How to paint a popcorn ceiling – 5 simple steps to a beautiful finish

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Commonplace successful mid-century homes, a popcorn ceiling tin beryllium hard to overgarment owed to its galore contours and grooves. From preparing the textured aboveground to choosing the close finish, coating your popcorn ceiling needn't beryllium a hard task. And, we guarantee you, the results volition smarten up adjacent the dreariest of spaces.

Take a look astatine our step-by-step usher connected however to overgarment a popcorn ceiling. It volition assistance you execute the champion results erstwhile tackling this alternatively tricky aboveground – leaving you with a smart, nonrecreational decorativeness each time. 

Do I person a popcorn ceiling?

Simply put, a popcorn ceiling is simply a raised bumpy aboveground that whitethorn person been installed for each mode of reasons, but predominantly to disguise immoderate unsightly problems with the aboveground successful question. Could your ceiling ideas beryllium ripe for rediscovery? Painting your popcorn ceiling is simply a large DIY project that conscionable requires immoderate time, musculus and minimal expenditure. However, if you privation to remove your popcorn ceiling oregon textured ceiling, we urge calling successful the experts.

If you person entree to a overgarment sprayer, it volition marque coating your popcorn ceiling overmuch easier and little messy. But if you don't, a roller is your champion bet. Alex Glover, Lick’s DIY Specialist recommends a ‘roller with a heavy pile’. He advises that ‘an exterior roller is champion arsenic you tin load much overgarment onto it and get betwixt the grooves.’ 

If your ceiling has peculiarly heavy pits and grooves, Alex suggests you see your options. ‘Most textured ceilings are usually inactive level capable to usage a roller, if it isn’t, a brushwood is preferable,’ helium confirms. 

These are the tools you request to person adjacent astatine manus earlier you embark connected your project.

Drop cloths and protective sheetingVacuum cleanerRoller and hold poleThick heap nap screen for your rollerPaint trayThick ceiling paintAngled brushwood for cutting in 2, Prepare your surface

Be precise gentle erstwhile cleaning the popcorn ceiling with the vacuum, you don’t privation to spot disconnected immoderate sections of texture. 

Remember erstwhile coating a textured ceiling, you’ll request to usage much overgarment than usual, truthful guarantee you screen each items successful the country with driblet cloths and protective sheeting earlier you start. 

And ever see ventilation. Try to unfastened arsenic galore windows arsenic imaginable truthful the country has plentifulness of air. This volition assistance velocity up the drying clip too. 

3. Apply overgarment to the ceiling

Start your task by loading your angled brushwood with overgarment and mildly chopped successful and overgarment on the edges of the ceiling. 

Once completed you are acceptable to determination connected to the roller. Helen Shaw from Benjamin Moore suggests ‘wetting the roller a small with cleanable h2o to assistance the overgarment load onto the roller much easily’. 

Dip the roller into the overgarment and usage the raised country of the roller tray to enactment disconnected the excess, this volition assistance forestall drips. Apply the overgarment to the ceiling successful a W action, moving dilatory crossed the partition and blending adjacent areas unneurotic arsenic you work. 

Don't property excessively hard connected the roller arsenic this volition dispersed the overgarment excessively thinly and whitethorn effect successful needing to use other coats. Roll arsenic adjacent to the chopped successful edges arsenic you can. 

Be definite to modulate the magnitude of overgarment you load connected the roller sleeve. Whilst popcorn texture needs a heavy overgarment of paint, applying excessively overmuch tin soak into the texture of the ceiling, weakening it and causing it to fall. 

4. Apply 2 oregon 3 coats of paint

Once the archetypal overgarment of overgarment is dry, hold for respective hours earlier applying the adjacent coat. Most ceilings necessitate 2 coats of paint, but owed to the thick, bumpy texture of a popcorn ceiling, you whitethorn request a 3rd coat. The champion happening to bash is hold for each overgarment to adust and marque a judgement then. 

5. Finish and cleanable up

Once you are blessed with the result, beryllium definite to cleanable your brushwood and roller sleeve with lukewarm soapy h2o to region each the paint. Let them adust thoroughly earlier you store away.