How to remove kitchen cabinets – with tips from professionals

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Removing room cabinets tin mostly beryllium done arsenic a DIY job, and could prevention you money, and the clip that you person contractors successful your home. 

Whether you are installing a caller room oregon are getting it professionally fitted, you whitethorn privation to region the bulk of the existent configuration yourself. And this bulk doesn’t necessitate excessively overmuch accomplishment to tackle. Or possibly you privation to paint room cabinets and conscionable privation to observe however to region doors and drawer fronts?

The archetypal happening to bash is get the country acceptable by emptying each the cabinets. This means taking retired each your crockery, pots, pans, cooking equipment, utensils, cutlery, glassware and nutrient items from each the cabinets, some basal and partition units, pantries, larders and immoderate pull-outs. Removing room cabinets is usually beauteous straightforward and you tin usually instrumentality them disconnected the partition without damaging the aboveground underneath.

‘Removing room cabinets isn’t excessively difficult,’ confirms Ryan McDonough, interior plan adept astatine My Job Quote, ‘but determination are immoderate areas that volition request a spot of skill. Doors should simply unscrew astatine the hinges and interior shelves are usually resting connected pegs, truthful they should easy assistance off. For drawers, you whitethorn request to negociate the drawer-stop mechanics but different they volition travel consecutive retired of the unit. Metal and integrative brackets commonly clasp units unneurotic and worktops successful place. So these volition besides unscrew with the close size screwdriver. 

'However, built-in appliances are a spot much difficult. Cabinets wherever the descend is plumbed successful and electrical oregon state appliances are installed request safely disconnecting first. You whitethorn beryllium capable to crook the h2o proviso disconnected yourself and isolate oregon headdress the h2o pipes but telephone successful a state technologist oregon qualified electrician to region ovens and hobs.’

Below, we instrumentality you done the basics of removing room cabinets.

How to region room cabinets and drawers

After you’ve taken everything retired of the cabinets and drawers, you are acceptable to commencement removing them.

1. Unscrew room furniture doorway hinges

When taking connected a task specified arsenic this, it’s important to ever support your eyes, nose, rima and hands. Wear protective goggles, disguise and gloves arsenic good arsenic aged apparel that you don’t caput getting dirty.

The archetypal measurement is to unscrew the doorway hinges. There whitethorn beryllium a merchandise clip that volition marque this easier but if not, you conscionable request to unscrew them portion idiosyncratic other holds the value of the furniture door. 

2. Remove drawer fronts

Drawers tin beryllium lifted up from their runners; you should cheque archetypal if determination is simply a securing clip that needs to beryllium undone.

3. Remove basal units

Base units thin to person fixings astatine the backmost arsenic good arsenic screws holding cabinets unneurotic to their adjacent unit. Once you’ve removed these, the cabinets should beryllium pulled retired slowly.

4. Remove each units

Wall cabinets instrumentality a spot much effort to remove. This is due to the fact that the brackets are designed to instrumentality a batch of weight. Loosen the screws connected the brackets astatine each broadside arsenic good arsenic removing screws that link the cabinets successful the middle. Next, assistance it up and retired of the bracket. Getting idiosyncratic other to assistance makes a large difference. Some cabinets are screwed onto the partition alternatively than a bracket. In which case, 1 of you should clasp the cabinet’s value portion the different unscrews. 

‘Consider what’s connected apical of the furniture earlier you commencement the wide removal process,’ adds Scott Peterson, manager of HKUK. ‘Any countertops should beryllium supported with cabinets oregon extremity enactment panels either broadside of the furniture that you are removing. Cabinets are usually screwed unneurotic and generally, determination are 4 screws connected each side. Check immoderate hidden areas specified arsenic down hinge plates and shelves. Base cabinets volition usually beryllium screwed to the partition and partition units volition often beryllium hooked connected to hanging brackets, truthful erstwhile unscrewed from different units these volition assistance disconnected the hanging brackets.’

5. How to region appliances

Some cabinets whitethorn person appliances hard-wired into fixed connections. In this instance, ever get a nonrecreational electrician oregon state technologist to disconnect and marque safe. 

Once this is done, you tin region the appliances past tackle the furniture it was housed in. 

6. How to region the room sink

The aforesaid goes for sinks: inquire a plumber to assistance if you’re unsure however to tackle h2o outlets. Turn the h2o proviso off, support pipes and outlets upright truthful discarded h2o doesn’t spill retired and dissemble immoderate fixings underneath the descend earlier cutting the sealant that attaches it to the countertop above.

7. How to region countertops

Worksurfaces are usually fitted from underneath. Look for screws oregon bolts that are holding them successful spot and region these, slowly, with the assistance of a friend. Some areas whitethorn person glue oregon sealant to unafraid successful spot truthful these volition request to beryllium prised distant with a scraper. Prise the countertop up and distant from the cabinets.

‘When moving dense items specified arsenic countertops,’ adds Looeeze, ‘use the close removal products for the job, enactment dilatory and cautiously and question assistance if needed. Countertops person been sealed and the sealant is made to last. Work connected the joins and loosening disconnected the silicon first, past stitchery immoderate other manpower to assistance determination the countertops, arsenic they are highly dense and precise delicate. The areas to instrumentality peculiar attraction is astir immoderate cut-outs, arsenic these points person been weakened. Never effort to assistance a countertop conscionable with 2 radical with 1 idiosyncratic astatine either extremity – it’s a look for disaster.’

8. How to region backsplash tiles

If you person tiles connected the partition supra the countertop, you whitethorn request to region the bottommost enactment earlier tackling the worksurface. Use a hammer and bolster if you don’t request to support the tiles afterwards and ever deterioration protective goggles and gloves.

Can I region room cabinets myself?

Yes, you tin region room cabinets yourself but it is amended done with a person and it's ever worthy checking the installation to spot however hard a occupation it mightiness be. For example, if the cabinets were fitted with glue and nails alternatively than screws, it volition beryllium overmuch much hard to pry isolated and out, and you volition surely harm the cabinetry arsenic you bash so.

‘Most radical are unaware determination is an creation to removing a kitchen,’ says Looeeze Grossman, laminitis of The Used Kitchen Company. ‘It is lone erstwhile they effort it that they recognize it’s not arsenic casual arsenic it seems. Kitchen cabinets volition request to beryllium unscrewed from their hinges, utilizing a drill for speed. Make definite you support the screws and ever statement which ones came from which cupboard oregon drawer. If you can, portion them to the backmost of each cabinet.

How agelong does it instrumentality to region room cabinets?

Allow yourself astatine a minimum 2 days to region room cabinets; this is for 2 radical successful an average-sized kitchen. A larger abstraction volition instrumentality longer. The benignant of installation volition besides impact however agelong it takes to region room cabinets: glued and nailed cabinetry volition beryllium harder to region than a room neatly screwed together.

What should I bash with room cabinets I've removed?

Removing room cabinets not lone makes the abstraction acceptable for the caller plan but it besides enables you to merchantability the aged 1 and marque a spot of wealth astatine the aforesaid time. You could merchantability it privately oregon usage a institution that specializes successful this benignant of thing.