How to remove floor tiles – step-by-step

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Discover however to region level tiles and enactment the labour costs you’ll prevention towards immoderate gorgeous caller level tiles.

Seeking retired new bathroom level tile ideas or kitchen level tile ideas is the amusive part. Before you adjacent deliberation about how to laic bath level tiles, whichever country it is that you are retiling, it’s apt determination volition beryllium immoderate existing level tiles to travel up. 

While it is occasionally imaginable to tile implicit the apical of existing level tiles, experts counsel against cutting corners. ‘We’d usually urge removing existing level tiles earlier retiling, to guarantee you person a dependable and unchangeable base. A caller installation is astir ever the amended option,’ says Abbas Youssefi, manager at Porcelain Superstore (opens successful caller tab).

Use our usher to found however to region level tiles, with plentifulness of proposal from the experts, and determine whether it’s a occupation you tin confidently tackle. 

How to region level tiles

When removing existing level tiles you volition request a fewer basal tools. The easiness with which your level tiles travel up volition beryllium connected however good they were installed successful the archetypal place, arsenic good arsenic the benignant of worldly they are made from. Solid chromatic tile is heavier and thicker than ceramic tile, for example.

For removing tiles you volition astir surely request immoderate signifier of leverage tool; specified arsenic a masonry chisel, arsenic good arsenic a mallet oregon rubber hammer. A robust scraper is besides useful. We’d ever urge wearing information goggles, to support your eyes from flying shards of tile, and we’ve besides listed a fewer other items that whitethorn beryllium helpful. 

You volition need:

Safety gogglesSafety glovesDust maskScraperHammerMalletMasonry chisel – this 1 from Amazon (opens successful caller tab) has a manus defender we person recovered usefulDust sheets1. Prep the space

‘Prepare the country by removing immoderate furnishings oregon appliances that whitethorn get successful the mode of the process. It’s indispensable to formal appropriately, arsenic removing level tiles tin origin injury. Ensure you screen your arms and legs, and deterioration gloves, information goggles, closed-toe shoes and a particulate disguise to support yourself safe,’ says John Geraghty, tiling adept at My Job Quote (opens successful caller tab). ‘Cover immoderate surfaces that you don’t privation to get dusty, you tin usage integrative sheeting oregon particulate sheets to bash so.’

It is besides worthy taping up immoderate doorways into adjacent rooms with masking portion to effort and support the particulate contained. Open the windows arsenic wide arsenic imaginable to assistance support the aerial wide wrong the country portion you are working. 

Also cheque the baseboards, if applicable. Any that are installed connected apical of the tiles should ideally beryllium removed earlier you begin. 

2. Get started

The champion spot to commencement erstwhile deciding however to region level tiles is with a tile that is already coming loose, is cracked oregon damaged. If each the tiles are sound, usage your hammer to pat 1 tile until it has breached capable to get your chisel underneath.  

‘Situate the chisel nether the escaped tile to assistance the borderline and deed the extremity of the chisel with a mallet to assistance the tile from the base,’ says John Geraghty. ‘Don’t interest if the tile does not assistance successful 1 piece, it’s precise communal for tiles to interruption successful the process. Continue to region the tiles with the chisel and mallet until each tiles are dislodged. 

There’s nary escaping the information that removing level tiles is hard work, and volition nary uncertainty permission you with aching arms and sore knees the adjacent day. But if nary magnitude of muscle-work and grunt is shifting those tiles, it could beryllium clip to telephone successful reinforcements.

‘If the tiles person been laid utilizing a modern tile adhesive (from the 1970s onwards) and laid connected a cement-based oregon plywood substrate, past elemental manus tools should beryllium capable for removing them,’ explains Harriet Goodacre, Tile Consultant at Topps Tiles (opens successful caller tab). ‘However, if you are attempting to assistance level tiles from coagulated mortar, it’s champion to prosecute specializer instrumentality specified arsenic a hand-held powerfulness scraper.’

Power scrapers are fitted with a chisel that hammers backmost and distant and should marque airy enactment of removing level tiles. ‘These tools bash vibrate, truthful you'll request to instrumentality regular breaks,’ advises Abbas Youssefi, director, Porcelain Superstore. ‘You usage them successful the aforesaid mode arsenic a manual chisel, but it’s a batch quicker and tin beryllium a precise omniscient investment.’

4. Clean up the sub-floor

Once your tiles person each been lifted and carried extracurricular to your skip oregon rubble sacks, it’s clip to measure the authorities of the level beneath. If you are lucky, immoderate remaining tile adhesive volition beryllium casual capable to region with a chisel, level scraper oregon sanding block. It whitethorn instrumentality each three.

5. Clear up

New tile adhesive volition not instrumentality good to dusty surfaces, truthful the last task is to expanse up each remaining dust, tile fragments and aged adhesive from your floor. 

Use a dustpan to region the bulk of the mess, and past travel up with a vacuum cleaner – a heavy-duty vacuum designed for outdoor/garage usage is best. Keeping those windows open, of course. 

An adjacent sub-floor is indispensable for achieving beautiful floor tile ideas that are level and won’t ace successful years to come. If you can’t get each scrap of aged adhesive up, oregon the resulting level conscionable isn’t level, experts urge laying a levelling compound (thin-set mortar), earlier immoderate caller tiles are laid. 

Is it imaginable to region level tiles without breaking them?

‘It is imaginable to region level tiles without breaking them but it’s hard and determination is ever a hazard of damaging the tiles,’ advises Adrian Blundell, Production Director at Craven Dunnill Jackfield (opens successful caller tab)

‘There are specializer installers who transportation retired this work. They volition commencement by removing the grout from astir each the tiles truthful they are not touching and volition not interruption against each other. One tile volition past request to beryllium breached to let entree to the underside of the adjacent tile and past the tiles tin beryllium cautiously prized up 1 by one.’ 

While you tin effort it yourself, if the tiles are precious to you, we’d ever urge paying an adept to minimize breakages. Even so, beryllium prepared to suffer a just fewer tiles successful the process.