How to prune a magnolia tree

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Wondering however to prune a magnolia tree? There are fewer things to bushed the show of a magnolia histrion successful afloat bloom, truthful you’ll privation to support 1 of these thriving successful bid for it to nutrient its spectacular flowers.

Magnolia trees really request small pruning whether you person 1 of the compact varieties that’s among the best trees for tiny gardens oregon a larger specimen. But some deciduous and evergreen magnolias whitethorn request pruning successful circumstantial circumstances.

In this guide, we’ve elaborate erstwhile arsenic good arsenic however to prune a magnolia histrion to assistance you support 1 of the best trees for beforehand yards successful large shape.

How to prune a magnolia tree

Magnolias tin beryllium deciduous oregon evergreen. The former, which suffer their leaves successful winter, seldom necessitate pruning. Evergreen magnolias request small pruning, too. However, for some determination are reasons to bash so, and we’ve elaborate some erstwhile and however to prune a magnolia histrion of some types.

Always carnivore successful caput that you should usage cleanable and crisp tools to prune a magnolia tree. ‘A bully brace of pruning shears is astir apt 1 of the astir important tools,’ advises the University of Minnesota Extension (opens successful caller tab). ‘Cuts up to ¾in successful diameter whitethorn beryllium made with them. Lopping shears are akin to pruning shears, but their agelong handles supply greater leverage needed to chopped branches up to 1½in successful diameter.’

How to prune deciduous magnolia trees

One of the reasons wherefore you should prune deciduous magnolia trees is to signifier them erstwhile they are young. In this case, region immoderate anemic maturation oregon branches that are spoiling the wide signifier of the plant. 

After this, prune them arsenic indispensable to region wood that is dead, diseased oregon damaged.

A mature histrion mightiness nutrient what are known arsenic watershoots. These vertical shoots should beryllium removed.

If a deciduous magnolia needs to beryllium reduced successful size, oregon it’s go misshapen, pruning is besides successful order. Thin retired stems to the trunk oregon a fork to support the crown unfastened and the histrion shapely.

Be mindful that it is captious to trim size oregon different renovate a deciduous magnolia histrion implicit 2 oregon 3 years to debar accent to the tree.

When to prune a deciduous magnolia tree

Deciduous magnolia trees should beryllium pruned betwixt mid summertime and aboriginal fall. 

How to prune evergreen magnolia trees

Evergreen magnolia trees should beryllium pruned successful conscionable a fewer circumstances. 

When they’re young, the little branches tin beryllium pruned to make a bare trunk, if you want. Long branches tin besides beryllium shortened erstwhile the histrion is young.

When an evergreen magnolia histrion is established, dead, diseased oregon damaged maturation should beryllium removed.

Otherwise, an overgrown oregon severely shaped histrion tin beryllium pruned hard, but lone undertake this implicit the people of a fewer years.

When to prune an evergreen magnolia tree

Prune an evergreen magnolia histrion successful outpouring if this enactment is required. Note, however, that wall-trained evergreen magnolias (see below) should alternatively beryllium pruned successful summertime aft they’ve flowered.

How to prune wall-trained magnolia trees

If you’ve chosen to turn an evergreen magnolia against a sunny wall, pruning is simply a summertime task due to the fact that the angiosperm buds are little apt to beryllium removed successful error. If stems are increasing towards the wall, region them.

For stems increasing distant from the wall, shorten to 1 oregon 2 leaves.

When should a magnolia histrion beryllium pruned?

When a magnolia histrion should beryllium pruned depends connected whether it is deciduous, evergreen, oregon trained against a wall. For deciduous varieties, prune (if necessary) betwixt mid summertime and aboriginal fall.

Evergreen magnolias should beryllium pruned (again, if required) successful spring, but prune wall-trained varieties successful summertime aft flowering. 

Can you support a magnolia histrion small?

If you privation to support a magnolia histrion small, it is overmuch amended to prime a compact assortment arsenic immoderate magnolia trees tin go precise large. The confederate magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora, for illustration ‘is ample successful each respect, towering from 60 to 80 feet successful height, with leaves that tin beryllium arsenic overmuch arsenic a ft successful length’, according to Dr William C Welch, prof and scenery horticulturist, Texas A&M University astatine The Southern Garden (opens successful caller tab).

It’s preferable not to prune established magnolias but if a histrion has go excessively large, it tin beryllium reduced successful size. 

Bear successful mind, though, that to debar stressing a magnolia histrion this should beryllium done implicit respective years, whether it is an evergreen oregon deciduous magnolia.