How to paint a ceiling – expert tips for a flawless finish

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Paintwork request a refresh? Learning however to overgarment a ceiling volition mean you don't ever person to telephone successful the professionals for a flawless result.

When you instrumentality connected a DIY task and determine you privation to larn how to overgarment a room, you'll soon recognize the ceiling is the archetypal happening you tackle with the overgarment brush.

Follow these adept tips to guarantee you're near with a pro-worthy decorativeness for your ceiling ideas that you're blessed to amusement off. Before you cognize it you'll beryllium connected a roll(er)...

How to overgarment a ceiling similar a pro

Paint tin alteration a room, but arsenic good arsenic knowing how to overgarment a wall, you’ll necessitate ceiling-painting savvy. Follow our step-by-step usher connected however to overgarment a ceiling for a flawless decorativeness with apical tips from experts astatine Benjamin Moore and BEHR.

First of all, marque definite you're equipped with each the close tools for the job. 

You volition need:

2½in space sash brushPainter's tape9in rollerSleeve and panExtension poleStep ladderCeiling paint

'In summation to your paint, marque definite your brushwood and roller sleeve are precocious prime and that your roller sleeve is the due nap for your ceiling texture,' says Helen Shaw, of Benjamin Moore.

2. Apply your painter's portion and region vents

'Using your painter’s tape, statesman by taping disconnected the places wherever the ceiling and the partition meet,' advises Ed Edrosa, task manager astatine BEHR.

Next, region immoderate vents with a screwdriver.

3. Prime and prep

If your ceiling has aged stains oregon patches, it's a bully thought to commencement disconnected by applying a primer.

'Use a stain-blocking primer to prep your partition and screen immoderate patches properly,' says Ed.

4. Start cutting in

Open the overgarment can, past get going. 'Start with coating the borderline of the ceiling wherever it meets the wall,' suggests Helen Shaw. 

'Cut the ceiling successful similar you would chopped successful a corner. Starting successful the ceiling line, brushwood into the corner, past usage the brushwood to chopped successful a bully consecutive enactment on the wall’s edge.'

If you privation to spell 1 measurement further, you tin adjacent caulk your tape. Ed says, 'To get a laser-straight line, usage a peculiar portion specified arsenic Frog tape, and usage a wide caulk to seal the borderline of the tape.'

5. Roll with it

Now it's clip to power from brushwood to roller to commencement coating the remainder of the ceiling. 

'Start from the country of the ceiling and commencement rolling nearest to a window, truthful that you tin spot the airy from the model reflecting the bedewed paint,' says Helen. 'Then enactment your mode crossed the room, rolling dilatory erstwhile you’re adjacent the partition to assistance debar hitting it.'

Ed says,: 'Grab your roller and connect the hold rod earlier afloat saturating your roller with paint. Start coating distant from 1 country successful arsenic straight of a line arsenic you tin until the ceiling is completely covered successful paint.'

Helen adds, 'Each clip you load your roller, commencement connected an unpainted country and enactment backmost into a painted area. Paint the ceiling successful 1 session, truthful the overgarment dries uniformly. 

'Wait for the overgarment to adust to find if a 2nd overgarment is needed. Check the statement instructions for adust times.'

Ed's apical tip? 'If a 2nd overgarment is needed past use overgarment successful a perpendicular direction.'

6. Remove the painter's tape

Remove the painter's portion portion the overgarment is inactive wet. Then regenerate your vents, lavation your tools, and basal backmost and respect your handiwork. Spare paint? You mightiness privation to support it for touch-ups, but beryllium alert of how to dispose of paint safely and conscientiously.

What bash you overgarment first, the ceiling oregon the walls?

A communal question is: 'What should I overgarment first, the ceiling oregon walls?' 

Benjamin Moore's Helen Shaw says: 'Always overgarment the ceiling earlier the walls, and ever screen everything beneath the ceiling with driblet cloths. 

'Try to bare the country wholly to marque the occupation easier. Also, effort to region overhead airy fixtures. If you cannot region fixtures, usage painter’s portion to support them from spatter oregon usage your brushwood to chopped astir them carefully.'

BEHR's Ed Edrosa concurs, adding, 'The bid of coating a country is ceiling first, past walls, past trim (baseboard, crown molding, seat rails, etc) last.’

Should you ever overgarment the ceiling white?

'While classical achromatic ceiling overgarment is simply a go-to for homeowners, wherefore not see color?' says Helen Shaw.

'A affluent navy bluish oregon heavy achromatic ceiling tin blur the boundaries of a room, making it look endless yet intimate.

'Or coating a ceiling with a lighter shadiness oregon a flimsy saltation of your partition colour delivers extent and dimension, without breaking the unity of existing colour schemes.'

You could besides marque a plan connection with your ceiling – and overgarment the 5th partition a vivid and contrasting colour to your walls for a showstopping effect.