How to paint over wallpaper – an expert guide

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Wondering if coating implicit wallpaper to alteration the look of a country is possible?

Contrary to fashionable belief, you don’t person to cognize how to region wallpaper successful bid to redecorate – coating implicit wallpaper tin prevention time, effort and wealth if done right. And it doesn’t mean sacrificing a bully prime finish, either. 

It’s each astir the prep work, according to Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. ‘Good mentation volition marque a immense quality to the prime of your finished project,’ she says. ‘Do it the nighttime earlier you program to decorate, truthful you tin easy use 2 coats and person the country finished successful 1 day,’ she says.  

How to overgarment implicit wallpaper 

Painting implicit wallpaper is arsenic casual arsenic learning how to overgarment a wall successful theory. However, determination are a fewer other steps you should instrumentality to debar disappointing results, arsenic good arsenic immoderate further surprises further down the line.

These steps positive apical tips from the experts explicate what tools and techniques to usage for a nonrecreational finish.  

Is coating implicit wallpaper a bully idea? 

If you inquire manufacture experts however to overgarment implicit wallpaper, chances are they’ll counsel against it. As a wide rule, removing aged wallpaper is the amended way to spell down – however, it does person downsides. 

‘When removing wallpaper, there’s a accidental you could harm the partition beneath, peculiarly if you person an aged house,’ says Aaron Markwell, colour pb astatine COAT. ‘It tin instrumentality ages to region if faced with furniture upon layer, truthful coating is often the champion people of action.’

If clip is of the essence, coating implicit wallpaper is your champion bet. However, determination are scenarios erstwhile removing wallpaper is essential, regardless. ‘If it’s peeling successful aggregate places for example, oregon if there’s immoderate motion of mold,’ says Aaron. ‘If it’s the latter, you’ll besides request to find and hole the origin – don’t conscionable overgarment implicit it.’

1. Clean the walls 

The archetypal happening you’ll request to bash is springiness the wallpaper a hitch with a damp cloth. ‘If there's ungraded oregon particulate successful the wallpaper the overgarment won't instrumentality decently and volition peel disconnected later,’ says interior decorator and nonrecreational creator Tony Adams of DIY Geeks. He recommends utilizing a diluted solution of TSP, peculiarly if the walls are greasy, but a mild detergent solution works well, too. Be definite to fto the walls adust thoroughly. 

2. Ensure an adjacent surface 

The cleaning process is simply a bully accidental to find immoderate uneven surfaces and marque immoderate indispensable repairs.

‘Check for cracks, screw holes, seams and imperfections and usage filler wherever needed. Where determination person been repairs, soil them down creaseless truthful that the country looks seamless erstwhile painted,’ says Ruth. 

If wallpaper is peeling oregon coming distant astatine the edges, usage adhesive to seal them down. Don’t beryllium tempted to conscionable overgarment implicit occupation areas – it’ll lone effect successful problems further down the enactment and perchance costly repairs. 

3. Cover the seams 

‘If the wallpaper has overlapping seams, peel them disconnected with a putty knife, past capable the gaps with a associated compound. Allow it to dry, past soil again to make a creaseless surface,’ says Jan Walter, laminitis of Gocolourize .

4. Use a primer 

Next, use a primer to the walls. This ensures a smooth, achromatic decorativeness which is overmuch easier to overgarment connected to and results successful a amended prime finish. An oil-based primer is the champion mode to go. ‘A water-based 1 volition soak into the wallpaper and weaken the glue,’ says Tony. This tin effect successful the insubstantial bubbling oregon coming distant from the wall, neither of which is ideal. 

If you’re hiding a peculiarly colored oregon patterned print, see coating implicit the primer again with a achromatic matte emulsion.  

5. Apply astatine slightest 2 coats of overgarment  

When the primer is wholly dry, use the apical coat. The process is the aforesaid arsenic erstwhile coating a wall; commencement successful the country and overgarment successful horizontal bands from apical to bottom. 

‘When it comes to the must-have tools, a steadfast favourite amongst consumers is to usage a roller for coating walls and a 2 successful brushwood for cutting successful astir the edges. To guarantee a creaseless finish, a microfiber roller sleeve is best,’ says Helen Shaw of Benjamin Moore. 

For champion results, you’ll request to use a 2nd overgarment of paint, peculiarly if the wallpaper underneath was brightly colored oregon patterned. 

What benignant of overgarment bash you usage to overgarment implicit wallpaper?

If you’ve covered your wallpaper with an oil-based primer, you tin usage immoderate benignant of overgarment implicit the apical – bully prime paints are preferable. Never usage a water-based primer arsenic it tin origin the wallpaper to bubble oregon go escaped implicit time. 

Can you overgarment implicit immoderate wallpaper? 

In theory, yes, arsenic agelong arsenic it’s not fabric-backed vinyl. However, the prime of decorativeness volition disagree depending connected what you’re covering, which mightiness impact your decision. ‘If you’re unsure, you whitethorn privation to trial a tiny country archetypal to spot however the overgarment reacts to the aboveground – peculiarly if the wallpaper is shiny,’ advises Ruth. 

Textured wallpaper tin beryllium hard to remove, truthful coating implicit tin beryllium tempting. However, it’s apt to amusement done the paint, which isn’t a large look. It’s imaginable to skim implicit it, but that’s a occupation for a professional, and usually requires taking disconnected the wallpaper anyway.