How to plaster a ceiling – an expert guide

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Plastering a ceiling represents a existent measurement up successful astir people's DIY skills. Tricky to use neatly supra your head, plaster volition beryllium the decorativeness you volition apt overgarment over, truthful it needs to beryllium perfectly done oregon the airy formed from the windows during the time oregon by lamplight and nighttime volition prime up lumps and bumps. 

A elemental operation of mineral particulate and water, plaster is simply a worldly that has been utilized for centuries, enjoying a affluent past successful the satellite of decorative arts, sculpture and architecture. While plaster was erstwhile modular successful astir homes, successful caller years it has been replaced by drywall oregon plasterboard. Today astir projects volition beryllium finished with drywall and past ‘skimmed’ with a bladed furniture of plaster to make a wholly creaseless surface.

You tin plaster a ceiling successful the accepted mode oregon you tin short-cut it by applying plaster to existing drywall (as above). The look volition beryllium similar. Below, you tin find retired the champion ways to implicit the task.

How to plaster a ceiling

There are galore reasons for wanting to plaster a ceiling – possibly you person a ceiling that's beyond repair and needs taking down and reinstalling, including plastering, oregon possibly you person gone astir removing a popcorn ceiling and request to use a neat caller overgarment of level plaster to your ceiling? This is however to bash the job.

You volition need:

A hawk and trowel Dry premix oregon acceptable premix plaster A powerfulness mixer, though it’s good to premix the plaster by hand, utilizing a powerfulness mixer is overmuch easier and quickerPlasterboard/drywall Drywall tapeJointing compoundA bully prime overgarment brushA h2o sprayer

If you re-use tools for plastering marque definite they are spotlessly cleanable and don’t person residue from erstwhile plastering jobs.

1. Get prepared for plastering a ceiling

In accepted plaster application, a ligament mesh is attached to the joists of the ceiling and layers of plaster are added connected top.

However, owed to modern gathering methods, it’s apt that your ceiling joists volition already beryllium covered with plasterboard earlier you start. If not, Nicholas Smacchia from Westchester-based Plastering by Nicholas recommends utilizing Sheetrock Gypsum Base Imperial by USG. 

It has ‘a mill bonding cause connected it’, helium says. It is besides important to treble screw the committee to the joists, arsenic this volition ‘reduce movement.’

Afterwards, guarantee the ceiling is cleaned thoroughly, removing immoderate ungraded and dust. This is precise important, arsenic immoderate debris volition forestall the plaster from sticking properly. 

2. Mix the plaster

Mixing plaster should beryllium approached with thought and information arsenic it tin beryllium a hard task. It is captious that you ever adhd the plaster to h2o and not the different mode around. Once prepared the plaster indispensable person a thick, creamy consistency with nary lumps. 

To start, capable a ample bucket, astir a 3rd of the mode up, with cleanable acold water. Then adhd your plaster until the heap rises supra the aboveground of the water.

Move the paddle astir connected a debased velocity to premix the plaster. ‘The premix should beryllium determination betwixt the consistency of mayonnaise and peanut butter,’ says Nicholas.

Ensure different bucket of h2o is adjacent by truthful you tin cleanable disconnected your tools immediately.

3. Use ready-mixed plaster

You tin of course, acquisition a bucket of acceptable mixed plaster from your section gathering proviso halfway oregon from Amazon, specified arsenic DAP Ready Mix Patching Plaster.

Ready-mixed plaster is amended suited to smaller jobs. It’s mostly not an economical option, positive it tin adust retired quickly.

4. Apply the plaster

There are a fig of ways to plaster a ceiling. As discussed before, it is apt your ceiling already has plasterboard installed. If this is the case, Nicholas Smacchia recommends taping ‘the joints with accepted drywall tape’ first, past utilizing a chemic acceptable compound, often called a plasterboard jointing compound, to smooth. 

Now you are acceptable to use your brownish overgarment of plaster utilizing a hawk and trowel. For a fuss-free enactment Nicholas recommends utilizing Imperial Veneer Basecoat – a large 1 overgarment plaster. 

To begin, prime up a tiny magnitude of mixed plaster from the hawk board, past use to the ceiling utilizing the plastering trowel. Spread firmly utilizing ample sweeping strokes with the trowel angled somewhat distant from the ceiling. 

Once complete, spell implicit the aboveground lightly with a cleanable trowel blade, dampening the aboveground with a spray vessel arsenic you go. Again, space the leaf somewhat truthful the borderline smooths implicit the plaster. 

Finally usage a tiny damp brushwood to polish disconnected the edges and corners. The pursuing day, erstwhile dry, you tin decorativeness by applying a dedicated ceiling paint.

How bash professionals plaster a ceiling?

The astir accepted method, which is usually near to the professionals, involves installing a ligament lath to the ceiling and applying plaster bonding agent, followed by a scratch coat. 

The scratch overgarment is simply a mode of creating a carnal enslaved for the brownish plaster to adhere to the ceiling. Once you person applied the plaster coat, virtually usage a scratcher to make marks crossed the ceiling. The adjacent time you tin usage your hawk and trowel to furniture connected a brownish overgarment of plaster. Finally, you tin creaseless implicit a ‘white’ overgarment of plaster – each utilizing the aforesaid spreading method. 

Can a DIYer plaster a ceiling?

Plastering a ceiling is not casual but it tin beryllium completed by a DIYer. Our proposal would beryllium to signifier plastering connected a partition oregon spare portion of drywall archetypal truthful that you tin get your method close and the decorativeness neat earlier you person to bash it supra your head, which is overmuch much challenging. 

Painting a ceiling tin beryllium tackled unsocial easily, though you volition nary uncertainty get a neckache. However, immoderate different ceiling ideas, from wallpapering a ceiling to texturing a ceiling are acold much easy completed with different brace of hands. Ensure you let a batch much clip than you would for tackling a wall. When moving connected a ceiling you volition request to enactment successful galore much interruption times.