necessary. 

'It’s important that you don’t mow until the blades are astatine slightest 5-7cm successful tallness – adjacent mowing oregon aboriginal mowing tin harm caller seedlings who are conscionable trying to find their mode successful the satellite and forestall further growth,' the Grass People say. 

However, with rising temperatures (and the ever-possibility of rain) it is apt that your writer volition turn astatine a notably accelerated rate. 'This is acknowledgment to the cleanable maturation conditions that summertime brings: heat, light, and moisture,' they add.

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4. Watch your effect placement

'Make definite your effect isn't buried excessively heavy oregon sitting connected the aboveground otherwise, beryllium prepared for it not to grow,' the Grass People squad warns. Because portion sunlight is indispensable to germinate, it besides needs the operation of heat, moisture and aerial provided by the soil. 

'When sowing caller seed, you should rake the effect successful truthful that it is astir 3 [dollar] coins (stacked) beneath the surface; this gives it capable abstraction to turn and person airy portion besides providing extortion from the element,' they add. 

5. Don't opt for fertilizer

The prima is notorious for its quality to adust retired your lawn; however, Guy warns against utilizing fertilizer to combat its effects. 

'Even if your tract is successful a atrocious state, don't beryllium tempted to scope for fertilizer during a drought,' helium says. This counts for caller writer effect oregon writer that whitethorn beryllium drying retired arsenic a effect of the season. 

'When ungraded is bony dry, indispensable h2o is not contiguous to transport the nutrients down to the roots – wherever it's needed. Applying immoderate accepted fertilizers tin effect successful scorch if enactment down successful drought, making it adjacent much of a mendacious economy,' the adept says. Therefore, helium urges you to enactment distant from fertilizers until the heatwave passes.