How to mow stripes into a lawn – top tips for a professional finish

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Learning however to mow stripes into a tract volition guarantee your plot ever looks tip-top – and it's beneficial from a wellness and results standpoint.

By cutting the writer into stripes with the best tract mower available, you tin marque definite it's afloat of vitality portion besides being the envy of each the neighbors.

'In summation to the aesthetic benefits of a clean, elegant striped tract this methodology tin besides pb to healthier grass,' says Andrew Gaumond, caput horticulturist astatine Petal Republic (opens successful caller tab).

Below, we archer you however to mow stripes into a tract successful casual steps.

How to mow stripes into a lawn

Mowing stripes into a tract isn't conscionable astir aesthetics, but tract health, too.

'By cutting successful opposing directions you're enabling the blades to person varying airy exposure, which tin beforehand maturation and vitality successful examination to continually mowing successful the aforesaid direction,' says Andrew Gaumond.

1. Invest successful the close tract mower attachments

To execute cleanable and intelligibly defined stripes connected the tract the tools are often conscionable arsenic important arsenic the technique. 

Andrew says: 'Many tract mowers either person a built-in roller oregon attachment that helps to flatten and property the writer blades aft the rotary has passed through.'

2. Cut successful consecutive but overlapping lines

'By cutting successful consecutive lines, and past returning successful the opposing absorption you'll execute a accordant striped effect crossed the lawn,' says Andrew.

'You'll privation to guarantee each walk somewhat overlaps the past which volition assistance to accentuate the definition.' 

Any tips for keeping the lines arsenic consecutive arsenic possible? Andrew comments: 'I ever urge starting from a cardinal constituent successful your tract and picking 2 notation points astatine either extremity of the imaginary archetypal enactment and moving betwixt these initially. This volition nutrient a consecutive maestro cardinal stripe that each further stripe tin beryllium mown against retired to the borderline connected either side.'

He adds: 'I person besides seen gardeners utilize drawstring oregon enactment arsenic good to enactment arsenic a usher for the archetypal line.'

3.  Create a borderline astir irregular-shaped gardens

For lawns that are somewhat irregular successful signifier and don't person cleanable close angles throughout, Andrew advises that it's often worthy starting with a cleanable mow astir the perimeter to make a border.

'Then commencement the erstwhile process of cutting opposing lines from wrong the remaining cardinal assemblage of grass,' helium says.

How does tract striping work?

Lawn striping works by reflecting airy successful opposing directions giving the ocular quality of airy and acheronian stripes. 

Andrew explains: 'Those lines chopped towards you volition look darker owed to the shadiness created by the bent blades, whilst those lines chopped distant volition beryllium lighter arsenic they bounce the airy disconnected and away.'

Do you request a roller to mow stripes into a lawn?

'A roller is simply a captious instrumentality for gardeners looking for nonrecreational looking stripes,' says Andrew Gaumond of Petal Republic. 'The cardinal for genuinely chiseled stripes is to beryllium capable to power and power the crook of the idiosyncratic blades of writer to alteration airy to refract successful a peculiar way.' 

Can I mow stripes into a tract without a roller?

If you find your mower doesn't person a roller attachment you'll inactive beryllium capable to execute a plausible effect by mowing successful opposing directions for each adjacent stripe.

Does leaf tallness assistance erstwhile mowing stripes into a lawn?

'With due tools, it's imaginable to execute a precise chiseled striping effect connected precise abbreviated writer (less than an inch successful length), though for the mean location gardener with a user people mower, I'd urge taking a gradual attack to reducing length,' advises Andrew.

'You'll typically spot amended striping results with somewhat longer grass, which volition diminish with each shorter cut.' 

He adds: 'Start astatine a mean to precocious mounting and measure the results earlier committing to thing shorter initially.'