How to install fabric walling – the unique alternative to wallpaper

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Contemplating however to instal cloth walling? Long earlier the invention of printing presses and wallpaper, cloth was traditionally utilized to enactment walls. 

It served some a decorative and applicable function, acting arsenic a signifier of insulation and often arsenic the starting constituent erstwhile visualizing the wide interior design of a space. These stay 2 of the main reasons that radical take to formal walls with cloth today. 

We spoke with interior designers and cloth experts to find retired what's progressive and however to bring this accepted method to a modern-day home. 

grand chamber  with canopy and bluish  and achromatic  cloth  walling by ensemblier

(Image credit: Tara Craig | Ensemblier)

How to instal cloth walling

In caller years, radical person been opting for a layered look arsenic a mode of adding property to a abstraction – a stark opposition to the aggregate shades of grey that filled our homes for implicit a decade. 

For a splash of colour oregon a interaction of pattern, you whitethorn beryllium considering wallpaper ideas, but adding cloth to your walls is worthy considering arsenic an alternative, and this is however to instal cloth walling.

What are the benefits of cloth connected the walls?

Insulation is 1 payment of installing cloth walling, but the look doesn’t person to beryllium heavy. Gillian Newberry, manager of Bennison Fabrics, uses her linen connected each the walls successful her home. 

'Fabric insulates,’ she says. ‘In summertime it keeps the vigor out, and successful wintertime the warmth in. There is besides a definite extent and texture which you don’t get with insubstantial that I love.' 

Other advantages of installing cloth walling are that it covers astir structural imperfections successful the aboveground of a wall, improves the acoustics, and you tin use it implicit each types of surfaces including wallpaper, wood paneling and brick.

'We are each astir texture, truthful it feels lone earthy to screen the immense bulk of a abstraction with thing tactile,' says Kit Kemp, laminitis and originative manager of Firmdale Hotels & Kit Kemp Design Studio.

'We emotion the warmth and cocoon-like feeling it evokes arsenic it wraps astir a room.'

orange and achromatic  bennison cloth  utilized  arsenic  cloth  walling successful  a sitting country   mounting  by kate guinness design

(Image credit: Kate Guinness Design)

Use cloth walling to adhd extent to a country design

As much go braver astir layering color, pattern, artworks and furnishings galore decorators are being asked astir installing cloth walling. 'The multi-layer look is truthful fashionable astatine the infinitesimal and is simply a benignant we person ever embraced arsenic we emotion the feeling that an interior has gradually developed implicit clip and shows the property of the client,' believes Kate Guinness. 

Fabric decorator Bernie de Le Cuona underlines its versatility. 'Fabric walling has its roots successful tradition, but this trade is precise overmuch live contiguous for some historical and modern interiors: fabrics beautify walls.'

a jolly yellowish  edifice  chamber  designed by kit kemp plan  workplace  for firmdale hotels

(Image credit: Kit Kemp Design Studio | Firmdale Hotels)

How to take a cloth walling design

When it comes to selecting a fabric, deliberation astir what benignant of ambiance you privation to conjure. 'A plain cloth tin marque the country consciousness peaceful and intimate portion a decorative signifier puts the absorption connected the country by creating involvement and impact,' says Nicolo Favoretto Rubelli, CEO of Rubelli. 

'Remember that walling creates a antithetic airy to the room, particularly if it has a reflective prime to it.'

dining country   with decorative cloth  walling by bennison with expansive  fireplace and mantel mirror

(Image credit: Gillian Newberry)

How is cloth applied to the walls? 

'The accepted method starts by gathering a framework astir the perimeter of the walls including the skirtings, cornice, windows, doors, and down immoderate electrical fittings,' explains Hepzabeth Evans, laminitis of The Textile Wall Company. 

'The walls are past covered with a padding which creates a soft-to-touch feel, keeps the walls from looking visually level and improves the acoustics. The chosen cloth is chopped and sewn unneurotic to make a 1 azygous piece; it’s present that fabrics with patterns oregon stripes are cautiously matched and stitched to make ocular impact. This is past stretched crossed the padded walls and stapled to the edges of the frame. It’s finished with decorative braid oregon treble piping.'

Those looking for a modern attack volition thin to opt for the clean-edge strategy –that is without the request for further braid oregon piping. 'Instead, the cloth is stretched crossed the padding walls and fixed into the unfastened strategy which erstwhile closed holds the cloth successful place,' says Hepzabeth. 

This aforesaid method tin beryllium utilized to make a decorative panel, for lawsuit down a bed.

Reduce sound with cloth walling

Beyond the confines of declaration decorating (restaurants, successful particular, payment from improved acoustics with cloth walls), the attraction helps to dull sound successful ample rooms specified arsenic eating rooms and, dissimilar wallpaper, tin beryllium stretched implicit acoustic foam successful a cinema room. 

'All chamber walls should beryllium cloth walled,’ believes interior decorator and laminitis of Ensemblier London Tara Craig. 'It is indulgent, but it dampens the dependable and makes a country consciousness cozy,' she adds. 

Luxe looking cloth  walling utilized  successful  eating  country   with woody  sideboard and eating  chairs

(Image credit: Patrick Williamson | Elicyon)

Consider your budget

A little costly attack to screen a partition with cloth is to paperback – Kit Kemp peculiarly recommends this enactment for areas of precocious postulation arsenic it lowers the hazard of pulls and tears. But determination are caveats, including the imaginable for adaptable stretching which makes close matching oregon aligning of patterns astatine the edges problematic. Bear successful caput that it’s besides imaginable to re-cover an upholstered room. 

'Our squad tin cautiously dismantle the erstwhile partition upholstery maintaining the archetypal framework wherever possible,' says Hepzabeth. Using idiosyncratic with acquisition to bash this means the erstwhile mentation enactment tin astir apt beryllium re-used.

Can you bent items against cloth walling?

When hanging artwork oregon mirrors connected cloth walls, you tin take to physique successful an creation hanging obstruction wrong the beading borderline of the partition panel. 'This allows you flexibility to bent creation without piercing the fabric,' explains Charu Gandhi of Elicyon. 

'The obstruction itself tin beryllium precise discreet and the creation hung from it with acrylic wires truthful it isn't visible.' 

Kate Guinness besides recommends a representation lighting strategy from Hogarth Lighting which allows you to alteration the tallness of the airy and the ligament is covered. 'Be definite wherever you’re putting a representation and/or airy up due to the fact that erstwhile a spread is made thing volition ever person to bent successful that presumption to screen it,' she adds.