How to remove popcorn ceiling – 5 simple steps for easy removal

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Is determination a erstwhile inclination much despised than a popcorn ceiling? If you find yourself staring upward, wondering however to region popcorn ceiling, you are astir surely not alone.  

A favourite interior plan inclination successful seventies, popcorn ceiling is besides known arsenic acoustic ceilings oregon stucco ceilings. They were initially installed to assistance sorb dependable from supra oregon to screen up immoderate pre-existing blemishes and imperfections successful the ceiling. But similar galore trends from this clip period, the popcorn ceiling has fallen retired of favour and galore homeowners are wondering however to region a popcorn ceiling, oregon however to elemental disguise this present loathed plan feature. 

Ready to tackle the location betterment occupation yourself and larn however to get escaped of a popcorn ceiling? We asked however to region popcorn ceilings safely and easily.

How to region popcorn ceiling

If you’re bushed of looking up astatine your existing popcorn ceiling and are acceptable for a makeover, there’s bully quality to beryllium had. Removing a popcorn ceiling is an casual DIY project that conscionable requires immoderate time, musculus and minimal expenditure. 

Could your ceiling ideas beryllium ripe for rediscovery? The ceiling holds endless possibilities for creativity, and should beryllium treated with the aforesaid information arsenic immoderate different partition successful your home. If you removing your popcorn ceiling is not an option, you tin besides effort covering it up with on-trend wood paneling ideas for walls, plaster, tin tiles oregon glass.

1. Test for asbestos 

Before you start, it’s important to marque definite that your ceilings don’t person asbestos. Prior to the aboriginal 1980s, asbestos was an constituent that galore utilized successful textured popcorn ceilings. The popcorn-like texture was utilized to assistance location builders woody with dependable travel, and it was a large occurrence retardant.

We urge having this 'fifth' partition tested by a professional, oregon you could besides acquisition a do-it-yourself trial kit from the hardware store, which volition necessitate you to nonstop the samples to a registered lab. If you spell the DIY trial route, marque definite to usage the due information gear, specified arsenic gloves, a ventilator oregon dusk mask, and oculus protection. 

If your ceiling tests positive, you should person a nonrecreational licensed successful asbestos abatement to region the texture, oregon you could inquire them to screen the full ceiling with paneling, drywall oregon plaster.

2. Prepare for removal 

If your popcorn ceiling doesn’t incorporate asbestos you tin hole for removal, but instrumentality due information precautions. ‘It’s ever champion to deterioration a particulate disguise during removal,’ says Jeremy Hume, president and CEO of Phoenix CR Pro. Wear goggles to support your eyes, too.

Get the country acceptable by removing each of the furniture, taking other attraction of thing invaluable oregon sentimental. Mask walls with painter’s plastic, and screen the level with integrative sheeting. ‘It’s champion not to usage a cloth tarp to screen the floors arsenic the cloth isn’t waterproof,’ says Jeremy. 

It is captious to crook disconnected the energy to the room, and unfastened the room’s windows to guarantee bully ventilation.

Fortunately, the task doesn’t necessitate immoderate peculiar oregon peculiarly costly tools. The indispensable popcorn ceiling removal tools include:

Putty weapon oregon taping knifeDrop cloths oregon integrative sheeting (plastic sheeting is considered a amended enactment owed to its waterproof nature)Garden sprayer Safety goggles Dust mask4. Spray the ceiling with water

Unsurprisingly, a bedewed ceiling volition beryllium easier to scrape than a adust one, truthful commencement by utilizing a plot sprayer to bedewed the ceiling to soften the material. 

‘Using a pump plot sprayer, lightly spray a astir 5 by 5 feet conception with water, and hold 10 to 15 minutes to let the h2o to penetrate the popcorn,’ says Jeremy Hume. ‘Don’t soak the ceiling arsenic this tin harm the drywall.

You’ll privation to enactment successful tiny sections; different the areas volition adust earlier you scope them. After you spray with a plot sprayer, hold astir 10-15 minutes to let the h2o to afloat absorb. 

Now you’re acceptable to commencement scraping. 'Use a putty weapon and mildly tally it on the bedewed ceiling,' helium says. Be cautious not to gouge the ceiling worldly beneath. 

Make your mode astir the room, until each the texture has been removed. You whitethorn request to spell implicit stubborn areas much than once. Patience and persistence is simply a virtuousness erstwhile removing popcorn ceiling.

5. Sand, premier and paint 

Once the popcorn ceiling has been successfully removed, the ceiling tin beryllium sanded, immoderate indispensable repairs made. If there’s immoderate harm to the ceiling, specified arsenic gouges, repair with associated compound earlier you commencement sanding.

After sanding the ceiling, springiness it a caller overgarment of paint. Once the overgarment occupation is implicit and dry, region the integrative sheeting, reinstall immoderate lights and ceiling fans, and marvel astatine your recently creaseless ceiling.