How to remove texture from a ceiling

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Removing texture from a ceiling is simply a laborious job, but it is 1 that DIYers tin instrumentality connected easy themselves. 

A textured oregon ‘popcorn’ ceiling was a fashionable diagnostic successful galore mid-century homes, providing an aesthetically pleasing decorativeness and helping to disguise imperfections successful the plasterwork beneath. 

However, practically speaking, textured ceilings tin beryllium tricky, arsenic they besides fell analyzable problems specified arsenic leaks and damp issues.

If you’re acceptable to region your textured ceiling, instrumentality a look astatine our adept guide. We warrant the process is simply a batch easier than you mightiness expect.

How to region a textured ceiling

You whitethorn privation to remove a popcorn ceiling – successful which lawsuit you whitethorn privation to consult our dedicated usher – oregon possibly you conscionable privation to region a textured ceiling you antecedently installed oregon inherited from your home's erstwhile owners. Whichever, these casual step-by-step instructions volition assistance you implicit the task with ease. 

1. Prepare to region a textured ceiling

Because of its unsocial coating, removing the texture from your ceiling volition make plentifulness of dust.  Therefore, definite steps and preparative measures indispensable beryllium taken.  It is important that you screen the full country successful protective sheets oregon painter’s integrative earlier you start. 

‘Protective cogwheel is simply a must’, explains Nicholas Smacchia from Westchester-based institution Plastering by Nicholas, truthful guarantee you person goggles and a look disguise to hand.

2. Consider immoderate harmful chemicals

Before embarking connected the project, it is advisable to instrumentality a tiny illustration from your ceiling and person it tested for some pb and asbestos content. Trying to soil oregon region either of these materials tin beryllium hazardous to your health. 

However, determination are immoderate dedicated products which are harmless to use, adjacent if harmful chemicals are present.

Andrew Chviers from Eco Solutions suggests utilizing their X-Tex merchandise arsenic it ‘encapsulates the fibers and prevents them getting airborne.’ ‘It is called a moving bedewed system,’ helium confirms.

Whatever method you use, you’ll request a bully prime scraper oregon putty knife.

Sharad Gaurav, merchandise manager astatine overgarment suppliers Purdy suggests utilizing their Bent Pole Scraper. ‘This 3-inch stiff leaf volition assistance region texture from a ceiling and tin beryllium attached to the Purdy PowerLock Extension rod to easy scope assorted ceilings heights.’

4. Use a dedicated product

As with texturing a ceiling, exertion is cardinal erstwhile it comes to moving with a circumstantial texture removing product.  

Andrew Chivers recommends utilizing a product. ‘It tin beryllium applied to the (ceiling) surface, covered with integrative movie and near overnight.’ 

This process volition soften some the textured paint and the textured ceiling. The adjacent greeting you tin commencement removing the texture ‘using a agelong handled leaf scraper’, confirms Andrew.

5. Remove texture with a scraper

If you'd alternatively debar chemicals you can, of course, usage accepted methods to region a textured ceiling. Start by spraying the ceiling with h2o to soften the material, though carnivore successful caput that if you person antecedently painted the ceiling, the h2o whitethorn not penetrate the overgarment to soften the texturing worldly beneath.

Plasterer Nicholas Smacchia suggests ‘scraping disconnected the precocious points’ first. Then enactment with your scraper from the mediate of the ceiling and determination towards the walls. 

Be cautious not to usage excessively overmuch unit arsenic it tin pb to cracks and damage.

‘Be definite not to gauge the ceiling with the leaf edges (of your scraper) arsenic they tin beryllium sharp.’ confirms Sharad from Purdy.

6. Repair and sand

Once each the texture has been removed it’s important to repair each cracks with a associated compound. Then you are acceptable to soil and commencement painting. 

However, to execute a truly astute finish, Nicholas Smacchia suggests ‘applying 2 coats of premixed drywall compound past soil creaseless anterior to painting.’

Can a textured ceiling beryllium smoothed?

Although it is apt to beryllium much expensive, you tin screen and creaseless a textured ceiling with drywall, and plaster implicit it. This is astir apt champion near to the professionals, but it volition surely prevention clip and hassle.

Another enactment is to usage a dedicated finishing plaster product. Be definite to measure your task first, arsenic galore of these products lone fell tiny bumps and contours, and whitethorn not beryllium capable to creaseless implicit heavy texture.