How to patch a drywall ceiling – an easy guide for DIYers

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Learning however to spot a drywall ceiling is simply a useful portion of cognition that tin prevention you thousands of pounds successful repair costs implicit a lifetime.

Your drywall ceiling whitethorn get damaged done ceiling leaks oregon deterioration and tear, and it's a comparatively casual hole for a seasoned DIYer. 

If you tin larn how to bent drywall ceiling, you tin surely crook your talents to patching one. We asked Nick Cryer, laminitis of high-end residential operation institution Berkeley Place, to stock his apical tips for patching a drywall ceiling below.

How to spot a drywall ceiling for a pro-worthy finish

These apical tips volition guarantee you’re prepared to instrumentality connected those repairs yourself for a caller fresh ceiling that’s arsenic bully arsenic new.

You volition need:

A drywall sawJoint compoundBattery oregon electrical screwdriverPutty knifeFraming squareRuler oregon portion measureSandpaperDrywall primer1. Cut a caller conception of drywall

Try cutting an ‘inspection hole’ earlier removing the damaged conception of drywall. If you chopped the spread and spot electrical wires, plumbing, oregon state lines you whitethorn request to prosecute a nonrecreational to regenerate your ceiling.

Otherwise, gully a container astir your damaged country with a framing square, past chopped this size retired of the existing drywall astir the hole.

‘Measure the thickness of the drywall (most apt 12mm), and chopped a caller replacement conception to size to screen the spread oregon damaged country you privation to patch,’ says Nick.

You tin usage a portion measurement oregon ruler to measurement the cutout conception to get the nonstop dimensions for the caller piece.

Place 2 slabs of wood wrong the spread to enactment the caller conception and screw in. Then screw the caller conception of drywall into place.

2. Apply drywall compound and tape

Taping the edges of the caller spot of drywall to marque it invisible is the trickiest portion of the 'how to spot drywall ceiling' job, according to Nick.

He says: ‘You volition request drywall compound and a rotation of insubstantial tape. You tin usage mesh tape, but it isn’t arsenic strong. You tin besides make a cleanable country and crisp borderline with insubstantial portion that mesh cannot equal.’

He adds: ‘Drywall compound hardens rapidly and doesn’t shrink, truthful it’s perfect for filling cracks, gaps and joints earlier applying the associated tape.’

Apply a furniture of drywall compound implicit the caller spot and past property your insubstantial portion implicit the seams, moving implicit it with your putty weapon to smooth.

Then screen the full patched country and insubstantial portion with a furniture of drywall compound to fell the portion and seams.

You volition privation to use up to 3 coats, and it's a bully thought to soil the country betwixt each overgarment to marque definite it's creaseless and doesn't person immoderate 'high spots'.

Using a ample 12in putty weapon makes the occupation easier.

3. Sand and clean

After the 3rd overgarment of compound, soil the country until super-smooth and past cleanable with a damp cloth to region dust.

4. Apply your primer

You volition past request to premier the ceiling with a drywall primer and overgarment the spot to lucifer the remainder of the ceiling for a seamless finish. Your drywall ceiling spot repair is complete.

Can you spot plaster ceiling with drywall?

Yes, you tin spot a plaster ceiling with drywall. Cut retired the damaged country of plaster, past usage drywall to spot it, securing it successful spot with drywall screws.