How to paint a door – simple steps to make this DIY job a breeze

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Finishing a country is each astir the details, and learning however to overgarment a doorway volition guarantee a slick and up-to-date backdrop successful immoderate space.

Unlike painting a wall, a doorway is seldom a flat, uncomplicated surface: determination is doorway furnishings and paneling to negotiate. Then, there's the overgarment finish, too. 

'Window casings, doors and trims are astir often painted with a higher sheen, arsenic the glossier paints are the astir durable,' says Ed Edrosa, task manager astatine BEHR. 'The sheen besides works to item architectural features.'

Discover apical tips to bring your doorway paint ideas to life, below. 

How to overgarment a doorway for a flawless finish

We've asked the overgarment experts astatine Benjamin Moore and BEHR to assistance marque coating a doorway seamless and stress-free, and the decorativeness professional. Paint brushes astatine the ready?

1. Take the doorway disconnected its hinges

When you are painting a room, it's a bully thought to instrumentality the doorway disconnected its hinges earlier you overgarment it, and spot it determination implicit a expanse covering. 

If you can't oregon don't privation to bash this, marque definite to support each the areas astir the door, including the doorway frame, hinges, level and doorway handles.

Whichever enactment you choose, mentation and extortion is cardinal to guarantee a cleanable job.

2. Remove the hardware and prep the door

'If you are going to region the hardware, instrumentality photos earlier doing so,' says Helen Shaw, of Benjamin Moore. 'Put each hardware components successful intelligibly labeled bags truthful that reassembling the hardware is easier.'

She adds: 'If the doorway is successful comparatively bully shape, you could portion the hardware and overgarment the doorway without removing the hardware. This method is little preferred due to the fact that it tin effect successful brushwood marks from cutting successful astir the hardware.'

Once you region the hardware, the past measurement earlier prepping coating is to portion disconnected immoderate glazing wrong the door, oregon sections of the doorway you won't beryllium painting. 

 To hole the doorway for painting, capable immoderate cracks oregon dents and soil backmost on the grain. Doors that person ne'er request coating whitethorn request priming too, for champion results. More connected that below.

3. Work from apical to bottom

'Paint doors from apical to bottom,' advises Ed Edrosa, task manager astatine BEHR. This volition assistance guarantee that you drawback immoderate drips and runs earlier they dry.

He continues: 'Use a brushwood for coating successful a tiny panel. You tin usage a brushwood implicit the full aboveground to debar the quality of roller stipple.'

For sheet doors and frames, usage sheet bordering arsenic earthy interruption points, cutting astir the edges and filling successful the middle.

4. Prevent drips and runs arsenic you work

To forestall overgarment drips and pools from ruining a sleek overgarment job, effort these pro tips.

When coating doors laid horizontally:

'Be definite to brushwood the inset panels,' says Benjamin Moore's Helen Shaw. 'Check panels for pooling overgarment aft rolling oregon spraying.'

When coating doors lasting vertically:

Helen advises: 'Watch retired for runs, particularly if you are moving with thinned paint. Humidity tin support the merchandise unfastened longer truthful cheque for runs oregon sags. Have a 2-inch level and 2-inch angled brushwood acceptable for hard-to-reach places.'

5. Wait for the overgarment to dry

It's important to hold until the overgarment has cured earlier adding a 2nd coat, re-installing oregon utilizing your door. Ed advises: 'Allow capable clip for the overgarment to adust afloat earlier putting doors and windows backmost into use. Otherwise, they volition instrumentality together.'

While overgarment whitethorn consciousness adust to the interaction aft conscionable a fewer hours, you'll privation to springiness it astatine slightest a time to cure capable that it nary longer runs the hazard of sticking. 

Do I request to premier a doorway earlier painting? 

Primer is utile erstwhile coating a doorway due to the fact that it helps overgarment adhere to the aboveground and blocks stains. There are a fewer reasons to premier a doorway earlier painting.

One, if it's an unfinished wood oregon fiberglass door, and this is the archetypal clip you'll beryllium coating it, you should usage a primer first. This volition assistance overgarment adhere to the door's surface, which is particularly important since a doorway is simply a dynamic constituent successful your location that volition get moved and touched a lot.

Another crushed to premier a doorway is if you sanded disconnected a erstwhile stain oregon finish. Adding a primer volition guarantee that the aged colors don't bleed through, and it volition springiness you an even, creaseless finish.

Finally, if you've filled holes oregon repaired the aboveground of the door, utilizing a primer earlier coating volition assistance guarantee a azygous overgarment job. 

What benignant of overgarment should I usage for a door?

Choosing the close overgarment for your doorway is cardinal to a lasting finish.

If you're coating an interior door, marque definite you spell for the close paint finishes. A latex overgarment with a sheen is simply a bully choice. Gloss, semi-gloss oregon eggshell paints are wipeable, truthful you tin easy cleanable fingerprints and footwear marks disconnected the door.  Skip the high-gloss unless you're an experienced painter, since high-gloss paints amusement brushwood marks easier and are trickier to use.

If you're readying to alteration your front doorway color oregon revamping an exterior door, you'll request exterior overgarment that's suitable for the worldly of your door. An exterior latex overgarment volition enactment good for some wood and fiberglass.