How to put up coving – for a smart finish to any room

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Want to make a creaseless and sleek decorativeness wherever your walls conscionable your ceilings? Learning however to enactment up coving is the solution. 

Coving, usually constructed with plaster, is simply a elemental decorative decorativeness that volition screen immoderate cracks that whitethorn look wherever astir the articulation betwixt walls and ceiling. It tin connection a finished look to heighten immoderate scheme, and comes successful antithetic styles to suit your décor, from Victorian to contemporary.

If you tin larn how to region a popcorn ceiling, how to texture a ceiling and how to plaster a ceiling, you tin surely crook your talents putting up coving. Putting up coving is simply a occupation you tin tackle yourself with a small guidance from the experts.

How to enactment up coving for a sleek, pro-worthy finish

We turned to Nick Cryer, laminitis of high-end operation institution Berkeley Place, for his apical tips connected however to enactment up coving for your adjacent DIY project. 

First of all, you volition need: 

Sharp saw (small teeth)Mitre boxPaint brushwood and tiny scraper oregon akin for filling joints and finishingWork benchAdhesiveSpirit levelHammer and partition nails for keeping successful spot until adhesive is drySponge and water1. Use a template to people your guidelines

'We would ever commencement by cutting a tiny conception to usage arsenic a template to people the bottommost borderline connected the partition and apical borderline connected the ceiling,' says Nick. 'This past acts arsenic a usher erstwhile installing.' 

2. Prep the partition and chopped coving corners

Once you person removed each wallpaper and oregon escaped overgarment oregon plaster, you tin marque criss-cross scratches connected the wall/ceiling betwixt the guides, successful bid to supply a cardinal for the adhesive. 

Nick says: 'Use a mitre container to chopped an close space astatine the extremity of the archetypal section, this volition make your 45-degree angles that you request to marque the coving pieces articulation up successful the corners.'

3. Cut your coving lengths

You volition request to accurately measurement the partition and chopped due conception lengths of coving with an due mitre too. 

Nick suggests that cutting tin beryllium undertaken with a modular wood saw that is precise sharp.

4. Apply your coving with adhesive

Spread an adjacent furniture of adhesive implicit the apical and bottommost of the backmost of the coving – the areas that volition beryllium successful interaction with the walls and ceiling. 

'Press the coving into spot and enactment up the bottommost borderline with the pencil line you drew earlier,' says Nick. 'Press mildly on the full magnitude truthful that the adhesive sticks evenly.'

5. Hold coving successful spot portion adhesive dries

'Long lengths of coving whitethorn sag oregon autumn disconnected earlier the adhesive has set,' warns Nick. 'So you would request to enactment the bottommost borderline with 1 oregon 2 galvanised nails. 

You tin region these and capable the holes erstwhile the adhesive has dried.'

6. Remove disposable adhesive and capable gaps

Remove immoderate adhesive from the apical and bottommost edges. Fill immoderate gaps with much adhesive and past usage a bedewed paintbrush to springiness a creaseless finish.

'Continuing astir the room, you tin simply butt 1 portion up to the erstwhile 1 with a consecutive join,' says Nick.

7. Cut your country joins

If you person immoderate outer corners successful the room, you volition request to chopped the 2 ends which articulation present with mitres successful the other absorption from those you person chopped previously.

Nick says: 'This often causes problems since, not lone person you got to retrieve to chopped the space the close way, but besides the constituent to which you measurement is different. 

'The champion mode to retrieve and get it close is to ever measurement for the bottommost borderline of the cornice connected outer angles and the apical borderline for interior angles.

'Try to marque arsenic fewer joints connected the walls arsenic imaginable due to the fact that the effect volition beryllium neater. And effort to debar joins successful focal points of the room.'

Is coving casual to enactment up?

Coving is not peculiarly hard to install, but you volition astir apt request much than 1 person, according to Berkeley Place's Nick Cryer.

How bash you instrumentality coving to the ceiling?

You tin usage due adhesive to instrumentality your coving to the ceiling. 

Do you enactment coving up earlier painting?

Yes, ever use your coving earlier learning how to overgarment a room. Painting a country archetypal volition guarantee a neater finish. A wide oval brushwood is perfect for coating coving arsenic the signifier of the bristles volition hug the curve of the coving, giving you a beauteous and neat finish, archetypal time.