How to prune raspberry bushes

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Pruning raspberries is important successful bid to support plants fruiting well. It’s hard to bushed the spirit of a freshly picked raspberry, and they are reasonably casual to grow, but they indispensable beryllium pruned annually to guarantee a bully harvest of large, tasty berries to harvest. It doesn’t instrumentality agelong erstwhile you cognize however and it tin marque a existent quality arsenic near unpruned, raspberry canes tin go overcrowded and the works whitethorn yet dice off.

How you prune raspberries volition alteration depending connected what benignant of raspberry works you person planted amongst your different kitchen plot ideas. There are antithetic kinds – summer-fruiting (June to August) and fall-fruiting (late summertime to November); some necessitate antithetic pruning treatments.

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‘With raspberries, it's cardinal to place whether your works fruits connected archetypal oregon 2nd twelvemonth wood. If it fruits connected archetypal twelvemonth wood, you tin chopped each stems down to the crushed each year,' explains George Escot of Primrose (opens successful caller tab).

'If it fruits connected 2nd twelvemonth wood, you person to place what stems are archetypal and 2nd twelvemonth – greenish and brownish wood respectively. The elemental mode to bash this is conscionable to prune immoderate stem that has fruited to the ground. You tin chopped each stems down to the crushed each twelvemonth aft it has fruited.’

How to prune summer-fruiting raspberries

Summer fruiting raspberries effect connected 2nd twelvemonth growth, this means that you request to beryllium selective erstwhile pruning to instrumentality attraction not to chopped backmost each the caller canes arsenic these canes volition carnivore your effect adjacent year. 

This measurement by measurement usher volition assistance you larn however to prune summer-fruiting raspberries for a bumper harvest the pursuing year.

Raspberry canes connected  enactment    strategy   sprouting successful  spring

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Cut backmost fruited canes – After summertime raspberries person fruited, chopped each the aged brownish canes to the ground. 

Thin existent twelvemonth canes – At this signifier the canes of the existent year’s maturation tin beryllium thinned to promote a healthier, stronger works with larger fruit. To bash this prime the champion six canes from each works and region the rest. Tie the six champion canes into your supporting structure, spacing each came astir 10-15cm apart. They should beryllium astir 90cm high. 

Remove damaged canes – At the aforesaid clip immoderate damaged oregon anemic canes, oregon those tin beryllium removed arsenic this volition assistance maximize airy and airflow betwixt the remaining canes. You should besides region immoderate suckering canes much than 22cm from the row.

Trim successful spring – In the outpouring the raspberries tin beryllium trimmed to astir 15cm supra the apical ligament of your enactment system, removing immoderate frost damage.

Fruiting raspberry bush

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How to prune fall-fruiting raspberries

Unlike summer-fruiting raspberries, fall-fruiting raspberries effect connected existent twelvemonth growth; this means that erstwhile the bush has fruited each the canes tin beryllium chopped backmost to crushed level acceptable to regrow successful spring. This should beryllium done betwixt November and February. 

Pruning recently planted raspberries

Summer fruiting raspberries should beryllium planted successful wintertime successful bare basal form. Once they are planted the canes volition request to beryllium pruned backmost to a bud astatine astir 25cm tall. In mid-summer, erstwhile caller canes are established, chopped backmost the canes shortened erstwhile planting to the ground.

Raspberry plant

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When to chopped raspberries back

After raspberries person fruited the fruiting canes should beryllium chopped backmost to crushed level. With summer-fruiting raspberries this volition beryllium successful August time, but for fall-fruiting raspberries it volition beryllium aboriginal arsenic they effect from precocious summertime up until November. 

Cutting backmost  a recently  planted raspberry plant

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What happens if you don't prune raspberries?

Raspberries bash not similar being overcrowded arsenic this volition mean they person to vie for nutrients, h2o and sunlight. If near unpruned the canes volition go weaker and the effect volition beryllium small. ‘If you neglect to prune successful winter, plants volition effect successful some summertime and autumn but with little enthusiasm,’ says Anne Swithinbank of Amateur Gardening. 

It tin beryllium tempting not to prune erstwhile you spot beardown increasing canes, but you request to beryllium ruthless, advises Monty Don connected Gardener’s World. ‘It’s ever truly hard erstwhile you person beauteous consecutive growths, but acquisition shows that you don’t get immoderate much effect if you person much canes per plant, the basal strategy tin lone enactment truthful overmuch growth, truthful by thinning them retired you you’ll get amended effect adjacent June, truthful beryllium ruthless.’

How to prune raspberies

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