How to install ceiling tiles – for a unique, decorative finish

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Learning however to instal ceiling tiles volition let you to rethink the aesthetic successful a room, providing a unsocial and decorative alternate to level paint.

Tiling the ceiling is not arsenic communal arsenic coating it, but it tin beryllium a stylish alternative, and tin besides service to screen flaws successful the existing ceiling. Consider it, too, if you’ve investigated how to region popcorn ceiling, but similar the thought of covering it alternatively – tile is simply a large enactment for doing so.

Ceiling tiles tin besides beryllium a large mode to present on-trend materials. Chris Scott, managing manager of Mascot Bespoke (opens successful caller tab), says, 'We person a occupation presently wherever the designer has specified an environmentally liable cork tile for its thermal and acoustic qualities.'

How to instal ceiling tiles for a decorative finish

When it comes to installing ceiling tiles, determination are 2 main methods available. We instrumentality a look beneath astatine the choices and differences.

How to instal surface-mount ceiling tiles

If you privation to get escaped of an unsightly popcorn ceiling oregon fell stains, surface-mount ceiling tiles are a apical choice.

One of the benefits of surface-mount ceiling tiles is that you tin use them straight to existing drywall, popcorn ceilings oregon joists, arsenic good arsenic to plaster arsenic an alternate to learning how to plaster a ceiling.

You volition need:

Surface-mount ceiling tilesAdhesivePaint rollerLadder/towerChalk drawback lineCaulking gunPencil and portion measure1. Measure and prep

Determine the fig of ceiling tiles you volition request by measuring the size of the abstraction (length x width) to enactment retired the quadrate footage. It's a bully thought to bid 10 per cent much than you deliberation you'll need.

Then, hole the ceiling by cleaning and removing immoderate salient bumps. Applying a overgarment of primer tin assistance the adhesive to instrumentality much effectively.

2. Mark and commencement astatine the halfway of the room

Measure the halfway of each outer partition and past people crossed the ceiling with a chalk line, which volition make a transverse and volition people the mediate of the ceiling; this is your commencement point.

3. Apply adhesive and laic the tiles

Take your pencil and people the halfway of each 4 edges of the archetypal tile. Then, enactment up the pencil marks with the chalk lines and use to the halfway of the ceiling.

Use a adust overgarment roller to guarantee it sticks decently and spell implicit it until you are blessed it has fixed. Then proceed with much tiles and rows until you scope the partition and screen the area.

4. Measure and chopped borderline tiles

By the clip you scope the walls, you are apt to request to chopped borderline tiles to fit. Measure the size of tile that you request earlier utilizing a consecutive borderline and inferior weapon to cut.

Apply adhesive and property the borderline tile to the ceiling, and repetition astir the room.

How to instal driblet ceiling tiles

You whitethorn privation to opt for driblet ceiling tiles if your existing ceiling is damaged successful immoderate mode oregon needs acoustic proofing. 

Drop ceiling tiles are usually applied to a metallic grid suspended beneath the existing ceiling. While installing ceiling tiles by this method allows you to alteration retired tiles easy if required, carnivore successful caput that you volition suffer tallness from the room.

You volition need

Drop ceiling tiles and bundle (including partition tracks)Pencil and portion measureChalk drawback lineHacksawUtility knifeStud finderLadder/towerLaser levelBattery drill and screw fixings1. Measure the driblet ceiling grid 

It volition beryllium easier to measurement the tallness of your driblet ceiling grid with an assistant. Using a ladder, measurement down from the existing ceiling to wherever you would similar it to sit. If the existing ceiling is not level you volition beryllium capable to execute a level decorativeness by moving a rotary laser level astir the walls and measuring from the laser enactment to the desired ceiling height.

Use a pencil to people the tallness astatine other ends for each of the 4 walls.

You tin past instrumentality the chalk drawback enactment and use to each of the 4 walls –and this is wherever a person oregon adjunct volition travel successful useful to clasp 1 extremity portion you clasp the other.

2. Install the partition tracks

The partition tracks should lucifer the level of the chalk lines you conscionable applied. Use a stud finder to find studs, and past hole the partition tracks onto the studs, preferably with screw fixings utilizing a artillery drill.

3. Place halfway and broadside tracks

Use a portion measurement to find the halfway of the country and tally the main way down the halfway line.

Now that you person installed the halfway line, you tin usage it arsenic a notation for the broadside tracks. Place further tally tracks alongside the main one, each the aforesaid width arsenic the tiles you volition beryllium fixing to them.

4. Install ceiling enactment strategy (bent ligament hangers)

It is indispensable to enactment the mediate operation of the ceiling grid to forestall it from sagging.

This is done by locating fixings successful the existing ceiling straight supra the recently installed main tracks. Eye hooks are fixed and past ligament suspension hangers bent and installed astatine the close tallness to make a level ceiling.

Loop the hanger wires done the oculus hooks, and past usage pliers to crook the wires astatine the close tallness to hole done the main tracks.

5. Install the transverse tracks

Now it's clip to tally the transverse tracks astatine 90 grade angles to the main tracks to make the grids into which the tiles volition beryllium dropped.

6. Drop successful the ceiling tiles

You tin present spot the ceiling tiles into presumption successful the grids by reaching done and dropping them successful from above.

You volition request to chopped immoderate tiles that are not afloat grid size, for illustration the enactment against the walls. Do this by scoring with a knife.

How are ceiling tiles attached?

You tin take from 2 antithetic methods to connect ceiling tiles: adhesive oregon a suspended grid system.

These are known arsenic aboveground equine and driblet ceiling tile techniques respectively.

'For an on-trend tile similar cork, a contact adhesive whereby the glue is applied to some the tile and the partition oregon ceiling works best,’ explains Chris Scott. ‘The payment of this method is that it's accelerated and the drying clip for a water-based adhesive tin beryllium arsenic small arsenic 30 minutes.'

What are the easiest ceiling tiles to install?

Cork tin beryllium 1 of the easiest ceiling tiles to install. It tin besides beryllium an alternate mode to texture a ceiling.

'Cork is an casual tile to laic connected a ceiling as it's lone ⅛in (3mm) thick, light, flexible, casual to chopped and manipulate while connected site,' says Chris Scott.

'To guarantee a prime finish, it's important to marque definite that the close installation process has been followed – a common mistake is to laic the cork tile excessively soon connected a recently plastered surface.’