How to paint wood furniture – an expert guide

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If you're wondering however to overgarment wood furnishings past this is the usher for you. From choosing the close portion of furnishings and selecting paints and brushes done to finishing your project, the experts stock their nonrecreational penetration connected however to overgarment wood furniture. 

Painting wood furnishings somewhat differs from tackling wood erstwhile you paint a room; however, successful some cases mentation is cardinal to achieving a nonrecreational finish. Never unreserved preparing your portion of furniture, the clip you walk preparing volition guarantee your painted furnishings stays looking large for years to come. 

'Colorful furnishings has made a immense resurgence implicit the past fewer years, but it has been hard to find breathtaking colored cabinetry extracurricular of the bespoke sector,' says Claire Hornby, caput of originative astatine Barker and Stonehouse. Learning however to overgarment wood furnishings gives you the accidental to make a portion afloat of colour and quality that perfectly complements your interior scheme.

How to overgarment wood furniture

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Gone are the days of hastily assembled flatpack and cooky cutter interiors. Today, interior plan is each astir property and character. Antique and vintage stores are a treasure trove of beauteous pieces of furnishings that you won't find anyplace else. However, these vintage gems often request a small TLC to bring them up to scratch oregon a sometimes request a alteration of colour to suit your look. 

That’s wherever the painted furnishings gyration comes to the fore. Learning however to overgarment wood furnishings tin alteration a boring brownish thorax of drawers that's different destined for landfill into the leader of your chamber scheme.  

In summation to creating characterful pieces for your home, learning however to overgarment woody furnishings volition besides prevention you wealth arsenic tons of these antiques merchantability for a song, and besides cognize that you’re doing your spot for the planet, repurposing alternatively than buying new.

1. Prepare your space

Selecting a ventilated area, ideally outdoors oregon successful a garage, is cardinal erstwhile learning however to overgarment wood furniture. Also laic a particulate screen implicit the workspace.

2. Prepare your furniture

Remove immoderate hardware, doors and drawers. Sand painted furnishings with a coarse sandpaper to region the erstwhile color. Wash unpainted furnishings with sweetener soap and past lightly sand. Wipe with methylated spirits to region immoderate particulate oregon grease.

Sanding is cardinal earlier immoderate repainting project. ‘It is ever important to hole the aboveground arsenic outlined connected the tin, adjacent if antecedently painted,’ adds Hanna Ellis. 

If you are looking to repaint a painted oregon glossed portion of furniture, it is important to region this furniture first. To execute this soil the surfaces with a coarse sandpaper, (between 60 and 80 grit). If your portion has intricate carving and detailing, dainty with a stripper to region overgarment and gloss. If you're unsure of wherever to commencement past beryllium definite to find retired how to portion overgarment from wood. 

For an unpainted piece, 'start with a bully scrub with sweetener soap to region dirt, grease, aged polish/wax oregon nicotine, rinse thoroughly and let to dry,’ says Hanna Ellis of Frenchic Paints. Then travel by sanding with a airy sandpaper (between 180 and 220 grit) to make a cardinal to assistance the overgarment to adhere. Once having sanded your piece, wiped the aboveground with methylated spirits to region immoderate grease oregon dust. Then permission to adust for a fewer moments earlier painting. 

3. Prime woody furniture

Knowing how to unfastened a overgarment can is besides indispensable – yes, determination is simply a close mode to bash it. If needed premier your furnishings present and let it to adust for the recommended clip arsenic stipulated connected the tin. Drying clip is cardinal to ensuring that your finished portion isn't streaky.

4. Start painting

Once your primer has dried oregon if your overgarment includes a primer past you tin commencement painting. Opt for a circular brushwood and use your archetypal overgarment of paint. Ensure that each details are painted. Then let to adust for the recommended time. 

5. Apply a 2nd coat

When this is adust past use your 2nd coat. If utilizing beverage paint, brushwood on the absorption of the grain, portion chalk and mineral overgarment looks champion if painted successful antithetic directions.

6. Finish the piece

Allow this to dry, past see a 3rd overgarment if necessary. Alternatively, use a hardwearing wax oregon decorativeness to support your work.

Finding wood furnishings to paint

The concealed to uncovering a bully portion of wood furnishings to overgarment is to look for bully bones. Look past ironmongery, colors and immoderate scratches and alternatively look astatine the piece's silhouette. Ensure that it is good made, look for coagulated wood and dovetail joints. Check each mechanisms are moving good and that the portion stands powerfully and doesn’t stone oregon wobble.

'I hatred the thought of well-built, cautiously crafted furnishings going to landfill. And portion from an aesthetic constituent of presumption they mightiness person seen amended days, determination is inactive plentifulness of beingness near successful these aged pieces,' says Claire Manton, laminitis of Claire's CraftHouse. 'With the interiors marketplace looking to go much sustainable, upcycling is simply a large mode to reuse pre-loved pieces, portion unleashing your ain creativity.'

If you're struggling to visualise what your finished portion could look like, past determination are tons of painted furnishings ideas to animate you.

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Choosing the close brushwood for coating wood furniture

An often overlooked element, the close brushwood tin marque oregon interruption your project. When starting to probe however to overgarment wood furniture, brushes are a cardinal consideration.

‘There are antithetic schools of thought connected brushes, and it truly depends connected the benignant of overgarment you are using.  For beverage paint, which is h2o based and rather thin, synthetic bristles oregon a blend is amended arsenic they sorb little h2o meaning much overgarment ends up connected the aboveground being painted, and stops the overgarment drying retired excessively overmuch connected the brush. A slanted synthetic brushwood volition springiness a large decorativeness with beverage overgarment oregon immoderate bladed h2o based paint,' says Carolyn Moore, proprietor of Old Fashioned Milk Paint.

'However, immoderate of the thicker mineral/chalk paints volition enactment amended with a thicker earthy bristle brush, adjacent a circular brushwood often utilized for waxing, arsenic they clasp much paint, meaning less dips successful the overgarment and truthful less brushwood marks. If you are readying a batch of painting, look for a bully prime brushwood – the champion you tin afford, to debar annoying bristle shedding and guarantee they enactment successful signifier pursuing repeated uses.'

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What benignant of overgarment to usage connected wood furniture?

There are tons of antithetic paint finishes to take from erstwhile uncovering retired however to overgarment wood furniture. Your prime volition predominately beryllium connected the look you privation to achieve, though it volition besides beryllium guided by whether you are blessed to usage a primer and sealant oregon are looking for an all-in-one product. Also see selecting eco-friendly paints to support your task benignant to the planet.

Chalk paint is the astir communal prime of overgarment for woody furnishings and gets its sanction from the luxurious chalky decorativeness it creates. ‘It’s a multi-purpose overgarment that applies to conscionable astir immoderate surface, without the request for priming oregon sanding,’ says Annie Sloan, laminitis of Annie Sloan Paints. Mineral paint is crafted from mineral pigments combined with a binder, typically acrylic resin. 'Unlike beverage and chalk paint, which request to beryllium sealed with a wax oregon varnish to forestall absorption of grease oregon moisture, mineral overgarment is waterproof and washable alternatively similar an eggshell oregon satin paint,' says Carolyn.Milk paint is rapidly becoming a favourite for furnishings restoration. 'Traditional powdered beverage paints execute a decorativeness that is level backmost to the atom and produces nary brushstrokes,’ explains Joe and Reece Daden-Tapp  of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. 'It is perfectly imaginable to usage a mean eggshell, satin oregon spray overgarment connected furnishings too, if you privation a contemporary, sleek, afloat screen overgarment finish, arsenic agelong arsenic you hole it well!' adds Carolyn.

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Do you request to premier wood furnishings earlier painting?

You don't needfully request to premier wood furnishings earlier painting. This somewhat differs from how to overgarment a wall wherever priming is captious to achieving a high-end finish.

Lots of chalk and mineral paints diagnostic an integrated primer meaning that aft a airy sanding and a hitch down, you tin use the overgarment and inactive execute a flawless finish. Some furnishings paints volition necessitate a primer earlier use, beryllium definite to cheque the tin earlier starting your project. 

However, adjacent if you bash not request to usage a primer, it is indispensable that you hole the wood earlier you commencement painting.

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Should I overgarment the interior of woody furniture?

Whether you determine to overgarment the interior of your wood furnishings is utterly up to you. 'Sometimes a thorough cleanable and immoderate hemp lipid oregon wax is capable to tidy them up,' says Claire Manton. 'It’s worthy remembering that if an old piece has a musty odor to it, coating the interior tin sometimes assistance by sealing odours into the wood, thereby reducing immoderate unpleasant smells. Scented furniture waxes and salves are besides a bully mode to freshen things up.'

How to debar streaks erstwhile coating woody furniture?

Avoiding streaks erstwhile coating woody furniture, each comes down to your overgarment decorativeness and your direction. ‘With beverage overgarment it’s ever champion to brushwood on the absorption of the grain, but there’s nary request to interest excessively overmuch astir brushwood marks, (especially connected earthy wood arsenic it sinks successful similar a stain), beverage overgarment is precise forgiving – it dries truly fast, but with a airy sanding utilizing a ace good sanding sponge aft each coat, it leaves a rich, buttery creaseless decorativeness and nary brushwood marks. However with chalk and mineral paint, it is recommended to overgarment successful antithetic directions to debar brushwood marks, and abdominous circular brushes enactment better,’ explains Carolyn. 

‘When applying the paint, effort not to overload your brushwood arsenic this tin pb to overworking the overgarment which tends to origin dragging marks and unwanted texture. The different extremity is to marque definite you permission the close magnitude of hours betwixt coats,’ adds Hanna Ellis.

How to decorativeness your coating wood furniture

Finishes are cardinal if you don’t privation each your hard enactment to spell to waste. While immoderate paints, particularly beverage paints, are aforesaid sealing meaning that aft a fewer days curing it volition beryllium incredibly durable. However, different paints specified arsenic chalk paints volition request a wax oregon lacquer to forestall it from being marked oregon scuffed.

'Water could harm chalk overgarment if near unprotected. Opt for a circumstantial chalk overgarment wax to support your furnishings portion besides giving a beauteous mellow sheen,' says Annie Sloan. 'Alternatively, you tin usage matt oregon gloss chalk overgarment lacquer. Matt volition springiness a somewhat clouded decorativeness whereas gloss chalk overgarment lacquer volition springiness a high-end sheen.'

How bash you marque a vintage decorativeness connected wood?

The easiest mode to marque a vintage decorativeness connected wood is to usage an antique-style glaze. There are myriad crackled glazes from which to use. Simply use betwixt coats of overgarment to make the distressed effect. 'If you are applying a crackle glaze, ever take a play benignant overgarment specified arsenic beverage paint, which volition effect successful a rich, matt decorativeness arsenic would find connected older pieces,' recommends Carolyn.

However, for a accepted distressed look, past hand-distressing is the mode to go. This is achieved by coating a portion of furnishings a coagulated colour and past buffing the corners and edges with a good sandpaper to uncover the wood beneath. 'Begin by coating a portion of furnishings 1 colour and then, erstwhile it’s dry, overgarment implicit it with a wholly antithetic 2nd color. Sand backmost done to the archetypal colour and successful immoderate areas spell backmost arsenic acold arsenic the archetypal wood. With the close colour combination, it looks beautiful,' says Annie Sloan.

'You tin marque the process easier with immoderate benignant of overgarment by applying wax to the corners/edges earlier painting, truthful the overgarment flakes successful those areas,' recommends Carolyn. 'Any distressing works champion erstwhile the wood beneath is darker – agleam caller conifer showing done doesn’t look aged, truthful successful that lawsuit it is simply a bully thought to stain the wood earlier painting/distressing. You tin adjacent furniture overgarment colors by utilizing a darker colour archetypal and a lighter colour connected top, past distressing backmost to fto the darker colour amusement done – this creates a fantastic effect.'

What happens if you don't soil earlier painting?

If you don't soil earlier coating woody furnishings you volition not execute a creaseless painted decorativeness arsenic overgarment volition stitchery successful immoderate scratches oregon scrapes. It volition besides item immoderate different earthy flaws successful the wood grain. Furthermore, if you don't soil earlier painting, your overgarment whitethorn not instrumentality to the aboveground resulting successful it peeling disconnected erstwhile dry. This is due to the fact that adjacent a airy soil provides a cardinal onto which the overgarment tin adhere.