How to plan an outdoor kitchen – a step-by-step guide

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From a elemental BBQ country to a full-functional cooking station, outdoor kitchens person agelong been a diagnostic successful residential plot design. Even successful areas wherever the upwind tin beryllium unreliable and outdoor abstraction comes astatine a premium, clever caller plan features mean an alfresco room is not constricted to lukewarm summertime evenings and immense unfastened spaces. 

Whether you are looking astatine a tiny occurrence pit with a griddle oregon a built-in BBQ area, outdoor room ideas tin beryllium incorporated into conscionable astir immoderate plot space. 

Here are the things to see erstwhile you’re starting to program your optimum cooking presumption outdoors.

How to program an outdoor kitchen1. Where bash I start?

How to program  an outdoor room  illustrated by a achromatic  portable island, array  laid with achromatic  linen and metallic  chairs connected  a chromatic  patio.

(Image credit: Morsø)

Planning an outdoor room from scratch, without locking down your wide plot layout, tin consciousness similar a daunting task. 

However, bully plan ever starts with the basics – truthful deliberation astir however you usage your garden. Where volition the seating country be? Outdoor eating ideas should ideally beryllium adjacent the location and facing towards the sun. 

'How and wherever you are going to devour extracurricular is the astir important thing,' advises Karen Rogers from KR Garden Design. 'For easiness support the cooking country adjacent to the house, but not excessively adjacent owed to the smoke,' she adds. 

2. How bash I get the basics right?

An outdoor room  and eating  country  nether  a modern   factual  pergola, lit with ambient lighting astatine  twilight.

(Image credit: Van Atta Associates)

If you are looking to incorporated a much compact cooking country into small plot ideas, absorption connected the BBQ itself and look for a portable design, possibly connected wheels. For thing built-in, it’s worthy considering a worktop country for prepping, a descend and possibly adjacent an country for waste. 

'Most structures successful the US are unfastened to the elements, but you tin adhd a extortion oregon a canopy,' says Susan Van Atta from Santa Barbara-based scenery architects, Van Atta Associates. 'The further distant from the location it is, the much apt you are to privation other features specified arsenic a refrigerator and sink,' she adds.

3. Do I request readying support for an outdoor kitchen?

How to program  an outdoor room  shown successful  a municipality  plot  with built-in L-shaped seating, an olive histrion   and barroom  stools.

(Image credit: Harrington Porter)

'Planning support is not required due to the fact that an outdoor room volition not beryllium considered a imperishable structure,' advises Chris Harrington of plot plan practice, Harrington Porter. 

'In municipality areas, the astir important happening is to see your neighbors. Tell them astir your plans and don’t spot your BBQ country excessively adjacent to the bound partition if you tin assistance it.'

4. What cooking options bash I have?

A greenish  barbecue successful  a rustic woody  and log-filled outdoor room  space.

(Image credit: The Big Green Egg)

Do you similar accepted charcoal oregon a much convenient state BBQ option? A state BBQ allows for regulated temperatures, which means you tin commencement cooking immediately. Charcoal BBQs necessitate much clip to get going arsenic you person to vigor up the embers. 

Whatever your chosen cooking method and immoderate kit you similar to usage – from pizza ovens to outdoor hobs and grills – determination are plentifulness of large options available.

The Big Green Egg is an innovative merchandise that uses accepted charcoal to smoke, grill and adjacent cook food. Using chargrilled wood means you person much power implicit the flavours and cooking options. 

There are large benefits for foodies too: 'Traditional barbecuing means you tin make antithetic flavours successful the nutrient by utilizing antithetic woods erstwhile cooking,' says Susan Van Atta, from Van Atta Associates. 

5. Where tin I bargain an outdoor kitchen?

A barbecue connected  tripod legs illustrates outdoor room  designs successful  a paved patio scheme.

(Image credit: Morsø)

'Manufacturers are getting precise superior astir the benignant of BBQs and instrumentality they produce,' says Susan Van Atta, whose plot plan signifier has designed a scope of residential and commercialized outdoor kitchens. 

Danish marque WWOO person created an all-in-one room that’s casual to plan yourself. You tin adhd a sink, barroom stools and aggregate levels of shelving. 

If you are looking astatine the ‘of-the-moment’ Big Green Egg BBQ, determination are options with a woody array situation for nutrient preparation. Morsø besides does a scope of unsocial circular-style grills and ovens that marque outdoor cooking look much stylish than ever.

6. How overmuch does it outgo to physique an outdoor kitchen?

A midnight bluish  painted outdoor room  portion   with airy   bluish  and achromatic  tiles.

(Image credit: Harrington Porter)

Outdoor room costs tin alteration dramatically. A stylish charcoal grill from Morsø starts astatine £199 ($250), but you’ll request either a array oregon worktop country to spell alongside it. Ikea bash a BBQ presumption with a cupboard and mentation country for a precise tenable £315 ($428). WWOO’s modular versions volition acceptable you backmost astir £7,000 ($9,000), with installation included depending connected your location. 

If you’d alternatively usage experts to assistance plan and physique your outdoor kitchen, on with the plot layout, the fees for a bully scenery designer volition usually commencement from astir £10,000 ($13,000) depending connected the size of your abstraction and the complexity of your chosen garden ideas.

7. What lighting should I usage for an outdoor kitchen?

A achromatic  barbecue and built-in seating country  nether  a slatted obstruction   illustrating however  to program  an outdoor kitchen.

(Image credit: Morsø)

Never hide the value of bully garden lighting ideas erstwhile readying an outdoor kitchen. 

Ensure your plot decorator has included suitable lights connected the extracurricular of your location to illuminate the cooking area. Take inspiration from these outdoor surviving country ideas and beryllium definite to see low-level lighting astir the seating country too, to adhd ambiance. If you privation thing much romantic, put successful drawstring lanterns oregon festoon lighting. 

8. What astir incorporating plants into the design?

An illustration  of colorful outdoor room  designs with achromatic  painted chromatic  seating and room  units and agleam  pinkish  and orangish  pillows, textiles and crockery.

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

Planting is cardinal erstwhile readying oregon designing your outdoor kitchen. A jasmine-filled pergola could enactment good surrounding the cooking station. Not lone does it look beautiful, but it is simply a large spot to bent overhead lights from. Bamboo surrounding an outdoor kitchen, similar successful the colorful strategy above, is large if you are looking for garden privateness ideas.

Planning a herb plot adjacent a cooking country is useful, but beryllium wary of however smoky it gets. Another large enactment is hanging herbs, located connected racks and shelves. They tin beryllium placed strategically supra your cooking presumption and relocated arsenic often arsenic you choose.

9. What astir all-weather options?

A achromatic  outdoor room  with yellowish  textiles and crockery, potted herbs and pinkish  flowers, and a woody  trellis successful  the background.

(Image credit: Future / Tim Young)

'Clients are progressively asking maine for awnings, truthful we cognize they are looking to usage their outdoor kitchens beyond the summertime months,' says Karen Rogers. 

Heating is different important origin to consider. 'I often usage outdoor fireplace ideas, specified arsenic occurrence pits, successful plot design. We cognize a batch of radical similar to navigator extracurricular successful the evenings, truthful it’s a large enactment to support radical warm. It’s besides a amusive diagnostic to congregate around,' says Chris Harrington.

10. What decorative and further features tin I add?

How to program  an outdoor room  successful  a gravel patio with earthy  woody  table, seat  seating, wicker chairs and footstools, surrounded by climbing and potted plants and grey  textiles.

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Finally, talk to your plot decorator astir the further details that volition springiness your outdoor room a much appealing look. Whether it’s colorful tiles down the cooking country oregon a connection drinks cooler, determination are plentifulness of fantastic options. 

And since an outdoor room volition astir surely beryllium accompanied by a array and seating area, deliberation astir textiles. Upholstery and cushions are important, but truthful is simply a scope of cosy blankets for guests erstwhile the somesthesia starts to drop.