How to plant tulip bulbs – for a dazzling display of spring flowers

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It's worthy knowing however to works tulip bulbs for a beauteous outpouring plot display. This classical angiosperm represents caller beingness and surely enjoys planetary popularity for its exquisite blooms with their scope of sparkling colors that marque a striking presence.

Tulips, similar different flowering bulbs, request to beryllium planted successful autumn oregon erstwhile the outside/soil temperatures are astatine 60ºF oregon colder; this gives their roots clip to make for outpouring during the acold weather. 

One of the best outpouring bulbs, whether you privation to cognize however to works tulip bulbs arsenic portion of your flower furniture ideas, for containers oregon adjacent hanging baskets, you are guaranteed plentifulness of outpouring color. 

With immoderate 8,000 varieties, successful 15 antithetic groups, tulips travel successful astir each colour of the rainbow; lone bluish and existent achromatic are missing. 

There are besides galore shapes, angiosperm sizes and heights; immoderate angiosperm early, others later, truthful bash cheque erstwhile you bargain truthful that you tin person a continuous display. 

‘Tulips are my favourite outpouring bulb – I emotion their large connection colors, their absorbing shapes and the beingness they bring to borders and containers,’ says gardening adept and writer Sarah Raven (opens successful caller tab).

‘They person not mislaid their powerfulness implicit people,’ agrees Anne Olivieri, whose vibrant and intricate 6,000-strong tulip show draws visitors to the UK’s yearly Tulip Festival, held successful the gardens of her home, Morton Hall (opens successful caller tab). ‘Tulips are versatile and scalable, anyone tin turn them – successful pots, oregon parklands, municipality oregon country, but density is key.’

The tiny taxon tulips volition summation people twelvemonth aft year; however, astir tulips, though technically perennials, are amended planted caller each fall. With a small expertise successful however to works tulip bulbs gained from our guide, you volition find tulips casual to turn successful pots oregon the garden.

crimson and peach tulips planted successful  a plot  border

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

How to works tulip bulbs successful the ground

The archetypal happening to cognize connected however to works tulip bulbs is that they bash champion successful a well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil. You tin of people amended soil health and conditions successful borders with compost oregon leafage mold; if your ungraded is acidic you volition privation to adhd lime for champion results. If you're not sure, you tin find retired however to trial the pH of soil with our beginner's guide. 

Always bargain your tulip bulbs from a reputable root and inspect the bulbs carefully. Look for achromatic oregon beige, firm, steadfast bulbs with nary sprouting shoots, spots, cuts, streaks oregon mould. 

'When making your selection, support successful caput that it’s not each astir the size, arsenic acold arsenic bulbs go; a bully cleanable bulb which is bully and dense for its size carries acold much vigor to marque flowers than a large, lightweight one,' advises tulip grower Mark Eves of Belmont Nurseries, who proviso done Taylors Bulbs (opens successful caller tab).

tulip huis 10  bosch

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Tulip bulbs should beryllium planted astir 3 times deeper than the tallness of each idiosyncratic bulb. If not planted heavy enough, they whitethorn endure successful truly acold – oregon unseasonably lukewarm – weather. For astir tulip bulbs, the spread extent volition request to beryllium astir 5 to 7in. If you unrecorded successful a truly acold zone, you whitethorn privation to works them a small deeper.‘To assistance you works your tulips much easily, you tin usage a accepted bulb planter (opens successful caller tab). If you're planting done herbaceous plants and shrubs oregon done grass, a bulb planter is superb – it’s similar a monolithic pome corer and erstwhile you property it into the crushed it cuts retired a halfway of soil,’ says Sarah Raven.Place each tulip bulb cautiously successful its hole, pointed extremity facing upwards, blunt extremity downwards.‘Pop a small spot of spent compost oregon grit into the bottommost of the hole, adhd the tulip bulb and backfill with grit and compost conscionable similar you would successful the trench,’ continues Sarah.Space tulips astir 4 to 5in – oregon doubly their width – isolated truthful they bash not vie with each different for the soil’s nutrients.Cover the bulbs backmost implicit with ungraded and property the ungraded backmost into the spread firmly.Water the planted bulb and measurement away.How to works tulip bulbs successful pots

pink tulips planted successful  terracotta pots with different   flowers

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

If you don’t person cleanable ungraded conditions successful your borders – oregon you simply privation to works tulips successful pots adjacent the location – you tin make the cleanable situation successful containers arsenic portion of your container gardening ideas. 

Planting successful tulips successful pots is besides a large accidental to make a bulb lasagna – whereby layers of bulbs that angiosperm astatine antithetic times tin supply a prolonged show successful spring.

Gardening adept Monty Don successful his blog (opens successful caller tab) promotes 'a tulip lasagne, with an earlier assortment specified arsenic "Orange Emperor" planted deepest that volition angiosperm first, followed by a mid-season assortment similar "Negrita" planted supra it and past finally, successful the apical furniture a late-season 1 specified arsenic "Queen of Night"'.

‘If you’re abbreviated of space, screen the bulbs with ungraded and past adhd a 2nd furniture of bulbs earlier filling successful the hole. There is inactive capable ungraded supra the bulbs to let you to overplant the tulips without damaging them,’ advises Sarah Raven.

Another extremity is to 'pot up immoderate containers that you tin simply popular into immoderate gaps successful your borders, plunged into the ungraded oregon sitting connected the ungraded with the cookware camouflaged by foliage from surrounding shrubs,' advises gardening writer Leigh Clapp.

tulips planted successful  a terracotta cookware  adjacent   a doorway

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‘We bash lasagne planting successful the containers, with the show opening with taxon tulips that past truly good and are not arsenic affected by rainfall and wind, and premix successful antithetic bulbs, including dwarf narcissi, muscari and crocuses, arsenic good arsenic bedding plants specified arsenic viola, forget-me-nots and debased increasing carex,' explains Greg Ovenden, caput gardener astatine Pashley Manor (opens successful caller tab), location to the world-renowned yearly tulip festival each spring.

'Tulips bash amended erstwhile determination is simply a acold play successful the opening of April and if they look similar flowering excessively aboriginal we determination the containers into the shade,’ Greg adds. 

For however to works tulip bulbs successful containers, travel these steps:

Remember to prime your instrumentality that volition suit the tallness of the tulipsFill a well-draining instrumentality with escaped ungraded – you tin adhd immoderate integrated substance to loosen the ungraded if necessary. It’s important that bulbs bash not beryllium successful boggy soil.Place each tulip bulb cautiously successful its hole, pointed extremity facing upwards, blunt extremity downwards.Bulbs volition beryllium person unneurotic than successful borders – conscionable guarantee they don’t interaction each other.Water erstwhile aft plantingLeave the containers successful a cool, protected spot until spring.

One happening to carnivore successful caput if you works tulip bulbs successful pots: if you unrecorded successful hardiness zones 3-7 oregon are expecting unusually acold oregon lukewarm temperatures, you volition request to determination your containers into an outhouse oregon garage, greenhouse oregon sunroom – anyplace chill (no warmer than 60ºF), ventilated and dark.

When to works tulips

tulips planted successful  a plot  borderline  astir   a bronze statue

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Tulips should beryllium planted successful autumn to bloom successful spring. In confederate states oregon warmer zones, this volition beryllium October oregon arsenic precocious arsenic November; successful bluish states oregon cooler zones, successful September to October.

You tin works extracurricular of these months – but you should hold until the ungraded somesthesia is 60ºF oregon lower; different the tulip bulbs volition not thrive.

‘The acold temperatures assistance to hitch retired viral and fungal diseases that lurk successful the ungraded and which whitethorn infect the bulbs. Planting precocious is simply a accepted means of illness protection,’ says Sarah Raven.

Where to works tulip bulbs

dark pinkish  aboriginal  tulips, lungwort Pulmonaria officinalis and primrose successful  a outpouring  garden

(Image credit: Peter Chatterton)

Tulips bulbs mostly similar afloat prima oregon partial shadiness – though antithetic tulips person antithetic preferences, truthful bash cheque erstwhile buying the bulbs. ‘The whites and airy colors enactment peculiarly good successful shade, glowing retired from dimly lit corners,’ says Sarah Raven. 

While immoderate tulips don’t caput shadiness and a damp ungraded – possibly nether a histrion – galore similar free-draining compost successful a sunny spot.

'Tulips are similar america and hatred bedewed and cold. Soil benignant does not substance arsenic agelong arsenic it’s not excessively heavy, but they won’t past if h2o logged and they bash emotion a sheltered spot – a small prima trap successful a country volition person them flowering earlier anyone else,' explains Mark Eves of Belmont Nurseries.

If tulip bulbs beryllium successful bedewed ungraded it volition origin them to rot. This mightiness mean that you request to amended ungraded conditions with integrated substance – and erstwhile planting tulips successful pots, guarantee that the pots drain freely oregon your bulbs volition not thrive.

‘If you plot connected dense soil, screen the basal with 2in of washed crisp sand, horticultural grit, oregon spent compost. You tin besides adhd a fistful of bony repast to promote enactment of adjacent year’s flowers and premix it into the soil/grit astatine the basal of the spread oregon trench,’ says Sarah Raven.

pink tulips

(Image credit: Michelle Garrett)

In a sunny border, make ample abstraction for tulips to travel successful betwixt existing perennials and herbaceous plants. Set retired and repetition bulbs successful their planting positions, successful loosely grouped drifts of 5 to six. Intermingle a fewer bulbs wherever heights transition, debar consecutive lines and isolated groups. 

As good arsenic utilizing the unusual tulip for landscaping ideas astir trees, for containers and for borders oregon stone gardens, see wide planting tulips for swathes of color. You can, of course, premix up the tulip colors if you privation to clasp cottage plot ideas, but you tin besides radical tulips of the aforesaid colors to make an impactful plot colour scheme.  

If you are planning a chopped angiosperm garden, tulips are perfect, too. Again, you volition request to wide works them, putting the bulbs adjacent unneurotic but not touching. These volition turn champion successful a trench that you h2o good aft planting and a fewer times passim the winter. 

‘You tin works tulips successful your borders individually oregon successful tiny groups amongst existing perennials, but if you are planting a batch of bulbs, it whitethorn beryllium easier to excavation retired a trench oregon spread astir 8in deep,’ says Sarah Raven.

How to store tulip bulbs

tulip bulbs

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If you request to store tulip bulbs, adjacent for a abbreviated time, it’s truly important to bash truthful decently – different they could die. This means taking them retired of immoderate integrative oregon airtight containers and storing them successful a chill (40 to 70ºF), ventilated, and adust space. 

How to attraction for tulips

tulips successful  a garden

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After you person planted your tulips, h2o them well, but conscionable once. 'Don’t h2o them again until the foliage appears. Winters successful their autochthonal Turkish mountains are cold, rainfall comes successful spring, and the summers are blistery and adust truthful those are the conditions you are wanting to replicate,' explains Leigh Clapp.

Water good done outpouring if it hasn’t rained for a fewer days – ensuring the ungraded isn’t allowed to go boggy. 'They request to cook successful the prima from June to September truthful that the bulbs won’t rot. Deadhead blooms aft the petals person dropped,' adds Leigh.

You tin use a wide fertilizer arsenic the archetypal greenish shoots look supra ground. 

After tulips person flowered, permission the dormant flowerheads and leaves to dice backmost and yellow, past region it. Following this process volition let the tulip bulbs get maximum nutrients from the leaves, ensuring steadfast maturation for adjacent spring.

To support and attraction for tulips:

Keep an oculus retired for slugs and snails from the clip of plantingPrevent rodents, rabbits, cervid and squirrels from feasting connected your tulip bulbs by putting immoderate good chickenhearted ligament implicit pots and successful the ground. 'Many radical suggest a wide sprinkling of cayenne capsicum and well-rotted cattle manure. Another extremity is to spot powerfully scented oregon thorny plants, specified arsenic holly, successful with the bulbs to deter those pests,' says Leigh Clapp.Tulip occurrence is simply a fungal disease, which thrives successful warm, damp conditions and presents with discolored and twisted leaves that look burnt. If the angiosperm does look it volition look spotted and volition crook moldy. Aim for prevention, by not planting immoderate bulbs with tiny achromatic spots, and if immoderate flowers popular up with the illness excavation them up, destruct immediately, and don’t works different tulips successful that spot for astatine slightest 3 years.

tulips planted among hide   maine  nots

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

The types of tulips

The groupings of tulips are based connected flowering time, from March to May, aboriginal oregon late, and the signifier of the flower; single, double, fringed, lily-flowered and parrot. 

New cultivars are perpetually being developed and instrumentality astir 20 years to scope the plot halfway shelves. 

The pursuing are the antithetic tulip types:

Species oregon botanical – smaller, delicate, precise hardy, long-livedParrot – flamboyant, ruffled petalsFringed – petals trimmed with good fringeRembrandt – modern, virus-free mentation of breached tulipsDarwin hybrid – 1 of the astir reliably perennial instrumentality bloomersTriumph – the largest group, mid-springLily-flowered – reflexed, pointed petals, beauteous for cuttingSingle aboriginal – cup-shaped flowersDouble aboriginal – chiefly abbreviated stemmed, peony similar flowersSingle precocious – chiefly agelong stemmedDouble precocious – ample peony-flowered, layered petalsVirdiflora – greenish streaks oregon marking connected their petalsKaufmanniana – compact, flowers unfastened similar starsFosteriana oregon Emperor – ample richly coloured flowersGreigii – perfect for a stone garden

tulip sensual touch

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

What is the champion period to works tulip bulbs?

Tulip bulbs tin beryllium planted successful September (zones 3 to 5) done to October and November (zones 6 to 7), and December (zones 8 to 9).

However, ticker the ungraded temperature: the ungraded needs to beryllium 60ºF oregon colder for tulip bulbs to thrive, but the crushed should not beryllium frozen.

'The acold upwind helps trim the hazard of tulip occurrence that tin disfigure the flowers. If you works excessively early, these anxious beauties volition nonstop their leaves up lone to frost done winter,' explains gardening writer Leigh Clapp. 

How heavy bash you hide tulip bulbs?

Tulip bulbs should beryllium planted betwixt 5 and 7in heavy (or astir 3 times the tallness of the tulip bulb) successful astir climates, but 7 to 8in successful peculiarly acold zones. 

‘I similar planting tulip bulbs overmuch deeper. If planted deeply, tulips are little apt to effort to reproduce and are much apt to angiosperm for twelvemonth aft year,’ advises gardening adept Sarah Raven.

Ensure tulips don’t interaction – ideally they mightiness beryllium 4 to 5in apart, oregon doubly their width.

yellow tulips planted successful  terracotta pots

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Can you permission tulip bulbs successful the crushed each year?

While you tin permission tulip bulbs successful the crushed each year, they volition execute and angiosperm amended is you assistance and store them.

About six weeks aft flowering, erstwhile the leaves person turned yellow, you whitethorn take to assistance your bulbs and store them successful a dry, airy shed successful insubstantial bags. Remove soil, roots and aged leaves, abstracted immoderate caller bulbs that person formed, and guarantee they are adust truthful they won’t rot.

You tin permission your tulips successful the crushed connected the off-chance that immoderate travel backmost the pursuing years, particularly with the Darwin hybrids and Triumph and lily-flowering varieties which volition often travel backmost twelvemonth connected year. 

Either way, adding caller bulbs each autumn is the champion mode to guarantee a bully show again, and offers the accidental to experimentation with immoderate much fantastic colors and forms. Bulbs successful pots tin beryllium transplanted successful the ground, specified arsenic successful a meadow area, and ever commencement with caller ones successful instrumentality displays.