How to paint a front door – for a professional finish

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Know however to overgarment a beforehand doorway correctly and you’ll marque the task easier and the results better. A pro-style decorativeness volition besides support the doorway from the upwind efficaciously truthful it lasts.

The beforehand doorway is simply a large constituent of painting a location exterior, and completing the occupation of coating it successfully volition boost the home’s curb appeal. Selecting the close paint finish – gloss oregon with little sheen – should besides beryllium cardinal to your front doorway ideas.

We’ve enactment unneurotic a step-by-step usher to achieving large results erstwhile you’re coating a beforehand door, and asked the experts to lend their proposal connected getting a nonrecreational finish.

How to overgarment a beforehand door

Painting a beforehand doorway isn’t a hard task but conscionable arsenic with painting a room, what’s cardinal is bully mentation and tackling the occupation successful the close order. It’s worthy the effort, according to colour and overgarment adept Annie Sloan. ‘This is your accidental to physique excitement for the remainder of your location and make an entranceway that puts a grin connected your look each clip you instrumentality home,’ she says.

1. Prepare to overgarment a beforehand door

Before you adjacent crook your attraction to the beforehand doorway itself, deliberation astir the weather. ‘When coating a beforehand doorway it is important to guarantee you bash it connected a time you are guaranteed adust weather, truthful marque definite you cheque the forecast up of clip to debar immoderate rain,’ says James Greenwood, overgarment adept astatine Graham & Brown.

A beforehand doorway tin beryllium painted successful situ, though you whitethorn privation to marque the task easier by removing it. ‘Unscrew the hinges connected the door, unscrewing the hinges from the door pillars first,’ says Michael Rolland, DIY adept and managing manager of The Paint Shed. ‘Removing the hinges makes it overmuch easier to paint the door and besides ensures that paint won’t get connected the hinges and spoil the appearance. Having power implicit wherever you paint the door also ensures that you tin negociate the lighting and drying conditions, 2 factors which tin importantly interaction the finished look.

‘The front door will beryllium dense erstwhile the hinges are nary longer holding it successful place, truthful immoderate woody wedges placed astatine crushed level whitethorn beryllium required during this process. You'll astir apt request assistance to assistance it onto immoderate sawhorses oregon immoderate you are utilizing arsenic a coating platform.’

2. Remove hardware and cleanable and soil the door

Before a beforehand doorway is painted, its elements of hardware – knocker, doorknob, and truthful connected – should beryllium removed. Set broadside carefully. ‘They tin beryllium reattached erstwhile your paint has dried oregon even replaced with caller ones successful a antithetic colour to suit your door's makeover,’ says Michael Rolland. 

You tin usage masking portion astir locks, keyholes and hinges arsenic good if you’re coating a beforehand doorway without removing it.

Next, cleanable the aboveground of the doorway with a mild detergent. ‘Pay attraction to removing immoderate grease, peculiarly astir doorknobs wherever it is astir apt to accumulate,’ says Michael.

Sand the surface. ‘For antecedently painted doors successful a bully condition, lightly soil with 240 grit sandpaper,’ says Rachael Meadowcroft, elder merchandise manager astatine Ronseal. ‘For woody doors with flaking, cracked oregon peeling paint, usage 120 grit sandpaper to soil distant the overgarment down to the bare wood. We urge utilizing an electrical sander to marque a speedy occupation of it but you could usage a level scraper.’

The sanding process is cardinal to a bully job. ‘To a ample extent, the last decorativeness volition beryllium connected however cautiously the door is prepared,’ says Michael. ‘You privation the door to consciousness arsenic creaseless arsenic imaginable earlier painting, but if it is excessively polished the paint will not instrumentality arsenic well. Good paint adhesion is reliant connected a tiny magnitude of grip, truthful effort not to implicit soil your surface. 

‘Once this is done capable immoderate dents with a suitable wood filler, overfilling to compensate for immoderate shrinkage. Resand these areas and past usage an aged paintbrush oregon a tack rag to region immoderate particulate from the sanding process.’

3. Prepare materials

Have each your materials acceptable to statesman painting. Wood overgarment specified for exterior usage is indispensable positive primer (unless the peculiar overgarment doesn’t necessitate primer to beryllium utilized first).

Get brushes and rollers together, too. ‘If you are coating a flat door, without paneling oregon molding, a tiny roller oregon 4in paint brush should suffice,’ says Michael Rolland.

‘For coating paneled doors a smaller 2in brushwood is required for much intricate areas. Have a damp sponge connected manus oregon thing you tin usage to dampen the door prior to coating – this volition dilatory down the complaint astatine which the paint dries, giving you much clip to cleanable your strokes and screen immoderate brushwood marks.’

4. Prime the door

Unless the overgarment you are utilizing doesn’t necessitate a primer, the beforehand doorway should present beryllium primed. ‘Prime each six sides of the door with due primer, including the inside, outside, near and close edges arsenic good arsenic the apical and bottom,’ says Michael Rolland.

5. Paint the beforehand door

Time is of the essence to get nonrecreational results erstwhile coating a beforehand door. ‘Start by utilizing an angled sash brush, paint over the primer archetypal and past into the corners of the raised panels,’ says Michael Rolland. ‘Starting with the apical panels, enactment down to the lowest panels. Brush near and right, followed by up and down to dispersed the paint evenly. 

‘Use paint sparingly and don't fto the paint puddle. A 4in roller tin beryllium utilized to use the paint to the raised panels, rolling with the atom of the wood.’

Repeat the process to use further coats of paint. ‘For a nonrecreational finish, the door will request respective coats of paint,’ says Michael. ‘Many bladed coats are amended than 1 heavy overgarment of paint. It'll usually cure faster and look better, too. Just retrieve to fto each overgarment adust decently earlier the adjacent overgarment is applied – the darker the colour the much coats that volition beryllium required.’

Painting the doorway successful place? ‘Once the doorway is painted it is captious you support the doorway unfastened until the overgarment is dry,’ says James Greenwood. ‘If the doorway is unopen excessively soon past bedewed overgarment astir the edges whitethorn instrumentality to the doorway frame.’

Make definite the doorway is afloat adust earlier replacing hardware.

Should a beforehand doorway beryllium satin oregon gloss?

A beforehand doorway could beryllium painted successful a satin oregon gloss decorativeness – exterior paints are sold successful some these finishes arsenic good arsenic flatter options. Gloss has much luster than satin overgarment and is mostly much durable, and easier to clean, but satin tin inactive beryllium a large prime for a beforehand doorway if you similar little sheen.

Some radical are enactment disconnected utilizing gloss by its perceived downsides. ‘The thought of gloss overgarment tin beryllium scary,’ says Martin Waller, laminitis of planetary plan brand, Andrew Martin. ‘Lots of preparation, and it’s often a merchandise thought of arsenic heavy and odorous, tricky to use and hard to cleanable up afterwards. Times person changed! Many gloss paints including Andrew Martin’s fantabulous mentation are h2o based and request hardly immoderate preparation, person virtually zero odor and truly casual to use and enactment with.’

Do I request to premier my beforehand doorway earlier painting?

Generally, a beforehand doorway should beryllium primed earlier painting. ‘For the overgarment to adhere to the surface, usage an due primer – applying an undercoat volition supply a mean movie to springiness the caller colour opacity and assistance to screen implicit antecedently painted surfaces,’ says Matthew Brown, Sadolin and Sandtex method consultant.

James Greenwood, overgarment adept astatine Graham & Brown agrees. ‘If you are coating your doorway a lighter color, past a primer tin screen up the existing colour meaning you volition request little coats overall,’ helium says. ‘A primer is important for ensuring the longevity and durability of the overgarment arsenic well.’

Be alert that immoderate paints are designed arsenic an all-in-one with a abstracted primer not required. However, this typically works champion erstwhile coating a caller bare wood door, oregon for coating the doorway successful the aforesaid oregon a darker color.