How to hang drywall ceiling – expert tips for a professional finish

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Drywall is simply a fashionable and versatile operation material, and learning however to bent drywall ceiling is useful DIY know-how to person up your decorating sleeve.

Commonly utilized to make walls and ceilings, it is often portion of the halfway operation of a building, but tin besides beryllium utilized to make architectural features similar eaves and arches. Usually made of gypsum plaster, it's besides commonly known arsenic plasterboard.

While it whitethorn not beryllium the astir breathtaking task connected your interior decor DIY list, it’s an important measurement and volition surely permission you feeling alternatively accomplished afterwards.

So, whether you're hanging a drywall ceiling aft trying (and failing) to region a popcorn ceiling, oregon due to the fact that your archetypal ceiling is excessively damaged, these adept steps volition assistance you get it close archetypal time.

How to bent drywall ceiling

To marque the astir of your ceiling ideas, you whitethorn request to cognize however to bent drywall ceiling. We turned to Nick Cryer, laminitis of high-end operation institution Berkeley Place, for a step-by-step guide.

You volition need:

Drywall sheetsDrywall screwsDrywall adhesiveSafety gloves and glassesElectric oregon artillery screwdriverUtility knifeMeasuring tapeFraming squareT-squareDrywall paperPuttySandpaper1. Ceiling earlier walls

'If you are drywalling the ceiling, hole the ceiling drywall first, past the walls,' advises Nick.

If you commencement drywalling the walls first, you could extremity up with the ceiling drywall being unsupported on the full magnitude of 1 wall. Wall panels installed aboriginal volition acceptable against the ceiling to assistance enactment the edges.

2. Measure carefully

Measure the wall's width and chopped the drywall expanse truthful that it's astir 1/4in shorter than the measurement.

You tin people the nonstop dimensions connected the plasterboard utilizing your T-square and pencil. You tin past usage a inferior weapon to spell implicit the line, earlier bending the committee and chopped arsenic you go.

3. Ensure close placement

Remember that you person to instal the drywall perpendicular to the absorption of the joists.

'Before applying the drywall, guarantee that the archetypal committee volition extremity up in the mediate of a stud, the vertical framing constituent of a wall,' says Nick.

4. Use drywall adhesive and screws to fix

With an assistant, prop the drywall up and presumption it choky against the ceiling; it's champion to commencement from a corner.

Score the people with a inferior weapon and a drywall square, and drawback the excess worldly against the line. 

‘Place the committee against the studs to person 1 borderline acceptable snugly adjacent to the ceiling committee and another against the adjacent wall,’ says Nick. ‘Drive drywall screws into the halfway of the committee astatine a convenient height. Once you've installed the archetypal screws, enactment successful the rest, moving from the halfway of the committee outwards.'

Make definite the boards are arsenic adjacent arsenic imaginable to the walls; each edges of drywall should beryllium fastened to the ceiling studs.

Two drywall boards should beryllium connected connected the aforesaid stud, earlier fixing screws with your electrical screwdriver on the middle.

As you instal your recently trimmed drywall boards, instrumentality immoderate drywall adhesive and tally it crossed the studs truthful that you won't request arsenic galore screws.

'Drywall adhesive volition besides heighten the sound simplification of your walls,' says Nick. 

5. Apply putty and drywall paper

For a professional-worthy finish, it's a bully thought to decorativeness the associated with putty and drywall paper. Cover the screws advertisement drywall committee joints with a trowel, insubstantial portion and drywall putty.

After applying the putty, soil it with mean grit paper.

Can I bent drywall ceilings by myself? 

It is imaginable to bent drywall ceilings, but it is easier and safer to person an assistant.

How overmuch spread should beryllium betwixt sheets of drywall? 

You should ideally permission astir 1/4in gaps betwixt sheets of drywall.

Is it champion to bent drywall vertically oregon horizontally? 

It’s amended to bent drywall horizontally to trim the magnitude of adhesive you use.