How to paint a room – a step-by-step expert guide

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Looking to larn precisely however to overgarment a wall? Expert tips and proposal volition guarantee you get a professional-looking decorativeness connected your adjacent DIY project.

'When it comes to location interiors, determination truly is nary 'fast and easy' mode to overgarment walls,' says Helen Shaw, of Benjamin Moore. 

'Two ways to guarantee your coating task is simply a success: properly prepare the surface and instrumentality your time. Remember to work each labels and travel each instructions carefully, too.'

See beneath for much adept tips and paint ideas.

How to overgarment a country for a nonrecreational finish

Follow these apical tips for how to overgarment a wall from Benjamin Moore to get sleek and chic results.

how to overgarment   a country   by Benjamin Moore

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

The close tools are important. Here's what you'll need:

Wash and adust roller sleeves to region immoderate escaped fibers anterior to paintingHigh-quality roller sleeve and handle; usage a 3/8-inch sleeve for astir finishes, a 1/4-inch sleeve for glossy finishes, and a thicker, 1/2- oregon 3/4-inch sleeve for rougher, textured wallsPainter's tapePanExtension pole Step ladder You’ll besides request prime paint, similar premium Aura® Interior, Regal® Select Interior, a favourite of homeowners and coating professionals, oregon ben® Interior, a overgarment formulated specifically to assistance DIY-ers with quick-fix drips and creaseless touch-ups2. Make definite to prep properly

grey and achromatic  chamber  with acheronian  grey walls, 4  poster bed, achromatic  armchair, patterned cushions, broadside  table, lamp

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Preparing the walls of the country is ever captious to a palmy overgarment job, starting with cleaning. 

Most walls tin beryllium washed utilizing a sponge and lukewarm water. If determination is mildew, beryllium definite to region it completely. 

Priming is besides essential; beryllium definite to inquire for a heavy basal primer if coating a darker hue.

3. Put painter's portion successful place

living country   with yellowish  accent wall, achromatic  chimney breast, woody  floor

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Once the surfaces are cleanable and dry, usage painter’s masking portion oregon good, old-fashioned masking portion to screen immoderate sockets, switches and skirting boards successful the area.

You’ll request a rotation oregon 2 of painter’s portion to support immoderate mouldings oregon switches from immoderate drips and guarantee a neat finish. Make definite you use the portion cautiously to get a bully seal to debar overgarment getting underneath and running.

4. Paint the ceiling first

Living country   with reddish  wall, yellowish  armchair, wood   level  and patterned rug

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

A communal question is: 'What should I overgarment first, the ceiling oregon walls?'

Always overgarment the ceiling earlier the walls, and ever screen everything beneath the ceiling with driblet cloths. 

Try to bare the country wholly to marque the occupation easier. Also, effort to region overhead airy fixtures. If you cannot region fixtures, usage painter's portion to support them from spatter oregon usage your brushwood to chopped astir them carefully.

Start with coating the borderline of the ceiling wherever it meets the partition first. Cut the ceiling successful similar you would chopped successful a corner. 

Starting successful the ceiling line, brushwood into the country and feather overgarment 2-3 inches and down onto the wall. 

Use the brushwood to chopped successful a bully consecutive enactment on the wall’s edge. Switch from brushwood to roller to commencement coating the remainder of the ceiling. 

Start from the country of the ceiling and commencement rolling nearest to a window, truthful that you tin spot the airy from the model reflecting the bedewed paint. Then enactment your mode crossed the room, rolling dilatory erstwhile you’re adjacent the partition to assistance debar hitting it.

Each clip you load your roller, commencement connected an unpainted country and enactment backmost into a painted area. 

Paint the ceiling successful 1 session, truthful the overgarment dries uniformly. Wait for the overgarment to adust to find if a 2nd overgarment is needed. Check the statement instructions for adust times.

5. Cut successful the walls

Beige chamber  with colored accessorises

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

When your ceiling is dry, you tin determination connected to the walls. 

When learning how to overgarment a wall, the archetypal acquisition is to 'cut in' with a 2½-inch space sash brush. 

Cutting successful with a overgarment brushwood is erstwhile you overgarment on the ceiling line, corners, windows, doors, molding, outlets and switches anterior to utilizing a roller.

6. Get acceptable to roll

two tones of pinkish  painted chamber  with linen bedding and woody  paneling

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

Place a liner successful your overgarment tray, and cautiously determination overgarment into the tray. Begin loading your roller by rolling it on the raised roll-off country of the pan. 

Touch the paint, but bash truthful without wholly immersing the sleeve. Repeat this question until the roller is afloat saturated.

Start each conception rolling from the apical down first, overlapping each enactment astir 3-5 inches. Apply lone airy pressure, letting the roller and the overgarment bash the work. If you property excessively hard, you whitethorn make drips and runs.

Every clip you reload the roller, statesman a caller enactment connected an unpainted country and enactment backmost into the antecedently painted row. Your hold rod should beryllium agelong capable to let you to scope the highest and lowest points of the partition comfortably.

7. Don't instrumentality connected immense spaces each astatine erstwhile to debar streaks

Benjamin Moore's colour  of the year, October Mist

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Painting walls without streaks is 1 important method to master; commencement by steering wide of coating excessively ample a abstraction astatine 1 time. 

Painting manageable-sized areas volition assistance you support a 'wet edge' – the exertion of overgarment toward the unpainted country and past backmost into the just-painted aboveground – which volition yet nutrient a smooth, azygous quality and assistance to forestall thigh marks.

8. Apply astatine slightest 2 coats of paint

how to overgarment   a room

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Benjamin Moore recommends astatine slightest 2 coats of your topcoat merchandise for optimal fell and colour development. 

Check the overgarment tin for the recommended drying times and hold until the overgarment is wholly adust earlier you adhd the 2nd coat. 

Be definite to let due cure clip earlier returning fixtures, partition plates oregon frames to the walls.