How to refinish kitchen cabinets – for a fresh new look

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Refinishing existing cabinets is the cleanable solution erstwhile you privation a caller room but don’t person the energy, clip oregon wealth to put successful ripping the aged 1 retired and starting again. 

‘Rather than replacing with new, refinishing your room cabinets not lone saves wealth but it’s besides a much eco-friendly and sustainable solution,’ says Lucy Searle, Global Editor successful Chief for Homes & Gardens. ‘Painting room cabinets is simply a large enactment for woody oregon painted room furniture, for example, and it tin easy beryllium done implicit a weekend. In all, refinishing is simply a large mode to update room cabinets without replacing them.'

‘Before you adjacent statesman this process, the cabinets request to beryllium ace clean,’ advises Looeeze Grossman, laminitis of The Used Kitchen Company. ‘Wipe them down with a bully multi-purpose cleaner oregon crockery soap and water, which besides works truly well. Follow with a sweetener soap enactment to region immoderate residue. Once this is done you request to lightly soil the cupboards down. Use a low-grade sandpaper and spell mildly implicit the surface. Fill successful immoderate chips with wood filler.’

Below, we instrumentality you done the process of refinishing room cabinets, step-by-step.

How to refinish room cabinets

As good arsenic coating oregon staining room cabinets, determination is the enactment to varnish them.

‘After sanding, I’d ever take a non-toxic decorativeness to varnish the cabinets,’ adds Looeeze. ‘It’s much sustainable and little harmful to your household members and pets. I usage an extra-wide overgarment brushwood to stain the facia of the cabinet, utilizing a waterproof finish.'

Here's however to refinish room cabinets, immoderate the existing finish, with proposal from experts.

1. Protect the area

Before you start, marque definite the room is good protected. This means laying down integrative sheeting, gathering insubstantial (which is much eco-friendly) oregon canvas cloths connected the level arsenic good arsenic implicit the countertops, appliances, array and chairs and immoderate different items wrong the space. This volition support them from particulate and sanding during your refinishing process.

Next, you privation to region the doors and drawers from your cabinets. Remember to statement oregon fig them truthful you cognize which doorway oregon drawer goes wherever erstwhile you’re finished. Now you request to integrative and portion disconnected the insides of the cabinets to support from particulate and don’t hide to screen up backsplashes too.

2. Prepare the surfaces

Preparation is key, and the results volition beryllium connected however overmuch attraction and attraction you springiness during the mentation process. ‘To refinish woody room cabinets, archetypal region the doors, handles and hinges,’ says Ryan McDonough, interior plan adept at My Job Quote. ‘Clean each surfaces with sweetener soap to region stubborn grease and dirt. Lightly soil with a good grit insubstantial and enactment with the atom alternatively than against. Hand sanding is champion for moving astir item specified arsenic bevelling connected cupboard doors and decorative trim.’

Cleaning the doors and drawers takes a batch of hard work. You tin scrub and lavation them down with synthetic alloy wool and soap and h2o and for pugnacious greasy stains, usage TSP (available astatine Amazon) and water. Leave everything to adust erstwhile you’re done.

3. Clean hardware

As good arsenic the furniture doors and drawers, it’s a bully thought to cleanable handles and hinges too. Place successful a ample vessel of soapy blistery h2o for astir 30 minutes and scrub mildly to region immoderate grease and residue. Rinse with cleanable h2o and dry. If needed, you tin ever springiness them a polish.

3. Strip the cabinets

Make definite you unfastened each windows and doors to ventilate the room. Even amended if you tin instrumentality the furniture doors and drawers outside. Next, you request to cheque what decorativeness is already connected the timber arsenic this volition find which stripper cause is needed. In astir cases, a varnish remover volition bash the job. After you’ve stripped the finish, you tin repair immoderate holes oregon scratches successful the wood. 

If yours is simply a painted kitchen, it whitethorn not beryllium made from timber. If this is the case, skip this measurement and determination connected to sanding.

4. Sand room cabinets

Next, either manus soil with sandpaper oregon usage a sanding sponge to scuff the existing decorativeness and supply an adhesive surface. Ideally you should usage a low-grade 100 oregon 15-grit sandpaper. 

A hand-held vacuum particulate buster is perfect for clearing up the particulate afterwards, though it is besides worthy wiping down the sanded surfaces with a somewhat damp microfiber cloth to region each traces of dust. Allow to adust earlier moving on.

5. Refinish successful your chosen varnish, wax oregon paint

Finally, you tin use your chosen finish. For wood room cabinets, you mightiness usage a merchandise that brings retired the earthy quality of the wood, specified arsenic Restor-A-Finish oregon Feed-N-Wax (both astatine Amazon). You tin find tips for coating room cabinets connected our abstracted guide, including the champion paint finishes to choose.

Once you’re done and it’s each dry, hole the handles backmost connected and instal the cabinets and doors backmost into place.

How tin I refinish cabinets without sanding?

To refinish cabinets without sanding, simply usage immoderate mineral spirits and a unsmooth sponge to cleanable and mildly scuff up the area.

What is the quality betwixt refinishing and refacing?

Refinishing room cabinets involves changing the decorativeness oregon colour of the existing worldly whereas refacing means placing a caller worldly connected top.