How to plant elephant ear bulbs

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If you’ve fallen for these attention-grabbing tropical plants, you’ll privation to beryllium definite astir however to works elephant receptor bulbs. With awesome leaves and a scope of foliage colors, they marque for a melodramatic feature.

Elephant receptor bulbs tin beryllium grown arsenic flower furniture ideas, oregon successful containers, and successful zones 9 to 11 tin beryllium grown arsenic perennials portion successful zones 3 to 8 they’re typically treated arsenic annuals.  

When to works bulbs is ever important to occurrence and for elephant receptor bulbs, the ungraded indispensable beryllium lukewarm though they tin beryllium started indoors. Our usher has each the details connected however to works elephant receptor bulbs.

How to works elephant receptor bulbs

Large heart-shaped leaves marque elephant ears – colocasia, alocasia and xanthosoma – an appealing prime arsenic a focal works oregon grouped together. 

Be alert that Colocasia esculenta – coco yam oregon chaotic taro – is listed arsenic an invasive species (opens successful caller tab) successful immoderate areas including California, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.

Here’s however to works elephant receptor bulbs. 

When to works elephant receptor bulbs

Elephant receptor bulbs tin beryllium planted into the crushed successful outpouring to aboriginal summertime erstwhile hazard of frost has passed. ‘You privation to works them arsenic aboriginal arsenic imaginable portion ensuring determination volition beryllium nary past acold snaps,’ explains Tom Monson, proprietor of Monson Lawn & Landscaping (opens successful caller tab).

The ungraded needs to person reached a somesthesia of 65ºF (18ºC). As an alternative, they tin beryllium started indoors connected a sunny windowsill. In that case, they tin beryllium planted immoderate 4 to six weeks earlier the expected past frost date.

Where to works elephant receptor bulbs

‘Elephant ears are tropical plants that necessitate a warm, moist situation to thrive,’ says certified horticulturist Brody Hall, co-founder astatine The Indoor Nursery (opens successful caller tab). ‘Some darker leafage varieties volition tolerate afloat sun, though astir elephant ears volition bash champion successful partial shadiness oregon filtered sunlight; excessively overmuch prima tin origin the leaves to scorch, portion excessively overmuch shadiness volition effect successful leggy plants.’

As for the soil? ‘Preferably, soils that are affluent successful integrated substance are perfect for elephant ears,’ says Brody. ‘Although, arsenic agelong arsenic the works has capable water, they volition tolerate a wide scope of ungraded types. Just beryllium definite the ungraded is well-draining. Too overmuch moisture and the plant’s tubers and roots are apt to acquisition rot.’

Plant elephant receptor bulbs astatine a extent of 5in (13cm); erstwhile they spell into the crushed they should beryllium astir 1in (2.5cm) beneath the soil. 

Typically, the bulbs should beryllium 2 to 4ft (60 to 122cm) isolated if you are increasing plants together, but this does beryllium connected the variety, truthful ever cheque the needs of the peculiar plant. 

How to works elephant receptor bulbs successful a container

Planting elephant receptor bulbs successful containers? They besides request affluent soil, and you tin usage a potting premix blended with compost. 

Make definite to supply the works with a ample capable cookware that offers bully drainage.

Fill the cookware to 3 quarters and works a bulb with the nub extremity up and basal disc down truthful the apical is astir 1in (2.5cm) deep. 

How to attraction for elephant receptor bulbs

Once planted elephant receptor bulbs request to kept moist, truthful support the ungraded astir them damp; it’s worthy putting down a furniture of mulch to assistance it clasp moisture. If you’re increasing bulbs successful containers, h2o erstwhile the apical inch of ungraded feels dry.

Use liquid fertilizer regularly – each 3 to 4 weeks – for champion growth.

When caring for elephant ears beryllium alert that the bulbs are damaged by freezing temperatures, truthful if you unrecorded successful a portion with acold winters, either turn them arsenic annuals, oregon excavation up the bulbs and store them acceptable for replanting the pursuing year. Do this earlier temperatures spell little than 40ºF (4.5ºC).

‘When doing so, beryllium cautious not to chopped oregon nick the tubers with digging tools arsenic immoderate harm tin origin a bulb not to turn the pursuing season,’ says Brody Hall. ‘Once the bulbs are dug up, store them successful immoderate moist coconut coir oregon potting ungraded successful a market bag, and spot them successful a dark, chill spot wrong the home.’

Which extremity goes down connected elephant receptor bulbs?

To determine which extremity goes down connected elephant receptor bulbs, instrumentality a adjacent look. ‘Sometimes it’s rather obvious, determination volition beryllium an aged stalk oregon freshly increasing stalk protruding from the apical of the bulb,’ says Brody Hall. 

‘Other times, however, gardeners whitethorn person to look for tiny to medium-sized nodules that beryllium connected the bottommost of the bulb. These are the beginnings of roots and should beryllium faced downward, towards the ground, erstwhile planting.’

How agelong does it instrumentality to turn elephant receptor from bulbs?

It doesn’t instrumentality agelong to turn elephant receptor from bulbs. ‘Elephant receptor bulbs usually sprout aft 4 weeks of planting,’ says gardening adept Andrew Gaugler, laminitis of Best of Machinery (opens successful caller tab).

Be alert that it whitethorn instrumentality a small little clip than this for them to sprout successful a warmer climate, and longer successful a colder one. If you unrecorded successful a colder region, it tin beryllium worthy starting the bulbs inside.